Victory is the child of . . .


. . . preparation and determination
–Jeremy Irvine

Determination: a quality that makes you continue trying to do or achieve something that is difficult

Determination is definitely a quality I have in spades. I would have given up on racing halfs long ago if it weren’t for my determination to improve my times and run one in every state.

I could also easily have given up on losing weight when I was stuck at a plateau for years just 5-10 pounds shy of my goal weight. It took a lot of determination to continue going to Weight Watchers meetings while my weight continued to yo-yo in the same range — but that was a determination that finally paid off.

My marriage of 31 years? My parents were sure if he hadn’t proposed after several months of living apart, that he never would — yes, it took determination to stick with him, but it was another determination that has paid off.

As it continues to take determination to stick with him . . .

The secret of happiness is the determination to be happy always, rather than wait for outer circumstances to make one happy.
–J. Donald Walters

I find that determination is a positive quality, especially as applied to the quote above. It’s just another way to say happiness is a choice, which I truly believe. Of course no one is ever happy all the time, and there are circumstances that make it damn hard to remain happy.

Yet happiness is always a choice. It can take a lot of determination, but it’s always there, waiting to be chosen. No doubt this morning there are a lot of unhappy people in the states. Don’t despair, don’t give up, don’t move to Canada (although it’s tempting, I admit); put on your big girl’s determination panties and work for what you believe and how you want this country to move forward.

Deb Runs

Tell me in the comments:

Do you think determination is a positive quality?

What good things have you achieved through your determination?

When has determination been a negative quality for you?

17 thoughts on “Victory is the child of . . .

  1. For the most post, it is a positive quality. Until it takes over and you miss out on enjoying life ie being determined to get that PR and not enjoy the race.

    It can also be a negative when you don’t recognize when to give up or let go (such as with a marriage or a bad relationship). I have friends who have tried to lose weight and decided to be happy the way they are.

    I have accomplished things through determination – running, 2 masters degrees, changing careers, making time for everything etc.

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    1. Too many weight related illnesses run in my family to ever feel happy being very overweight. There’s a big difference between being a few pounds overweight and 40 or 50 lbs overweight.

      I will almost always be chasing PRs, but that doesn’t mean I’m not happy with my race if I don’t achieve it, either. I’m really only unhappy if I feel I’ve given up or not given my all.

      Totally agree on staying in a bad marriage, and I’ve seen that happen, too. It’s not pretty and it’s really sad. But I can also understand how it can happen.


  2. Ah, that fine line between determination and stubbornness! I think that they’re siblings, actually, and both have a positive place. Your weight loss story is inspiring — since I am no longer running I’ve had about 7 pounds creep up on me and I am determined to bid them farewell!

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    1. I can tell you that when it comes down to weight loss, there are 2 really important pieces to the puzzle: your mental game (just like running), or why you are eating too much in the first place — and what you are putting in your mouth.

      What you eat is 90% of the battle!


  3. That is great you got to your goal weight. I know that plateau well…it is hard to get past.
    I think of determination as a mostly positive quality, but I have encountered over the years those are that determined to push their agenda (at work) no matter the cost of any one else’s’ feelings. So I guess I can see the negative aspect in some cases.

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  4. I think determination and perseverance go hand-in-hand, so, yes, it’s a word I live by! I guess there are instances when it can backfire – sometimes you just need to let go.
    Don’t move to Canada — move to a swing state that went the wrong way. 😉

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    1. Well, we’re not moving anywhere right now. Moving to a swing state? That’s closing the barn door after the horse has escaped!

      Seriously, my husband & I tend to cancel each other out anyway. Yet we’ve been able to work together for 31 years!


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