5 Shoes I’m Loving Lately


Becoming a runner changes your relationship with shoes. You suddenly — or slowly — go from being willing to put up with a certain amount of discomfort for some killer heels, to trying to find the shoes that won’t aggravate your feet.  Because those feet need to take you for miles and miles.

That doesn’t always mean sacrificing fashion for function, although I admit that most of the really cute shoes aren’t so comfortable. Or at least not so comfortable for feet that work hard.


I may be stretching the rules a bit today, but I am joining up with the  Friday Five 2.0  from Fairytales & Fitness and Rachel @ Running on Happy and sharing five shoes I’m loving lately. I know I’m not the only runner in search of fun but comfortable shoes!

Propet Travelactiv Walking Shoe
That’s the pink lace sneakers in the photo — I just didn’t have time to take yet another shoe photo! I ordered them for our trip to NOLA, but alas I needed to go up a half size. Once in the correct size, though, these are cute, comfy sneakers.

You can order them from Amazon (affiliate link) here.


Taos Freedom Sneakers
These are the sneakers I walked in all over NOLA and UT (but just for walking; I didn’t hike in them). In fact, I liked them so much that I ordered them in a second color.

You can order them from Amazon (affiliate link) here.


Have you seen these flip flops that use recycled yoga mats as footbeds?  While there isn’t a lot of foot support, I’ve found them to be very comfortable.

I’ve had to search out new shoes — I’ve found certain shoes really bother the side of my left foot (yes, it’s that specific). I haven’t completely pinned down the culprit yet, but any sandal without a cushioned footbed makes my foot very painful.

I love these sandals/flip flops. They don’t make my foot ache, my toes have room to spread out, and I like that there’s a strap around my heel — although of course that makes it harder to slip in and out of them, and I am in and out of shoes all day long; going in and out with the dogs.

Doesn’t hurt that they come in all sorts of fun prints!

You can order them from Amazon (affiliate link) here


Teva Kayenta
I ordered these for a trip to NYC last summer, yet I ended up not wearing them for that trip. Good thing, too, because even though they’re very comfortable, the strap around the front of my ankle on one foot (why is it always just one?) created a scrape the first time I wore it. I put a small cushioning strip on the offending strap and I’ve walked many miles in these sandals since.

I ordered another pair of Teva Sandals; a different model, which, as it turned out, had a hard footbed instead of the cushioned footbed of the Kayenta. That is where I finally put two and two together and realized that the footbed of sandals could make the side of my foot ache.

You can order them from Amazon (affiliate link) here.


Eurosoft Celeste Wedge Sandal
Although I loved the look of these and so wanted to bring them to UT with me, space for shoes was limited, what with hiking shoes, running shoes, the Taos sneakers (wore on the plane), Oofos, and the Teva sandals (which I admit I only wore a couple of times).

However, I’ve been wearing them at home this last week or so and they’re very comfortable and really cute with jeans. So much so that I want them in a second color. And I love that they actually do slip on and off relatively easily.

I couldn’t find these sandals on Amazon, but they are available through DSW (and you better not buy out my size!). In fact, most of these sandals are probably cheaper on DSW (and I bought almost all of them from DSW), so be sure to check out DSW, too. Or just google them!

Of course, these are just the shoes that are comfortable for me. And while they’re not going to be seen in the fashion magazines, they’re also a step up from little old lady shoes. Someday, no doubt, I’ll have to wear little old lady shoes. But today is not that day.

So let me know in the comments:

What are your go-to comfy sandals that are also cute?

What brands would you add to my list?

How many pairs of shoes (including running) do you typically bring on vacation?

Disclaimer: If you buy shoes using one of my affiliate links, I make a very small amount of money. You don’t pay any extra.

29 thoughts on “5 Shoes I’m Loving Lately

    1. I have some converse, but I don’t wear them a whole lot, so I haven’t determined if they’re good for my feet yet or not.

      There are lots of cute Doc Martens boots!

      I’m beginning to think just being able to let my toes spread out during the summer is helping, but I haven’t figured it all out yet.


      1. I try to give my toes as much room as possible at all times. My feet get too cold to wear sandals, though. I also have a pair of Altras that I wear.

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    1. I was surprised that the Sanuks don’t bother my feet, but they really don’t!

      I was giggling because I’m reading these wearing Oofos. I almost mentioned them, but then the point of the post was comfortable shoes that look at least somewhat cute — Oofos don’t fall into that category for me! But they are comfortable.


    1. Thankfully I haven’t had PF, although it was kind of like that — milder — on the side of my foot. So I have to be careful with the shoes I wear, too.

      I was really surprised that the Sanuks didn’t bother my foot because really there’s no support at all — but it’s nicely cushioned, and apparently that’s what I really need!

      So I can’t say they would work for you, but I’ll be looking to add more.

      As I said to Amy C., I do wear Oofos, but they aren’t cute. And I like a strap around my heel because otherwise my toes grip too much.


  1. I totally agree that I am definitely more choosy with my shoes now than I was before I started running longer distances. Sometimes I find it challenging to find comfy dress shoes that are stylish and still age appropriate.
    I have a pair of crocs (the sandals not the clogs) that have the most amazing foot bed but I would never wear them out of the house…lol

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  2. Back in April I bought a pair of OTBT wedge thong sandals, a bit pricey, but I have pretty much wore them everyday!!! I think the wedge adds a little more support for me. They walked all over Nashville and Atlanta so far this summer and they will be going to Vegas next month!!


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  3. As I’ve aged, it’s all about comfort. A lot of my shoes used to be comfortable but now they are too tight and I have to give them away. 😦

    However when I travel, I mostly wear my running shoes because I plan to run or race and they take up too much room in my carry-on.

    I love my Crocs. They are summer favorites and I do wear them out of the house.

    I do love shoes (but I am trying to watch my budget) and I don’t have a particular favorite brand.

    It is also too cold indoors often to wear sandals but I do like them in the summer (but then I have to make sure my toes are polished LOL). I know first world problems.

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    1. I control the temperature at home. 🙂 And it’s not *necessary* to have a pedicure . . . obviously. I really don’t know when that became a “thing” cause it wasn’t when I was growing up.

      I prefer not to walk too much in my running shoes until they’re no longer good for running, so they go in my carry on. Obviously I don’t normally travel with hiking shoes but I was glad I had them!


  4. I’m really big on having comfortable shoes – I guess I have to blame running for that! I haven’t shopped for any pairs in a while and I haven’t even pulled out my summer sandals yet!

    I usually take about 3 pairs of shoes when I go on vacation – running shoes, casual shoes, and a nice pair for going out.

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    1. Summer is definitely here today!

      I don’t normally travel with quite so many shoes, but I was glad to have my hiking shoes (which I rarely use so I’ve had forever). If you think running shoes are bulky . . .


  5. Those sanuk sandals are super cute!! My faves are Tevas and Keens. I have a pair of Chacos that look super cute but I think they’re a size too small and I never got another pair.

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  6. I mostly wear old running shoes, but I’ve worn aerosoles forever as they’re super soft, for a casual shoe (I have a few aerosole heels as well as boots). And to bum around in during summer, I’m good with cheapie flip-flops from the drug store. I was raised on them, and they conform to your feet perfectly.

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  7. Those sneakers are adorable! I’m finding the same thing with shoes, in fact today a pair of kitten heels that felt fine before running so much is feeling so awful that I’m about ready to chuck them in the trash and put on the running shoes that are under my desk!

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