Empower: To give power to someone

Most of my blogger friends are women. I firmly believe that it is better to build someone up than to tear them down. Women can be catty, snarky, body shaming; the list goes on and on.

Yet women can also lift other women up by sharing their knowledge and helping to empower one another, today’s ย Wednesday Word.

Recently I was talking with some friends — one online, one in real life — about running. One is definitely a runner, but she was struggling. The other runs occasinally, but wishes she were running more consistently.

Both of my friends were struggling with their running. It felt too ย hard and tired them out too much.

I made the same suggestion to both women: try run/walk intervals.

I know one tried it and found it helpful. The other I just talked to and I don’t know if she tried it..

Knowledge is power.
–Francis Bacon

I firmly believe that knowledge, is, indeed, power. I enjoy learning new things — although I don’t think I’d enjoy going back to school at this point — which my mother did, by the way; she graduated from college when I graduated from high school. She hadn’t had the opportunity to go to college as a young woman (another freedom we just assume we have these days — just think how much has changed in a very short time).

We empower other people by sharing our knowledge.

The higher the better. It’s more about an attitude. High heels empower women in a way.
–Christian Louboutin

Ok Christian, I do think your shoes are beautiful, but oddly enough, the more serious I became about running, the less I wear high heels. Yes, they are sexy, and in a way they’re a bit empowering for this petite girl.

High heels are not empowering for runners, though. They leave us open to more injuries and put a lot of tension on the ball of our feet, a place that already gets a lot of pounding through running.

I’m not giving up my high heels totally, but I do find that I wear them less and less.

Finally, of course, learning to run is empowering. It definitely doesn’t feel that way at first. That feeling of freedom on a run, a new PR, tackling a new distance, getting back at it after an injury: every single phase of running ultimately helps us to realize our own strength and abilities; i.e., empowers us.

It’s extremely difficult to convince someone that has never run, or is a new runner, that running will empower you. You’ll just have to trust me on that.

Deb Runs

What fears have you overcome?

What you accomplished despite your fears?

23 thoughts on “Empower: To give power to someone

  1. I totally agree about running being empowering, even if it’s ‘just’ being able to do something that you never thought possible. I remember the pride and amazement the first time I ran 5k I love learning too. Apparently it keeps you young so fingers crossed for the next few decades!

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  2. Running is definitely empowering and the self confidence you can get from the sport is huge. I laughed about the high heels comment….I am also height challenged, and heels are pretty much a no go for me. Honestly, that is one of the good things about being older, you don’t really care about stuff like that as much!

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  3. I love looking at running as a series of opportunities for new empowerment — particularly because it’s empowerment we can give ourselves (unlike high heels)!

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  4. What a fabulous description of empower, in all forms! Love the quote by Louboutin, too funny, but I think if he had to wear the shoes he designs for any length of time, he’d be crying in a corner after an hour, lol.

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  5. LOVE the Louboutin quote!!! I love me some high heels! My knee not so much but I will rock them when I can. My highest are about 5 inches and I feel so EMPOWERED when I wear them ;).

    I have overcome my fear of being an adult learner to swimming.

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  6. Love the Louboutin quote ! I like to think I empower my teenager girls and many of the women I work with. Building each other up is so important.

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  7. Well, I don’t wear high heels any more. I guess I never really did. Taking care of these feet are top priority now. I agree with Coco. Running is humbling AND then empowering. And yes, sometimes back to humbling again… I think this virtual community of strong running women are very empowering. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. I think it’s easier to hate heels when you’re taller, and almost everyone is taller than me!

      But yes, I’m much more likely to be in more comfortable shoes. Although I do strive for cute AND comfy.


  8. So many people just don’t get why we run, and wouldn’t understand that running empowers us.

    I love the Louboutin quote! I rarely wear high heels anymore, but love the way they look (not feel) when I do!

    Thanks for linking up!

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    1. I do still love my heels, but in small doses. Kind of like fattening food, I guess!

      I certainly didn’t get why anyone would run for fun — or race! — before I started to run. Neither did Darlene, and look what happened to her, LOL!


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