Weirdos in the pool: Runfessions June 2016


I runfess that I had a typical Friday Five post almost ready to go, but not quite, and decided to wimp out and combine Friday Five and Runfessions today.

Today I’m joining up with Marcia at Marcia’s Healthy Slice to share my runfessions; come join us and get your runfessions off your chest.

I runfess . . .
That on the run isn’t the only place you’ll find weird people. One swim this month turned up a couple of characters.

There were 3 people in the pool, besides me, and the guy swimming next to me was doing breaststroke, like me. I do my own little version of breast, and it’s not quite up to standard, but I was wondering what this guy was doing: he was somehow hitting the water with his legs with a humongous splash with each stroke.

I felt like I was swimming next to a whale.

And as I left, I saw the other guy had on fins and a snorkeling mask. I guess he was practicing? Because he kept diving down toward the bottom at the deep end.

I runfess . . .
I got a bit miffed when I opened the door to the steam room, and stood there looking for maybe half a minute, wondering why the light wasn’t on and searching for the light switch. At which point a woman in there asked me to close the door because it was getting cold in there.

Seriously? I can only stand it in there for maybe 5 minutes it’s so hot. I can hang out in the sauna forever

The following week when I went into the steam room the light was on. and the next week.

Things that make you go hmmm  . . .

I runfess . . .
I got the weirdest error message from WordPress the other day, in other weird things news:

You’re posting comments too quickly; please slow down

That was a first for me. Mr. Judy thought maybe it meant a double post, but no, I’ve done that before and that just warns you that you’ve already posted that comment.

I runfess . . .
I am afraid my ankle still isn’t normal. I’m beginning to be afraid it might never be again. I’ve seen a chiropractor and a physical therapist about it; I’m kind of dragging my feet, so to speak, on seeing a podiatrist because basically I’m tired of traipsing around to doctors.

They have all helped, but it still aches sometimes — sometimes being the operative word; because sometimes it does feel totally normal. It felt a lot better after taking a week off after my half and slowly getting back into running. But as I started to exercise more, yes, sometimes, it started to ache again. And sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes my toes ache. And sometimes they don’t.

Don’t get me wrong — much of the time it is normal. Except when it’s not. It feels really good the day after a swim and hanging out in the sauna, for instance.

It doesn’t ache while I run, and I’ve noticed that mostly it seems to be a reaction to time spent on my feet. Some days when I’ve done a lot of standing or walking, even if it’s not a running day, it will ache.

Some days I’m afraid it’s the beginnings of PF, although it’s not worse in the morning, I haven’t dramatically increased exercise, and I’m not wearing old shoes.

I runfess . . .
I am dissatisfied with the batwings and the muffin top. Yeah, yeah, I know: you need to love your body, in all its glorious imperfections. And I try; I really try . . . there’s been a lot of talk about body image lately, at WW, on blogs, but . . .

I know there is muscle in my arms, but mostly I just see that saggy skin under my arms. My suspicion is it’s age and also a result of gaining and losing the same 40 pounds multiple times — skin just doesn’t bounce back much as you get older.

I think the muffin top is the same story. I don’t carry all my weight in my stomach, but there is a lot of loose, saggy skin there, too, for the same reason. And some of that is the fact that I choose to not give up sugar entirely.

At least the muffin top can be mostly camouflaged, unlike the batwings.

It all comes back to that baking . . . I better make peace with loose tops!

Runfession is good for the soul! Come join us


I am doubling down today, and also linking up with the Friday Five from Cynthia from You Signed Up for What?, Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, and Mar from Mar on the Run.

51 thoughts on “Weirdos in the pool: Runfessions June 2016

  1. That is a wierd message from wordpress…hmmm

    I have seen people at the pool this snorkel gear too…I think it has something to do with breathing.

    Oh the achy joints….my knee is similar. Nothing more for me to do so just getting use to the achieness of it.

    Oh the body image…..I feel ya!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pretty much you name it, I’ve tried it. Although I really don’t particularly like running in compression socks — I prefer them afterwards.

      It’s still a very back & forth thing. Most of the week it was actually quite normal; I think I’m making progress, it’s just reeeeally slow progress; typical for me, I guess.


  2. You need to change from batwings to angelwings. That is what my water aerobics teacher called them on Wednesday and I thought that was so cute. Yea, there are always some weirdos at the pool, the gym etc, but it sure keeps things interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love your comment about “not giving up sugar.” I’m with ya on that one!! I don’t have (much) guilt for the sugar because I’d rather have calories from sugar than from a gritty protein shake….I have a hard time keeping my calorie count at a decent level. Have you tried full support socks (as opposed to compression sleeves) for your ankle? Or athletic tape?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You name it, when it comes to my ankle, I’ve tried it. It’s a very random thing. I’ve done compression socks, I’ve taped, I’ve iced, now I use heat because I find that helps.

      It’s a lot better. Much, much better. But it still aches sometimes.

      I have done some sugar detoxes, and I find them to be beneficial, but I’m not going to give sugar up forever. Even though I know it’s definitely not healthy!


  4. Real life blog posts…I love ’em, weirdos in the pool and all.
    I’m sorry, though, about your ankle. It stinks to be aging and to be dealing with these issues, but you’re doing all you can. Oh, how I hear you about traipsing around from doctor to doctor. My son once said, “Mommy, you have a doctor for every part of your body.” Pretty much.

