Which miracle would you like?


I am totally stealing this from Another Mother Runner. I tend to be a rather serious person, but I do have a sense of humor and like to lighten things up every once in a while.

As you run by an aid station in a race, what miracle would you like? Let your mind “run” wild!

How wonderful would it be for this top to instantly dry as I ran by an aid station?
An instant wash/dry
Even during the winter, if I’m running hard, I’m sweating, too. And especially during the winter, once I stop, I get so chilled! Which is part of why I sort of like running in my neighborhood (actually, I really don’t, but it’s convenient) — I get to go right home and got out of my wet clothes.

So I’d love to run by an aid station and magically have all that sweat and salt disappear and just feel fresh again.

Instant Medical Attention
I’d love to run by an aid station and have an automatic chiropractor adjustment, massage, anti chafing cream application, blisters magically disappear — basically have whatever happens to be bothering me instantly be fixed.

So I can keep running without injuring myself and feel great at the end of the race.

Magic Bottles
Forget having to stop and grab a cup and try to drink it without spilling it all over yourself (unless it’s a hot day and then I do pour water on myself). Whatever way you choose to carry hydration, it just magically refills at the aid station . . . without you having to stop.

Or to have that jacket tied around  my waist disappear as I ran past an aid station . . . 

Self Adjusting Clothes
We all know how hard it can be to dress for a race that starts cold and ends warm. Or one that is much warmer than the forecast.

So how about your jacket magically appears/disappears without you having to take it off? Go from tights to capris or shorts or a skirt without mooning everyone? Tank to a tee?

Stock Up on Whatever You Forgot
This is for that first aid station: forgot a water bottle? Fuel? Sunglasses? How about it just magically appears as you run by the first aid station?

What miraculous aid station are you wishing for?

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25 thoughts on “Which miracle would you like?

  1. I always thought Disney would come to the conclusion that they should sell supplies/gear along the course (since they are all about making money). I could see ow simple it would be for a runner to swipe their magic band and automatically be charge for a new water bottle, visor, glasses, socks, or whatever the case may be. Of course I would never stop for anything but it seems like something you would see at disney..lol

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      1. At my last half, there was a PR bell that you ring at the end LOL I would have loved to ring it since I had never since that before.

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      2. There was one in NOLA. I didn’t ring it. I don’t particularly like attention. And seriously, what’s the point? Why would total strangers congratulating me mean much to me?


      3. Not at this race! And I never assume I will, no matter how hard I train. Wineglass is my next goal; I know UT is a possibility, but I’m really looking to enjoy the scenery there.


      4. I don’t think I have another goal race this year. Not Wineglass – With weekends at the lake until Oct, my long runs will be sporadic – Definitely not the next one – Cat hill and Harlem hill may kill me. perhaps Steel Rail but it’s after my trip to Fla and I will be skipping my long run and may short runs. I’m pretty content with my last PR (under 2:09 for awhile or maybe forever.)

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      5. I think Wineglass could really surprise you (or any of your halfs).

        My next is definitely just for fun (hopefully) & chocolate. UT is for the scenery (although it has the potential for a PR, I’m looking at it as a training run for Wineglass).

        I won’t be upset if I didn’t get another PR this year, but of course it’s always nice. 🙂


  2. Gosh…there are lots of things I’d wish for….maybe time standing still as I walk through the aid station (gulping my water), or have the porta-pot stops give you a “credit” for your time using the facilities (?)

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  3. Cold ice towels! You can tell I’m already dreading the oppressive heat that is about to be upon us. And yes to the self adjusting clothes! I hate running with a jacket tied around me but hate throwing them away…well, except for the ones I specifically buy to be thrown away which I only do for big races, for some odd reason. Hmmm, maybe I should just stock up on throw aways.

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  4. Ohhh maybe we could borrow this for a future TotR post too! How fun!

    My miracle would be a margarita machine that I could pull up and fill my bottle up on those races that running isn’t feeling all that fun. After a drink or two, I bet it would be though!

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