Live to run another day: TOLT

I’m Thinking Out Loud about how sometimes skipping runs is absolutely, positively the right thing to do.

My two little runs this week have gone well — both negative splits. I’m sure the shorter days are actually helping me out, because it’s shadier longer in the mornings now.

My BRF (Basal Resting Fitness)
Have you heard of BMR (basal resting metabolism)? Basically (pun intended), it’s how many calories you burn by simply existing. It does take energy to pump blood and oxygen and regulate your body temperature, and so on.

So last week I got to discover my Basal Resting Fitness –yes, I totally made that up. It’s the amount of steps I get by simply getting meals, doing some laundry, and letting the dogs in and out — we’re not even counting dog walks here, because I wasn’t even doing that for about 5 days.

Apparently it’s about 2500 steps per day. I guess that’s not really so bad for being an almost total couch potato.

I am not sorry for skipping my long run
Okay, that’s not 100% truthful. I hate skipping a long run.

I felt petty good when I did an easy run on Tuesday, though. It didn’t even suck, pacewise, as much as I thought it was going to suck.

More importantly, I felt fine the next day, too. Don’t forget my word for 2016: Respect, and that includes respecting my body. Dragging it through 9 miles while I’m still running a low grade fever would definitely be disrespecting my body.

Live to run another day.

I’m sure treats were involved in this picture

2 steps forward, 1 step back (Bandit update)
Or is that 1 step forward, 2 steps back?

Things are generally going fairly well. He’ll wear the muzzle for several minutes now (all the while guzzling treats, because yes, he can eat and drink with the muzzle on). Considering he bit my vet when she tried to muzzle him, that’s major progress. But it’s a long way from there to being able to be out in the house with the muzzle on for short periods, to continue getting him used to being around Lola and Gizmo.

He still randomly guards things. I’d dropped a piece of brisket, under the crate, as it turns out. Lola tried to get at it, and he definitely did more than growl at her. Don’t forget, though, that he was crated and he can’t do anything to her.

On the other hand, I have the two of them in the backyard together, with Bandit off leash now, at least once a day, sometimes more. It’s a gamble, but so far it’s paid off. They play a little bit, they have zoomies together, Lola practically throws herself on top of him to get him to play — she’s such a slut (and I admit I worry about that, because she does practically lay on top of him).

We have also had a breakthrough with him definitely chewing the marrow out of a marrow bone while I was out. Twice. We want him to be happy when he does have to be crate (anytime I go out, or am occupied and unable to be in his vicinity), and for the longest time he wouldn’t touch anything. So this is great progress.

As you read this, I may be driving him back to the place we hope to board him next week while I take care of my mom post surgery. We had meant to drop him off for the day Monday, when we’d planned to visit since my brother and his family was in town, but we didn’t want to infect my mom or dad before her surgery, so we stayed home. So we need to try an overnight before leaving him for a few days.

Pray that he doesn’t give them any problems! Thank you.

Not looking forward to Fall
Despite the fact that much of July and August have been terribly hot and humid, I really do hate the shorter days and falling leaves (already!) that signify that Fall is on its way. Which means that Winter isn’t far behind.

Every year, as the days get shorter, my weight starts to creep up. Inevitably as they start getting longer, the weight falls off again. I think it’s both physical and mental (did you see my short post on that on Wednesday?).

I couldn’t go swimming yesterday, and the pool is now closed for the next two weeks. I don’t like to swim when it’s cold and I can’t really dry my hair, so I lose swimming as the trees begin to lose their leaves, too.

Any app designers out there?
You know how ideas come to you on the run? You know how I’m looking for a metronome app for my vivoactive?

I don’t want another device. I’m already running the Road ID app on my phone so Mr. Judy knows where I am.

On today’s run, it came to me: how about an app that puts in an adjustable metronome beep in the run/walk intervals?

Olympians amaze me
How do they do that? Year of hard work, sweat, and tears, I know. But I am still in awe watching them — and not just the medal winners, either!

* Disclaimer: this is an affiliate link. I make a very small commission if you buy this product from Amazon after clicking through my link.

Talk to me. Tell me in the comments:

What is your favorite season?


Any good app ideas?

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Thursdays are for thinking out loud

16 thoughts on “Live to run another day: TOLT

  1. Olympians are so amazing, and keep up the work with the dogs. Training dogs is like an Olympic marathon. It takes so much patience and perseverance.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LOLA 🙂 she is so cute.
    2500 a day is good Judy! I have worn my heart monitor on a non active day when I first started seeing my endocrinologist – I am about 1200 a day so there is the weight struggle LOL
    A fever 9 miles would be too far for sure!
    I love Fall, the shorter days don’t bother me a bit, I love leaves, I love it all LOL I am dying for summer to end (every year) and I am just praying it ends before December – last year it still; felt like summer in December.
    Best wishes to your MOM!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Luckily for me I’m not chained to a desk, and with walking at least one dog, most days it’s easy for me to get to 10k steps (and beyond on a run day — today was over 10k, but I didn’t walk a dog so not by much, not to mention that hour I spent driving back & forth to the boarding place).

      I know a lot of people who would run through a fever, but they totally knock me out & I know if I don’t rest it will only take that much longer to recuperate, although the last couple of days have been kind of tiring . . .

      I HATE the short days. Loathe. Detest! They’re even shorter up here . . .

      Thanks for the well wishes for my mom!


  3. Honestly, I totally take for granted the talent the Olympians have untiI I see them in full action. WoW. I am also impressed with the sportsmanship. I see so much hugging and high-5’s among the competitors (as well as among fellow teammates). Usain and Simone (actually both SImones!) have been my favorites….constant smiles and support for everyone else. ((sigh)) My favorite season? I love different things about all of them….winter is probably my least favorite, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely not a fan of winter here!

      I thought it was interesting — most of the gymnasts, when they make a mistake, mostly just soldier on and smile at the end.

      Whereas track & field often seems to just collapse on the track when they have a false start or can’t finish the race (except for the 2 woman runners who helped each other!).


  4. When I first started wearing my FitBit to see how many steps I was getting on average if I didn’t put any effort in to making sure I move, it was definitely somewhere around 2500-300- steps. That’s why I’ve started wearing it again – to make me more aware and to encourage me to get that movement in. Also, that’s great news about Bandit! Hopefully things just keep getting better and better 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Amanda. If we could just get Bandit to the point where he could be free in the house . . . that, and get to the bottom of his sensitive stomach issues (which kept us up most of the night last night).

      It’s like having an 8 yr old puppy. 😦


  5. I’m glad you’re seeing more progress with Bandit! You’re simply wonderful for being so patient and working so hard with him.

    I put on winter weight, too. I just like being comfy and snuggly in winter, I think! But honestly I can’t wait for fall. Sometimes just being outside in this heat is enough to make me feel sick and lightheaded!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We’ve mostly cooled down up here. Yesterday was a bit toasty, but next week is looking good. I hope they’re right!

      Bandit is a LOT of work. I’m not sure I would’ve caught hubby’s virus if I hadn’t been so worn down, and just last night he had diarrhea all night (and all day yesterday, too). More missed sleep . . . at least between us we managed to get him out and not have to deal with a mess inside.


  6. I was up at 6:30 this morning and it is still dark. Yes, I HATE it when the days get shorter… I like the cooler evenings but boo to shorter days.
    Happy to read there is some progress with Bandit.
    Hope your mom is ok.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. It’s good to read of Bandit’s progress, if slow. But sure. Wonderful news that the boarding went well. Here’s hoping that his progress continues. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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