Dog eat dog world: TOLT

Well, let’s hope it’s not a dog eat dog world — not literally, that is. Today I’m Thinking Out Loud about dogs, again.


Bandit imitating a frog


Last week’s TOLT was a hint
I talked about adopting an older dog last week — would you do it? Why wouldn’t you? I knew I was meeting an older dog for a possible adoption that coming weekend.

What I didn’t know was that by today said dog would be just outside the office, chilling on the chaise lounge in our family room, usurping Lola’s place. Don’t worry, Lola’s chilling on the bed. Hopefully at some point they’re feel comfortable enough to lay together, but if not, there is no shortage of pet beds in this house.

Look, Ma, no eyeballing!

And then later that same day it happened. It didn’t last long, although there was no fighting, Bandit simply got off shortly after he got up.

Are all male dogs similar?
I’m guessing not, and we’ve only had two male dogs, and just a couple of days with Bandit, after all. But . . .

Bandit stalks Lola when she’s getting ready to do her business just like Chester used to. She was used to it with Chester, although sometimes his attention caused her to stop, but it’s also kind of clear that Bandit’s attention is making her a bit nervous.

Bandit is happily house trained (so far, anyway), but like Chester, once we’re outside he’s marking everything in sight.

I suspect that Bandit will be a good guard dog like Chester was. Tuesday he barked at the UPS guy (one of Chester’s favorite activities), he barked at the AC going on and off, he barked at the neighbor across the street from inside our house — at least I assume that’s what he was barking at that time.

Bandit wasting no time getting comfy

That new dog is sucking up my time
I had every intention of doing some strength training Tuesday. As the day progressed, I thought maybe some yoga. Nada.

Well, I did run at 5 am, then go out a couple of hours later to walk/run with Bandit, and then followed that up with a walk for Lola. Maybe this weekend we’ll test them out on a double leash. And then I won’t have to do double duty on the walks.

Speaking of which, I have some ripe bananas ready to bake with, some other veggies that need to be turned into veggie burgers and what not, and oh, by the way, we’re having a heat wave, I’m not sleeping well, and my cooking motivation is about nil (but not my desire to eat baked goods, of course).

Or #ohbandit. I’m sure it won’t last forever, but right now I’m posting #banditsightings on Instagram  daily (you follow me on Instagram, right?).


Did I mention the heatwave?
Damn, that early morning run Tuesday was slow as molasses. It was truly a run by feel run, as when I started I couldn’t see my Garmin anyway. I could have used the backlight, of course, but it was a recovery run, anyway.

Tiredness? The race the day before? Climbing humidity? All of the above.

Don’t forget that Fall races are baked in Summer’s oven (in other words, all that hot running should translate into a little more speed in the Fall).

Is the heatwave making me itchy?
I’ve noticed a slightly itchy rash kind of on the inside of my elbows and my neck has felt slightly itchy too. Hopefully it has nothing to do with Bandit; I can’t remember if it started before or after we got him.

You can’t actually see it, but I feel it. Could it be the Athletic Body Wipes? (affiliate link). Or a reaction to the chlorine in the pool? I’ve been swimming all my life and never had this before. Did one of the dogs rub up against poison ivy?

It’s not super itchy or anything, it’s just there and it’s new.

Always something.

Talk to me. Tell me in the comments:

Do you eat less when it’s hot?

Do you spend as much time thinking about your furkids as I seem to, LOL?

What is your favorite place to swim?

See, I am being random with my questions, too!

I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for her:

Thursdays are for thinking out loud

22 thoughts on “Dog eat dog world: TOLT

  1. ? Prickly heat if it’s hotter than usual? I used to get that. Some mild hydrocortisone should sort it out. I’m a pool swimmer not a sea swimmer. Not very good at it, so I like to have the side to aim for and I don’t like waves!

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  2. I’d be worried if you stopped wanting baked goods 😉 No, I don’t eat less in the heat but I do eat more cool foods rather than hot ones. I’m glad that the does are starting to get used to each other.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bandit is such an adorable little guy! And I’m pretty sure I mentioned this lat week, but one of the biggest reasons that I’d adopt an older dog is the fact that I wouldn’t have to housetrain them and deal with all the puppy crying, so I had to let out a giggle at your “happily housetrained” comment. And I’ll sometimes get thee little bumps on me when it’s super hot out. I think it’s called prickly heat, and I think it comes down to sweat glands being clogged and stuff building up under the top layer of skin. I find that exfoliation helps.

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  4. Awe!! Bandit is just adorable! My two cats won’t sleep next to each other and they’ve been living together for about 5 years. They can be on the same couch but won’t touch. I love that you adopted an older dog. I always feel bad for the older animals at the humane society. I wish I had more space in my home to take them all!!

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    1. Good to know I’m not the only one that thinks about their furkids so much! I’m often less hungry when it’s hot in the summer.

      I think there’s actually some science behind it.


  5. Looks like Bandit is settling in pretty nicely! He is a cutie! I don’t have any furbabies, I like dogs but I think they’d be too much work!


  6. Heatwaves make me itchy! Just thought I’d chip in my 2 cents on that haha.

    My parents have always talked about adopting older dogs when our family dogs have passed because they don’t know how many years they have to give a younger dog. But it seems like dogs find them – they fostered a 2 year old dog and the next thing we knew they’d adopted him! So…I guess an older dog is off the list for now.

    I’d adopt an older dog if I wanted a dog; I like that they tend to be housebroken already and I know most people won’t take them, so they end up being in the pound forever otherwise 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Unfortunately Bandit has a lot of issues, and we won’t be his permanent home. He is housetrained, and that is awesome, but let’s just say it’s been a very hard weekend.

      I know I would adopt an older dog, now, but unfortunately Bandit needs a home with no other furkids in it.


    1. He is, Wendy. Unfortunately he also came with a lot of issues. Kind of makes the issues you faced when you got Cocoa look like nothing (and I definitely no they weren’t!).

      Seriously, the last few days have been really tough and it’s only going to get tougher.

      He’s not only cute, he’s sweet, he’s smart, he’s housetrained . . . and he’s damaged.:(


  7. It is normal that you all need time to adjust. they say it takes 6 months to adjust to a new job.
    And I agree with Wendy ! The dog is too cute.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He is cute, Karen. But no, his issues are beyond simple adjusting to a new home. We’ve met with 2 vets, a trainer, and I talked to a behaviorist yesterday. He needs a new home, and that’s going to be tough — maybe impossible. 😦


  8. I’m just catching up again. Bandit IS truly adorable, with the most amazing soulful eyes, but there are some issues that are too difficult to take on, especially when you already have an older dog well established in your home. I hope the right family comes along for him. In some ways, you’ll be sad to see him go, but it looks as though it would be best for all.

    I definitely eat less, or at least lighter, when it’s hot out. I may feel differently when we get central air, but right now cooking is impossible in summer. Thank goodness for the grill! (And my better half the grill meister).

    I don’t swim anymore but hope to return to it when I retire and am free when the pool is available. We have one in town, but the high school swim team and school classes use it, too, so time is limited. I like to swim in the lake, but not the ocean. Too dangerous for me, though I like to wade.

    Good luck, Judy.

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    1. Connie, you are definitely seeing what a lot of people seem to turn a blind eye to — that this isn’t just about me, or Bandit and me, but it’s about how he’s effecting the whole pack.

      I love to run on the beach and do a little wading, too, but not terribly fond of ocean swimming.

      I like swimming in a lake and pools are good too; I’m kind of frustrated I’ve had to give up swimming right now because I can’t really get away for that long.


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