Sadly, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: 7/4-10 Weekly Wrap

Bandit has not worked out. At all. And yet right now, he’s still living with us.Thankfully I have a lot of friends who know a lot of other people involved in dog rescue, and I am working really, really hard to get the word out about Bandit and save his life. Literally. I don’t want to have to euthanize this dog.

I’m wrapping it up  with the Weekly Wrap from Holly @ Hohoruns and Tricia @ Misssipppiddlin. Share your healthy lifestyle with us and find out how other women are keeping active this summer.


Workouts update

  • Monday: Firecracker 4 race, Dogwalk
  • Tuesday:  2.5 miles recovery run, Dogwalk x 2 (and 2 dogs!)
  • Wednesday: Dogwalk 2 x 2, Danette May Arms & Shoulders, Legs & Glutes, FLow
  • Thursday:  Dogwalk 2 x 1, 1.5 tempoish run
  • Friday:  Dogwalk,
  • Saturday: 6 miles easy (sort of, hilly route), so many dogwalks, Athlete’s Guide to Yoga (It Band Flow, Restorative Poses, affiliate link)
  • Sunday: Dogwalk x 3, Core

Mileage: 14 (+1)

TIU = Tone it Up
TM = Treadmill
YFR = Yoga for Runners*
WU = warmup
YFPR = Yoga for Pain Relief
YTU = Yoga Tune Up Lower Body*

*Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links; I will make a small amount of money if you buy through these links
I’ve gotten good at smiling for the camera; I never felt less like smiling

Running update
Monday was one of my favorite local races, the Firecracker 4. It starts too late, it’s usually hot, it’s hilly & challenging, but the spectator support is outstanding and I’m usually running with friends. A good time was had by all.

Last week I wrote that Tuesday’s run was my slowest in a long time. No, this Tuesday’s run was the slowest in a long time! Hey, it was just a recovery run and it was done at too early o’clock and on very little sleep .

Thursday it was very hot and humid and I realized that I only needed about 1.5 miles, which was good, because I didn’t have a whole lot of time, so I did them on the treadmill.

Saturday was much cooler (again!). I was unable to run with my group due to our issues with Bandit, but I was still able to get out there and do 6 somewhat hilly miles, which is the farthest I’ve run since my last half.

How can such a cute dog be so broken? 😦

Favorites of the week
It was the week from hell, my blogger friends. Bandit seemed to be settling in so well. I was actually able to go about my life pretty normally by Wednesday, except he was having some separation anxiety issues so I couldn’t go for my swim.

Thursday I took him to the holistic vet for a wellness exam, and that is where our lives fell apart. I apprised them of his issues being leery of new people. When my vet stuck her head in, he growled at her. She came in a little later, sat across the room from us, fed him a few treats. And then she tried to muzzle him.

He went for her, and even though she backed up, he kept going and bit her right through her pants. I was so shocked that I didn’t even apologize enough. She said that while she could try some herbs to calm him down, her recommendation was euthanization.

I have brought all my animals to her. We muzzle Lola because her back adjustments are painful sometimes, and the minute that muzzle comes off Lola is jumping all over the vet for her treat.

I don’t think you can even imagine how heartbroken I was. I called his previous owner, and while it took a long time to get to her, she said nothing like that had ever happened before. The next day I called her former vet, and they confirmed that nothing like that had ever happened. Since then the previous owner stopped returning my calls.

The next day I called the regular vet; they had no appointments available, but referred me to another vet who had a behaviorist on staff. Unfortunately she lives in NJ and only comes every couple of weeks; she was actually supposed to be seeing animals that day, but there were no appointments so she didn’t come. I called her and left a message, and made an appointment with a regular vet there.

The vet we saw was wonderful. We also saw a trainer, and I talked to the behaviorist later that night. They all agreed that Bandit suffered from fear aggression, and that we have to have him on leash all the time, or crated, and that he can’t be on the furniture or our bed.

Of course we just did everything wrong in the beginning, but we also were not aware of how serious Bandit’s issues were. I’ve always been into training, and I’ve done a lot of things that Mr. Judy rolled his eyes at, but know I think he can see how easily this could have happened to Chester or Lola without the right environment. Dogs need discipline and boundaries, just like children. That doesn’t mean you have to roll them or use a choke collar, but with some dogs, not setting boundaries can just have disastrous results.

Even though both Chester and Lola had issues we had to work through, they weren’t as serious as this. The previous owner cannot take him back, and we cannot hold onto him long because I am having to walk the dogs separately (and take Bandit on multiple walks a day to tire him out), and we are having to keep Gizmo in the laundry room to keep him safe.

We are working with a few people involved in rescue to try to find a home for Bandit, and have decided to give him another week with us, even though it makes my life very difficult trying to make sure everyone is safe. Bandit’s issues are not his fault — he had a rocky start in life and I suspect that his previous owner just let him have his way or turned a blind eye to warning signs that something wasn’t right.

