Genie, May I?

That’s the question this week’s  Tuesdays on the Run linkup asks.

What would you ask for if you rubbed one of your race medals and a Genie popped out and granted you three wishes? That thought just popped into my mind last Tuesday and I decided to run with it.

I love those people who are all like, nah, I don’t want anything. So not me. You’ve probably come to realize that if you read my blog for a while. I want things. I want lots of things!

But narrowing it down to the top three things I want when it comes to running? That’s tough!

Wish No. 1: Perfect weather for one half a year
I am not sure I have ever run a half marathon in perfect weather. Austin came close. Blackstone Valley might have been, but halfway through I was in so much pain I wasn’t really aware of the weather.

I’ve run cold halfs, I’ve actually run far more hot halfs, I’ve run windy halfs, I’ve run wet halfs (but luckily only a handful).

Just one perfect day a year — is that really too much to ask for?


Wish No. 2: Run injury free
As I pointed out above, what’s the point of great weather if you’re in too much pain to even notice it?

I’ll do the work; I promise. Anyone who gets to know me knows I put in the work to try to stay injury free.


Wish No. 3: A running coach who is a talented masseuse
Hey, it’s a genie and I can have anything I want, right? And what I want is a coach to push me, to cheer me on, to plan my workouts for me, and also to give me a massage after every run. And stretch me out, too, please.

It wasn’t easy coming up with just three wishes, I have lots of them, but these are my top three. I think. Maybe you have one that’s even better?

I’m sure Darlene will fill you in on the best local races, which is actually today’s topic, because God knows she tries to run them all. There’s Last Run, and the Delmar Dash — I always enjoy those two.

Tell me one thing you’d wish for if you found a running genie?
Or tell me all three wishes!
Tuesdays on the Run

I’m linking up today with MCM Mama Runs, Marcia’s Healthy Slice, and My No Guilt Life for the Tuesdays on the Run linkup.

25 thoughts on “Genie, May I?

  1. If a had a genie for 3 running wishes ( obviously if it was a more general genie I’d have to wish for world peace and harmony) my first wish would be for a ‘time stopper’ so that whenever I felt like it I could just stop the world, go for a run then pick up where I left off. Number 2 wish would be for a magic closet which I could just step into post run (or any time actually) and step out a second later, perfectly showered, hair immaculate, beautifully groomed and dressed. I suppose my third wish would be a ‘coach in a box’. Having such a busy life with work and family I find it difficult to commit to any regular sessions (I tried having a PT once, it was so difficult) so having a magic coach in a box that I could just take out any time I needed to would be great. It would be lovely to have someone to encourage me to do a regime of strength exercises and check that I’m getting them right. I never feel inspired to do lunges or squats by myself !!! 😊

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      1. Thank you ! I’ll add wishing to my list of strengths!! Good question though, I’d never thought of it before😊😊

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    1. Good one, Marcia!

      After two vacations this month, running a half, let’s just say ugh. I tried really hard to eat well this one, but after flying cross country, getting in no exercise other than walking around airports (although I did get in just about 10k steps), what does my MIL serve? Spaghetti! Ugh! And of course I was starving (and no, I wasn’t running the next day either).

      Let’s just say I feel fluffy.


  2. I’d definitely go with no running injuries. Unfortunately, I now have a foot / leg issue and it came out of nowhere. I am laying low this week in hopes that I will be back at my activities soon. I also would love perfect race weather, especially at my marathon races.

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  3. This is a fun one! I would definitely wish to not get injured again and maybe ask the genie to send me to an amazing race on the West Coast for free!

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  4. Those are great wishes! I’ve had pretty good racing weather and fared OK with injuries this year (knock-on-wood) but I don’t have a running coach or a regular masseuse!

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    1. I seem to get stuck in hot races after weeks of cool weather — over and over! But I suppose I can’t complain, since it was so hot last weekend they were actually canceling races.

      While I shivered my wet buns off watching Paul Simon . . .


  5. I would wish for an in-house physical therapist and masseuse…not asking for too much, am I? The perfect weather would be nice, as well, but as long as I’m staying injury-free, I can handle most anything Momma N throws at me on race day.

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  6. Haha, you have the three best wishes ever! My #1 would be no injuries #2 an iced latte to magically appear in my hands after every run #3 and of course perfect weather 24/7/365 🙂

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