God bless animal rescuers: Runfessions July 2016

. . . and why I’m not cut out to be one. More on that later.

I runfess that I do seem to vent about reCaptcha an awful lot. Maybe you just need young eyes to deal with that. Although my eyes have never been 20-20.

Today I’m joining up with Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice to share my runfessions; come join us and get your runfessions off your chest.


I runfess . . .
That if I see “pick all the images with storefronts” on Blogger one more time, I just might scream.

And how about the ones where you have to keep picking images until reCaptcha has decided you’ve picked emough?

Too comfy to run away

I runfess . . .
I thought about how our lives would be so much easier if Bandit just escaped.

His life wouldn’t be, of course, but he has showed no signs of trying to get out of our yard. At all.

Damn it.

I runfess . . .
I am ready for an easy dog. So, 15 years ago I had a cat with lymphoma and kidney disease. She was a lot of work and she only lasted a year after those diagnoses. A few months after her kidney disease diagnosis, my other cat was also diagnosed with it (they were 15 and 16 at the time). She lived another 5 years, and she was a lot of work.

After Puss had to be put to sleep at 21, the great dog hunt started. We adopted Chester (after that brief trial adoption with Chekov that didn’t work out). Chester had mange. He had GI issues. He had severe separation anxiety. He had knee surgery at 9 months old. We had a few healthy years after that.

A year after adopting Chester, we adopted Lola, who was a hot mess and you guessed it — a lot of work.

Then we moved all four animals from TX to NY, which requited 2 trips, and my cat Simba was never quite the same. About 3 years ago he passed away after a short battle with lymphoma.

It was about that time we found out about Chester’s heart murmur. 3 years later it became severe. In 2015 he went into congestive heart failure, and the last 6 months of his life were hard and required a lot of work.I couldn’t go out for very long because he needed to go out frequently, and I had to stay home from one trip because we no longer had anywhere to board him.

So for the better part of the last 15 years, I’ve been taking care of sick animals. I thought after Chester passed that at least I would get my life back for a while, and could do some fun things again.

And then we adopted Bandit. I love my animals, but with Lola pushing 11 and Gizmo 15, I was just ready for a break. Is that really so much to ask for?

I runfess . . .
That the numbers don’t bother me, but the mirror does. I think I’m finally post menopausal at 54 — my last period was over a year ago, but then I did have a little spotting last December, so technically I have a few months to go to be sure.

My weight has remained the same, so far, at least within its normal fluctuations. But my body just doesn’t look the same.

I thought I would have time to work on more strength training but then Bandit happened.

I runfess . . .
I am surprised that mysteriously my ankle is much better. It still aches occasionally, but very rarely.

And Bandit pretty much blew my cross training to smithereens.

Not gonna think hard on that one, just thankful.

Trying to show off the key pocket, but then didn’t want to show the photo

I runfess . . .
I have continued to run in a bra and a running skirt — inside, on the treadmill. At least on our very hot days, and there’s been a lot of them this summer. Mr. Judy even came home early one day and caught me.

I still don’t think I could ever run that way outside, in front of God and everyone.

I runfess . . .
I may or may not have given the bird to someone who was driving slowly, speeded up to try to make a light, and then changed their mind at the last minute and slammed on the brakes.

Good thing I wasn’t texting.No, I do not text and drive!

I runfess . . .
I am still working on whittling down my inbox, but I am almost there. Actually, after I wrote this a few weeks ago, I got all the way through it. I still had about 100 messages I needed to put into folders, but I got through all the old ones.

I discovered a few things I’ve actually been looking for for a while. And I also discovered the confirmation for the subscription to Women’s Running that I had ordered last year, but never received any issues — and had totally forgotten about.

I contacted them, and while they did reply, let’s just say they’re being about as helpful as the rescues.

And of course a week later, I’ve stopped deleting the current emails. I really need to get on the ball with that again — going from about 30,000 to 100 was no small task and I don’t want to go through that again.

But Thursday I was looking for a couple of emails, Mr. Judy got home a little later, and I got rid of all the emails that had built up again (about 700!).

Runfession is good for the soul! Come join us



18 thoughts on “God bless animal rescuers: Runfessions July 2016

  1. How come I never see reCaptcha? Must not be online enough?

    I wouldn’t run in just a bra either. In my house, maybe but since I don’t workout at home, not an issue.

    I cannot comment the aging thing. I don’t want to scare you on what’s to come in the next 9 years. It’s not pretty. Then again I didn’t start running until 55 and I don’t do much strength training.

    I do believe we just have to accept the sagging skin, age spots, wrinkles and expanding middle unless we go to a plastic surgeon. It’s all part of the aging process and as they say, the alternative to growing older is worse.

    I think changing the way we dress helps – looser clothes, longer skirts, etc. Clothes hide a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. reCaptcha is only on blogger, bur I know you comment there (I’ve seen them!), so you MUST get it. It’s not on all blogger blogs, bur a lot. Maybe you’re just forgetting it? 🙂

      Well, as much as I’m not thrilled with how my body has changed, OTOH, my sister said that it was at that point (menopause) that her back started to bother her. Bad backs run in my family. So far so good.


