Getting back to normal: 5/23-29 Weekly Wrap

And we were off again this week — this time to outside Seattle, to visit with my MIL and SIL (and a blogger meetup — yay!). 

By the to you read this we’ll be heading home or home already. I did my best to squeeze in fitness where I could. 

I’m wrapping it up  with the Weekly Wrap from Holly @ Hohoruns and Tricia @ Misssipppiddlin. All active, supportive bloggers are welcome to join in.


Workouts update

  • Monday: Dogwalk x 2, 3 Easy Miles, Abs, Stationary Bike 15 min, PT Stretches
  • Tuesday: Dogwalk x 2, YTU Lower Body + Upper Body, Final Fat Meltdown, PT Stretches
  • Wednesday: Dogwalk, YFR Hamstrings, 3 miles speedwork on the treadmill (hot!)
  • Thursday:  Flat Belly Yoga, walking around airports . .  .
  • Friday: Final Fat Meltdown, lots of pacing, some stair climbing 
  • Saturday: 4 Miles Easy 
  • Sunday: Final Fat Meltdown, mall walking with Paula (neveradullbling)

Mileage: 10 (+9)

TIU = Tone it Up
TM = Treadmill
YFR = Yoga for Runners
WU = warmup
YFPR = Yoga for Pain Relief
YTU = Yoga Tune Up

Running update
My run on Monday felt great.I’m not shooting for any particular time, but I’ve still been pleased that my first two runs post half were both below a 12 mm. Granted, they were short, too, but I wasn’t trying for any particular time. And they just felt good.

Which tells me I’ve recovered well. Recovery is a topic I hope to tackle soon. I think it’s super important, and often neglected.

Wednesday I couldn’t get a morning run in, so I do some speedwork on the treadmill (I have a 5k next week & a heatwave arrived ). It went quite well — it’s nice to feel recovered, even if it’s for a short time.

Thankfully there were staurs

Being at my MILs, I had to get creative with my exercise. Plus Seattle lived up to its rainy reputation this visit. I paced around a lot. I went up & down her stairs. 
At least i’m noticeable

Saturday was Seattle at its best: cool, drizzly, and cloudy. Despite the fact there’s almost nowhere flat near my MIL, I set out for 3 miles & it felt good so I did 4. 

I forgot my compression sleeves, so wore my compression socks & ended up with this wild outfit above. 

I really wanted to squeeze in an early morning run Monday, before we left, but after a lot of late nights I was tired and decided it wasn’t in my best interest. 

Watching movies in comfort

Favorites of the week
They redid the movie theater near my MIL. Kiosks to buy your tickets & you choose a seat when you buy the tickets. Wide, comfortable, reclining seats. No wonder she goes every week!
WA flowers

I stopped to smell the roses after my run Saturday. We also went to see Paul Simon Saturday evening — outside — stood in the rain for 90 minutes to get inside, in the rain; mid 50s (while back home there’s a terrible heatwave) — we all had a good time, except Mr. Judy, who unfortunately arranged it & loves Paul. Running does teach you to roll with weather. You complain, but you get it done. 

Like Darlene with her 20th half. Which was canceled due to heat but she finished it anyway. 

Loved meeting Paula!

And the highlight of the week: meeting Paula @ Neveradullbling & James @ 50in50marathonquest — not to mention their son AJ and James’ mother Janet, who were all lovely. 

The hours flew as we chatted and tried virtual reality. Paula has the most beautiful blue eyes and they were just all so friendly and nice — picking me up and dropping me back at my MILs, paying for my lunch. We had fun getting to know each other in real life!

And that’s a wrap!

Gone to a cold, rainy concert?

What was the highlight of your weekend?

31 thoughts on “Getting back to normal: 5/23-29 Weekly Wrap

  1. What a great week! Yes, I saw REM in the cold rain….and it was outdoors. Well…I didn’t really see them too well because everybody was standing and I couldn’t see over their heads but I did see the opening act, Sonic Youth.

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  2. Congrats on a good recovery. You know, most of us find it hard to put in the time to properly do that. Ha–I love your running outfit! You should see what I wear on my dark morning runs. And then I forget when it gets light and still wear the same crazy mismatched stuff. It’s so cool to meet fellow bloggers! It sounds like a wonderful visit with new friends. Thanks for linking with us Judy!

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  3. I love the fact that you include mall walking in your fitness run down! No kidding when I go into the city to our nearest shopping mall I get so many steps, so many more than an average day and it’s no pain at all! Hubs and I went to see ‘Human league’ outdoors last summer. Fortunately weather was good. We had such a laugh at all the old folk ( like us) singing and dancing to the songs of our youth as if we were still 20. We also saw Paul Simon with sting in Manchester – both were fantastic😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paul & Sting sound like a wonderful combination. The weather did really suck big time for the concert, but you can’t change it so you gotta roll with it!

      I don’t usually include mall walking but it was an unusual week. But you can get a ton of steps that way!

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    1. Seattle is lovely & we usually come out a couple of times a year since we have family here, but typically we don’t do a lot. And the weather really sucked!

      I did enjoy my run, though.


  4. Nope most of the concerts I’ve been to have been indoors. That’s cool that you met another blogger. Andrea whom I run the VCM and other races, I met because she used to be a blogger. There are quite a few bloggers in Florida but usually when I travel, I am too busy and don’t have a car.

    Too bad it wasn’t nice in Seattle – you missed a big heat wave here. Maybe i’ll see you on Sat.

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  5. I didn’t realize you were in Seattle! I asked on IG lol How awesome you got to meet up with a blog buddy and have time to chat and really get to know each other.
    I am loving all the patterns! You had them all covered πŸ™‚

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    1. I know, I was definitely a sight on that run.

      I try not to broadcast when I’m away as much as possible. Kind of hard when it’s for a big race, but I was able to keep this one of the dl. πŸ™‚


  6. I didn’t realize that you were traveling this week. Weather doesn’t sound very cooperative. It is pouring here and has been for days. We had a short break Friday night and a bit Saturday but otherwise, rain, rain, rain which is so rare for us. Glad I am not training yet and I don’t have to run outside !
    How much fun meeting up with other bloggers !

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    1. The weather was horrible. Not pouring, because Seattle isn’t usually that one (although it sure was one morning), but more on and off drizzle, and just raw & cold. Especially for the concert.

      I came back feeling a bit eh, but I think I just need some rest so sadly, despite just beautiful running weather today, I’m taking a couple of days off to do just that (rest).

      I try to not let on when we’re traveling!

      The blogger meetup was great. I am still scheming about your next visit, but I’m not sure if I can make it happen. But there’s still November. πŸ™‚


  7. How neat about the theater offering your choice of seats! How cool! We have two in opposite directions from our house one we never go too and the other is smaller but actually have more comfortable seats! How very cool you got to meet another blogger, isn’t that always so much fun? Soon we’ll get our picture together! πŸ™‚
    One of my highlights was visiting a local restaurant on our way home. It was called the Buttercup and was in a cute little yellow house and the food was amazing! I had my mind made up on a muffin and some berry toast, that was until I saw the pancakes come out. Man they tasted even better than they looked! πŸ™‚

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    1. Meeting online friends in RL is always a pleasure. Darlene & I got to know each other via FB before we met in RL.

      I rarely order pancakes out, as I make some a pretty mean pancake, but every once in a while I do.

      There’s this place in Vegas that makes killer pancakes! And there was a place we used to go to in Austin for breakfast that had good pancakes too.

      Now you’ve got me thinking about pancakes . . .


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