If you look good, you feel good


Decorate: make something look more attractive by adding extra items or images to it

I am sure that at least one blogger is going to write something about decorating for the holidays, or decorating a van for Ragnar, maybe? As usual, I’m going to march to the beat of my own drum or take the path not taken (maybe, we’ll see).

I don’t decorate for the holidays. My mom always did, but I just didn’t inherit that gene. I’m too busy storing clothes to store decorations.

Your body is your temple, it’s your home, and you must decorate it.
–Gabourey Sidibe

I have said, almost from the beginning, if I can’t be a good runner, I can look like a good runner. It’s the old “if you feel good about yourself, you do better”. I firmly believe that. Or fake it til you make it — your choice.

Ever notice the runners who run with their eyes glued to the road? I think it’s often because they have low self esteem. And I totally get that, it’s still something I struggle with: I’m not good enough, thin enough, patient enough, and on and on and on.

Does the outfit help you PR?

I only run watching the pavement when it’s icy or covered in something that could turn an ankle. I may be slow, but I’m a runner. And if decorating my body in pretty running outfits helps me feel like a “real” runner? Nothing wrong with looking good.

It might just give you that little push you need to do your best.

Deb Runs

Tell me in the comments:

Do you care at all about your clothes when running or working out?

Is your home decorated for the holidays?

Do you think looking good makes you feel better about yourself?

19 thoughts on “If you look good, you feel good

  1. Good looking running clothes matter to me when I run outside because I like to look reasonably put together. Inside on the treadmill….not so much. The only holiday de orations I own are a plug in jack-o-lantern and a few menorahs…..like my mother 😉

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  2. I sooo remember what a big step it was buying my first Lycra leggings and matching top. I found some nice Nike capris with a deep waistband that minimised my pot belly and muffin top and I did look better in that outfit than my sweatpants and baggy t shirt. But I felt that I didn’t deserve to wear it because I couldn’t run, or that it would raise people expectations of me, or that how would I feel if I met someone I knew and my bottom was practically naked!!! But I got over it and in some ways it made me run more because I had to look like a runner! Also buying new running kit is always a pleasure and 90% of the time it gets worn – a lot- more than many of my wardrobe outfits! Since I started running I spend less on other clothes though. When I was overweight I spent a lot of time shopping, trying to find something that made e look and feel good – often without success. After toning up a bit and losing a little wight clothes fit better so I’m happy with what I’ve got already no need to buy more (except now I need to buy some smaller clothes!). If you feel good you are happier about how you look anyway, but looking good is an additional boost!

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    1. My “aha” moment with my weight was shopping for a dress for an event and not being able to find anything — then getting an infected cut on my eyebrow, and my face blew up — so I definitely didn’t look good!

      And I had a LOT of black in my closet then — not anymore! Not to mention the fact that anything black gets very furry very quickly in this house. 🙂

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  3. For sure, looking good makes a person feel more confident, no matter what they are doing! I think there has even been research on runners who wear running gear vs sweats and a tshirt and performance.

    Of course, I do decorate for the holidays. My boys love it. One year I was depressed and didn’t want to even put up a tree, but my husband was aghast! So yes, it happens. A little slower this year, tho..

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  4. I knew you would have this take on “decorate.”

    It was always my motto for tennis. I used to say “if I can’t play good, at least I lok good.” I always tried to look good and people watch you more when you are on the court for a few hours.

    I do for running but not as much. I mean it’s friggin cold. Who cares?

    I love to decorate my house for each season. Unfortunately being away two weekends in a row has put a damper on it this year.

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  5. Ages ago, I worked for a federal agency that instituted an official “casual Friday” policy. My boss said we could take part, but he would not. He felt that he could not be at his best unless he looked the part, and even in the hottest DC summer, that man would have his suit jacket on ALL DAY. I am all for comfort, but there there is a lot to be said for dressing for what you’re doing. And I LOVE the outfit in your photo, all the way up to your beautiful hair! Nicely done!

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  6. I do like your take on today’s Wednesday Word. I used to just throw on whatever seemed to be the right amount of clothing for that day’s weather, but running with “certain” friends have made me much more fashion conscious on the running trail. 🙂

    Writing about all the fun Ragnar vans and how crazy they were decorated would have been a fun post! Bill took lots of pictures of them this fall so I totally could have done that, but my brain didn’t even go in that direction…

    Thanks for linking up!

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  7. That’s a big yes to all 3! Yes, I care if I match when I go out running… yes, I have decorated for the holidays… and yes, proof positive if you look good, then you feel good! Sometimes to really focus on my running, I have to stare at the pavement. I get so distracted by the beauty in everything around me and then I usually want to capture that very moment on camera… so if I have to really focus on what I’m doing and concentrate, my eyes watch the pavement. I do it on the treadmill too. It’s like my eyes glaze over and then I can tune into what my body is doing. 😀

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  8. Yes to all of the above 😉 I totally agree that how we dress not only helps us feel good, but it’s a reflection of how we see ourselves. People probably think I’m goofy loon for all the color combos I wear, but I love being unique LOL As I have said…”blending in is so over-rated” 😉

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    1. When I was heavier there was lots of black in my wardrobe, like most overweight people.

      Now there’s a lot of color — and black gets all furry quickly in this house anyway. I warn people about that, but they never seem to listen!


  9. I’m definitely an eyes glues to the payment runner! But, it has nothing to do with self esteem. I like to make an attempt to wear something nice for races, but on my daily training runs — I could care less how I’m dressed. LOL. It’s dark anyway on most of my runs. Some days I don’t even match! Yes, my house is definitely decorated for the holidays. Inside and out.

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