      1. Recaptcha is a google product and I am always logged in with my Google id so that’s why I don’t see it. I also only use a PC.

        You only get it if it thinks you are not human.


  2. What’s ReCaptcha? Yes, I could google it. I don’t think I’d ever run just in a bra outside….even if I do lose 10 pounds. I just think of all the extra sunscreen I’d have to put on…and the fact that I can’t even go out in shorts and a tank top. I’m not a prude, just don’t feel comfortable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you ever read blogger blogs, almost all of them use recaptcha. Not all of them use the image thing — they require you to pick images that have something in it (grass, tress, etc.). It’s really annoying. It’s meant to prevent spamming.

      I never thought about the extra sunscreen but you’re so right!

      I definitely do shorts. Like, all summer long. That doesn’t bother me (but it’s really hard to find flattering shorts, that’s true!).


    2. As I said above, you don’t get reCaptcha unless the site thinks you are spamming. I use a PC and I am logged into Google so I never get it.


  3. I run on the mill in a bra all the time. Outside: never. I had my inbox down to 500 but it’s back at 700 and will probably blow up while I’m in Ireland. Thanks for linking!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I runfess that I’ve never heard of recapture.

    How in the world to you deal with all those e-mails? I had about 30-40 from my week away and feeling like I’m drowning in words.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. God bless you for all the love and care you’ve given to all your beloved animals through the years. Yes, a bit a a break is needed.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, the same back at you Connie.

        A break REALLY is needed, but it’s not happening. Not anytime soon, anyway.

        But I must say I’m totally jealous of all the people that adopt those great, sweet animals who just need no training. I seem to attract that hard cases.

        Bandit wouldn’t be so terrible, although he’d still be a chore, if we didn’t have Lola & Gizmo.

        Add to that that one of the main reasons we adopted him was to be a companion to Lola & that totally backfired, well, we’re really not the right home for him.

        But finding him the right home could take a really long time. And Lola & Gizmo are being shortchanged, although I do try really hard!


    2. I get more than 30-40 a day! I buy stuff online all the time, so I get on all sorts of lists. And then there’s Skirtsports mail, and blog mail . . . it’s really not that bad if I just keep up with it!

      My biggest problem is that I have to do it on the desktop and it’s kind of boring but needs to be done. Obviously.


  5. I’m with you on the reCapcha. Sometimes I feel obligated to go through the process, but I feel like the blogger is inconveniencing their readers for their own convenience (less spam), or they don’t even know it’s happening,and either way seems unfair to me. Ugh on the menopause, although if you’ve survived without weight gain that’s awesome. I think I’m just entering that stage and while dealing with periods twice a month is a pain, dealing with PMS twice a month is worse — and could explain my weight gain.


    1. I actually struggled more – so far anyway- with my weight during perimenopause. Thankfully I didn’t get periods twice a month, but for a while it was like every 3 weeks & it definitely wasn’t fun.

      Everyone is different!

      It’s definitely possible I could still gain weight, but I work hard not to. And it definitely gets harder all the time!


    1. Thanks, Jen. I don’t know why I attract them. It’s been like a full time job, contacting vets, trainers, boarding, filling out paperwork, training . . .

      Well, I guess as my grandma like to say, this too shall pass.


  6. I’ve been post menopausal for about a year now. The Doc determines from blood work. I have noticed a change in the places I gain weight, but I have been dealing with the same sluggish thyroid numbers the whole time. Strength training is where is is at, at least that what my Doc says, so it is likely you should be able to maintain at about the same rate. I have been slacking on my weight training too! It is my 10 hour work days, I guess when I get back on my regualr schedule in a month I can try to get back to it.
    If you can pull off a sports bra and skirt ( and you can) you are doing pretty darn good 🙂
    I love my animals but i feel the same way. I just need some easy. Someone is always gaining or sick it seems…I get exhausted from all the clean up time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Last time I saw an ob/gyn they didn’t do any bloodwork, but I was still having periods fairly regularly then.

      I know ST is a tremendous help, and not just for the vanity, either, but it’s been a real struggle to get my runs in, walk Bandit, not leave him for too long, and not to mention weeks & weeks of off & on poor sleeping.

      And this was supposed to be my summer to really hit the ST too!

      10 hrs a day is a lot. Back when I worked outside the home and worked those kinds of hours, I could only get in exercise if I did it before work.

      I sooooo need some easy. I keep hearing about all these people who recently adopted easy dogs. Why do we not find them?

      Thankfully I haven’t had to deal with too much clean up, other than the norm (well, a little bit more, after a month, let’s just say Bandit is not firm 90% of the time — but hey, I think we finally found some food he’ll eat consistently).

      Karen, you need a vacation! (and so do I).


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