Bandit shouldn’t have to pay the ultimate price for the mistakes of his humans, but my first priority has to be to my own animals. It truly all just breaks my heart and I have spent a lot of time crying this week.

At least the week started well!

There really was very little good about this week, but I did run the Firecracker 4 on the fourth, with friends, and Mr. Judy had no issues with Bandit while I was gone half the day, so that was a favorite. My first run in my Switzer Skirt from Skirtsports went well, too — that was my 6 mile run and no issues — love the pencil skirt style, it flatters every body type.

And everyone at Shaker Veterinary Hospital was just wonderful to us. I had always wondered about them, and now I am considering switching vets.

And that’s a wrap:(

I love to hear from you! Answer me one of the questions below in the comments, or just comment! Let me know what you think or what’s on your mind.

Have you ever dealt with a dog with fear aggression?

Ever had a trial adoption go seriously wrong (this isn’t the first time it’s happened to us, but this is the most serious one — the previous one we were able to return to the rescue and he was adopted)?

Ever done a private adoption from someone you didn’t know? That should have been a huge red flag for us. 😦

36 thoughts on “Sadly, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: 7/4-10 Weekly Wrap

  1. So sorry to hear about bandit. Poor dog. Sounds like he needs a dedicated owner with no other animals ( or children) who can take him in hand. Best of luck.

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  2. So sorry to hear about Bandit! It sounds like he and that first vet just did not get along. I hope you can find a good home for him. I understand how stressful it is. ((hugs)))


    1. No, he obviously didn’t like the first vet, but the issues go far deeper than that. We knew more with the next vet, so they were able to take more precautions. The next vet & the trainer we saw said you have to be cautious all the time with him & unfortunately we don’t know his triggers.


  3. Bandit is quite precious looking. Reading all the details, I am even sadder it happened with someone who should be use to handling an aggressive animal and get him muzzled. Since I have a biter, I have been fortunate at the vets they get her controlled and muzzled fast, she has only ever bit me and one of my cats. It is weird she doesn’t go for anyone else! and it has been years – she about 8 yrs. old now.
    I am so sorry for all the stress Judy! You do need to protect your furry babies first and I know it hard and exhausting.
    You had a good activity week even with all your stress. Praying you can have a good outcome with this


    1. That’s part of the problem, Karen, he’s older too. I think a lot of his issues could be worked through, with a lot of time & training — he’s so smart!

      The fear aggression will always be there, like a time bomb.


    1. Thank you, Wendy. It shocked me, too, but I trust her judgement (not that I’m going there yet, but if I cannot find another home I’m afraid we’ll have to).

      The second vet, the trainer, the behaviorist-they all said we’re not bad people if that is our decision & that tells you a lot.

      We’re working really hard to find him another home & meanwhile I’m imprisoned in my own for the most part!

      He has so many good qualities & I know that his world has been turned upside down & I know there’s a home out there for him -I’m just not sure we can holdout until it’s found.


  4. I hope Bandit can find a home. You are right, it is not his fault. Maybe he would do better in a home without other pets so the owner could give him undivided attention? I hope there is a solution. I LOVE that skirt. I don’t like a lot of extra material so I think I’d like the pencil style. It sounds like you had a great race on the 4th. Thanks for linking, Judy.


  5. Oh Judy, I’m so sorry this is happening. How disappointing not to mention scary to have a dog with those issues. When I was a kid we adopted a gorgeous Siberian Husky from a friend of a friend of my grandmother’s who “couldn’t keep him in their apartment.” He was horrible. He’d take a treat out of your hand then bite it. He’d growl if you so much as looked at him. He bit a woman passing by the yard who reached her hand over the fence to pet him. We kept him for years and tried everything, until one day my mom had enough and put him down. My heart goes out to you. It is very tough.


    1. Bandit isn’t that bad, thankfully, or I doubt he’d still be here. He has a LOT of great qualities. I would probably be willing to work through some of the other issues, although it wouldn’t be fun. But I can’t put my other animals at risk.

      We were stupid, too, allowing him to e on the furniture & sleep in bed with us, but we didn’t know. And of course now he’s confused why he can’t do all that. I feel badly for him, life has dealt this little guy a raw deal. 😢


  6. Judy, I’m so sorry that things aren’t working out with Bandit. He’s such a cute little dog! I hope you find someone who can take Bandit in. Does he need to be in a home without other pets?

    I’m glad you were able to get away for a little while and have a fun race with your friends! That skirt is so cute on you.

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  7. I feel so sorry for Bandit. It’s hard to rebuild trust when it’s broken like his has. I’d say try to get him with a foster home without any animals and see how he adjusts. He needs stability but maybe in a home where he’s the only pet.


  8. O wow, I am so surprised that the holistic vet suggested euthanasia! I would think she would have a lengthy list of other options. I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I can totally sympathize because I too get very emotional over my dogs.

    I’m glad you mentioned where your skirt was from because I’m totally loving that red, white, and blue, pattern. Does it have a pocket? I’m headed to that website to check it out.

    I do hope your week gets better Ms. Judy!


