Doubling down . . . : Runfessions August 2016

. . . in more ways than one!

My runfessions might have to do with multiple pairs of running shoes, multiple races, and leaving/forgetting dogs.

Today I’m joining up with Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice to share my runfessions; come join us and get your runfessions off your chest.


I runfess . . .
I am considering running 2 5ks in one week. Both involve friends. One is on Labor Day, the other I’m already signed up for; it’s the following Saturday.

Not quite in the league of you multi-event runners, but it would be my first time running two races in one week. I’d also have to run more miles after the race on Saturday — or do a long run during the week, which isn’t happening, because I’m not doing a long run the day after a 5k and I don’t have time for it on Thursday, which is pretty much my only other day to run that week.

I runfess . . .
completely fell off the meditation bandwagon, right at the time I needed it the most.

But I finally got back on it recently.

I runfess . . .
It crossed my mind to leave Bandit at the kennel and never come back.

Obviously I didn’t do it, don’t plan to do it, but the thought did cross my mind.

I runfess . . .
That while I don’t mind taking care of my mom after her surgery, the thought of spending 4-5 days taking care of my Dad, too, is not a welcome one. He is not an easy person.

I runfess . . .
I made a double batch of the fluffy coconut pancakes. I meant to freeze half, only I never got around to it. And by the time I did get around to it, some of them were getting moldy.

I really hate waste. I threw out the worst ones, and scraped off the mold from the ones that had just one small spot of mold. And ate them (and froze the rest).

I runfess . . .
I almost forgot to feed Lola one day when Mr. Judy was taking her to a new daycare place to try out. I was so busy getting stuff ready while he was out walking her, it never even crossed my mind that she hadn’t eaten yet.

I runfess . . .
I got a good deal on Brooks Ghost 8 (finally — a new version is out, but I rarely see them on sale). I bought 2 pairs.

And when Mr. Judy found an even better deal on them? I had him buy me 2 more pairs.

I runfess . . .
I was trying to schedule a blog post the other day and couldn’t figure out why publish was the only option available. Well, d’oh, cause I was picking a date from the past, rather than the future.

It’s not the first time that’s happened to me!

I runfess . . .
I talked about missing all things Olympics in this week’s TOLT, but that’s not completely true; because I’m actually still watching them.

They’re over, you say? Not in this house. No, I’m not stuck in some odd time warp. Our Tivo allowed us to set up what events we wanted to tape. So in addition to the main evening program, there were lots of daily stuff, too.

I wasn’t able to watch it all, even being sick and resting so much!

So I’m still watching some of the not as popular stuff — things like synchronized swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, equestrian. I’m almost through it, though, so I guess I’ll have to wait two years for the Winter Olympics (ice skating!).

Runfession is good for the soul! Come join us


32 thoughts on “Doubling down . . . : Runfessions August 2016

  1. Always love when you can get a deal on shoes πŸ™‚
    I have to look at the calendar or phone when i get to work half the time to make sure what day it is LOL I can never keep dates straight.
    Run the races and have fun! It’ll be a new adventure doing doubles πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pretty sure I’ll only be running the race I’m signed up for – I have a feeling I might need to push my long run to Sunday. Or not, but I’m pretty exhausted & I don’t see that getting any better anytime soon.


  2. Nice shoe stockpile! I love that your hubby is shopping for you. I’ve tried boarding the meditation wagon too many times to count and I just can’t get on. I either fall asleep or my mind drifts to all kinds of subjects. Have fun with the races and thanks for linking!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice job stocking up on those running shoes! I don’t blame you one bit! I do wish I was able to watch more of the less popular Olympic events like synchronized swimming. I think NBC’s coverage could have been a lot better.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Four pairs of shoes ? Wow, I did three within a few months, but not four at once. I love synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics, both of those are big events here in France.

    I am big about eating leftovers, but never if it is moldy. I still have nightmares of being sick 18 months ago because I did that.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oooo, lovely haul there!! Nice shoes!! Okay, I have to admit that I giggled that you almost forgot to feed Lola. I giggled because I’ve been there…. although I believe at some point you would’ve realized that task hadn’t been completed yet, :D. Hope your mom is doing well!

    Liked by 1 person

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