    I like the comment about angel wings. You know how thin I am, five feet seven and 122 lbs. Still, at sixty-three and after battling weight for years, my skin is saggy. Not quite bat wings but my upper arms are loose and wrinkled. Worse yet are my elephant skin thighs. I try to ignore it and I dress as I wish, shorts and all, but yeah, it bothers me. Slight muffin top, too, but what are you gonna do? Like you, I wisely am not given up everything I love (sugar!) just to look better. Quality of life and all that.

    I love runfessions Friday. Great post.

    Have a great weekend.

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  5. Haha! I swam this week–I had to go to the lap pool because the noodlers had a class. Of course I shared a lane with Splashy McSplasherson. Everyone else is swimming smoothly but not the guy in my lane. Every time he passed me (I was using a kickboard), I got a face full of water. Ugh.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Don’t get me started on swimmers. The ones at my pool are just plain mean. Swimmers are the weirdest. There I said it. I get that WP message all the time. Crazy. Thanks for linking!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Huh, that was my one & only time to get that message! Very weird.

      I’ve definitely run into some mean swimmers, too, like the one that said I couldn’t share the lane with her. And that was before she knew I was a slow swimmer!

      Different pool though. The one I go to tends to be fairly empty, which is exactly why I go there. Except at water aerobics time, which I avoid like the plague. Not water aerobics, I’ve done that, but the pool before or after because they hang out there FOREVER!


  7. I’ve seen people practicing snorkeling and diving in pools. Gotta start somewhere. Maybe if I had snorkeled in a pool first, I wouldn’t have failed snorkeling for real.

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  8. Bat wings, angel wings… lol! The curse of the “older” woman. I was just researching on how to tone them up, but yeah, I fear we’d have to be way below ideal weight to get rid of it THAT fat completely, lift weights constantly, and there still would be saggy skin.

    I’m sorry about your ankle. Strengthen and stretch that Achilles… maybe that’ll help? Oh, and I’ve just discovered something… Arnica. You can get it at Amazon. Homeopathic all-around feel good cream/gel (anti-inflammatory). I’ve been applying it to my foot 5 times a day and it has really helped.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think you’d have to be below your ideal weight, but you’d definitely have to have a much lower body fat percentage than I ever will — and even then I’m not so sure I’d be rid of them.

      Some older women don’t have them. I’d love to know their secrets!

      I’ve tried Arnica for IT problems; doesn’t do much for me but I’m really glad it’s helping you!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. My wardrobe consist of mostly loose tops for that very reason!

    I hope things start to straighten out with your ankle.

    I’m not a strong swimmer so I would probably be one of the weirdos at the It’s a good thing I only swim (or float) in the privacy of my own pool!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Saggy skin is the thing I’m so disappointed about. If I could only pull it up and gather it on the top of my head and tie it off with a bow! Wouldn’t that be the best thing ever! I saw people using snorkels in the Tri. I didn’t know that was allowed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t know you could use a snorkel in a tri, either. Weird!

      Well, you can get plastic surgery, of course, but I have no plans for that. I’ll keep working on it and working on just accepting it, too.


  11. Ugh, I sure hope your ankle isn’t like my crazy feet! My feet are not getting better now, I think it is just one of those aging things I have deal with.
    I have excess skin too, it is frustrating when you know there is muscle there but you can’t see it. I have a hard time with the love your body thing lol If I could afford good surgery I would do it in a minute! but i cant…
    I promise you, you always look quite adorable in your run outfits 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think my ankle is like your feet — thankfully for me. It’s a nuisance, not a real pain. Just a pain that the nuisance won’t go away!

      You definitely understand! The muscle is definitely there, and eating cleaner would help — oh well, surgery will not happen.


  12. I avoid public areas that allow vasts amounts of skin to be shown, eg beaches, public pools, etc. I hope your ankle gets better. I feel you pain about the bat wings, it doesn’t seem to matter how many dips, triceps extensions etc I do they’re still there. Ugh!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. The one thing that always surprises me at the pool is when I am in a lane and people come and swim in the wrong direction in the lane. And expect me to move over. Really ?
    I like the angel wings comment….. but I hear you. Not sure I will ever be 100% satisfied with my body & body image though I sure try.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Body image is a tough one. I love those women who are large & seem to love their bodies, but you never really know how they REALLY feel.

      I think you look great, btw!

      I don’t think I’ve ever had someone swim the wrong way in a lane — that IS weird! The pool I swim in now is relatively empty during the day, except for water aerobics, and they don’t put up lanes at all. I kind of wish they would!


  14. Never been on jury duty. And our cat is very clingy, the 3 hours he is awake. I don’t mind though, I like the attention. Just don’t like the cat hair, but I can’t do much about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Giz was surisingly not clingy when I got home at midnight (Lola did come out of the bedroom to greet me), and didn’t even try to wake me up the next morning, either.

      I like the attention, too, but not quite as much as he really wants! Which would be like all my waking hours.


  15. I’m with darlene – can’t do anything about the saggy skin, just avoid being photographed! If I had enough muscle to bulk it out I’d look huge. I wonder if there’s compression underwear for batwings?

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