  9. So sorry to read this. My MIL didn’t train one of her dogs well and it started biting people at one point. It was awful. Because then you are scared of the dog, of giving it affection, etc… it was hard.
    My thoughts & prayers are with you.


    1. It’s pretty obvious he wasn’t trained & I’m actually working with him & doing a lot of training. It’s really difficult to erase roughly 8 years of no training. The problem is Gizmo & Lola would get in his business left to their own devices & while it *might* be ok, I’m not willing to take the chance. It’s a damn shame, he has SO many good qualities.


  10. Oh Judy, this is heart breaking. I hope things will work out in Bandit’s favor, whether he’s able to calm down and continue with you, or another owner is able to come forward. Everyone tells us how lucky we got with our Max. He had been surrendered to a shelter (we think his owner had to go to a nursing home of some sort and was not able to take him along), so we never met (or even knew) the previous owner. I’ll be thinking of all of you….hugs to you

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    1. Thanks so much, Kim — it helps a lot!

      Both Chester & Lola were rescues, and both were hard work, but they were totally worth it.

      Some of it was similar issues, but mostly not as severe and they were so much younger, and that makes so much difference.

      I’m willing to do hard work — but I’m not willing to put my animals in danger.


  11. I’m so sorry to hear Bandit isn’t doing better. We had a rescue dog named Bandit, too, and our behaviorist told us to change her name because it could be tied to bad memories, and the name itself is kind of negative. But I know we had to give her away shortly after that; I was pretty young so I don’t remember much, but she was an anxious dog who bit when scared. (Bigger than your Bandit, though.)

    I’m glad you’re trying your best to get Bandit housed appropriately and to see a behaviorist. Honestly, sometimes a real trainer is the way to go. I can respect that some people see that the holistic approach works for their animals, but when you’re looking at an animal with such deep issues, I think traditional methods are best. It sounds like he reacted poorly to just one vet; I don’t think that creates a pattern of a “dog that bites”, you know? So hopefully it’s a one-time thing.

    I hate to think about what went on in Bandit’s life before that made him act this way.

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    1. Ali, we DID see a real trainer. And a regular vet. And actually, with an animal with such deep issues, usually a holistic vet IS better! I think there is a place for both, which is why we see both.

      And not, it’s not just that one vet. For instance, I was out walking him yesterday afternoon. I stopped to chat with 2 neighbors, both female.

      One of them is loves dogs (the other likes them, too, but I don’t know how much), and she was aware of my issues. I told them to just ignore him, don’t look at him, don’t get too close.

      Sure enough he growled at them, although he did relax after a while — but these are not normal reactions, trust me, and my friend who has had dogs (rescue dogs, too) all her life noted his reaction just wasn’t normal.

      Too many dogs do become biters because their people ignore the warning signs. I had no warning, sadly.

      And I have taken him to 2 vets (traditional and holistic), we saw a trainer at the second vet, we just called her to try to get the name of someone to come evaluate him in our home.

      Trust me, it’s very sad, he’s actually a great little dog. I would probably be willing to take him on if we had no other animals.

      I go see my parents about once a month, but I can’t take him with me to their house (it’s really a shame, he’s great in the car, far better than Lola). I can’t leave him here for 8 hours by himself, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable getting a dog sitter in because he’s so unpredictable with strangers. And on top of all that, he has separation anxiety issues so I really couldn’t leave him all day anyway!

      And I talked with my parents yesterday, both of them are having some health issues, my mom is 88 & my dad is 90. My mom needs some surgery next month and it would be really helpful if I could go down there and stay with them a while.

      The whole situation sucks big time.


  12. I’m so sorry Judy. I had no idea you were having such a hard time, I feel so awful for you. It’s a hard time and such a hard thing to deal with… that’s about all I can say, I’m just so sorry, because I know it’s not easy for you. 😦

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    1. Thanks, Paula, some of the worst of it has been judgement from people who don’t even know us, basically don’t know the extent of the problems, and have no idea of the lengths we are going for all of our animals, Bandit included.

      Again, thanks, it really helps!

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  13. Just about everything has been said; I can add no more but the prayer that your situation is soon resolved and that you have Peace of mind, whatever your decision is. No one should judge. You are doing an awful lot for this poor little guy. It’s not his fault, not yours. A damned shame. I’d be crying all over the place, too. Sending hugs your way. My heart breaks for you and for Bandit.

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  14. So sorry to hear about Bandit! I’m hopeful things will turn out well for him.

    The Firecracker 4 is one of my favorite races too! I haven’t been able to run it the past two years as we’ve been out of town, but it’s always been a good time. Love the skirt!

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  15. Oh, I am so sorry to read this about Bandit… breaks my heart. We had a dog with fear aggression, it was not fun and I’m sad to say the story did not end well. I am happy that you did have a few good points to your week.

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    1. A lot of people have had the same story. It breaks my heart, too.

      We’re kind of pinning all our hopes on that trainer, that either she’ll say I’m overreacting or have hope for us that we can continue to manage him for a while in a way that’s not so exhausting.


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