Does the AT Call to You?: Spilling over tea/coffee August 2017


What are your dreams? What do you long to do, but don’t have the time or money to do? What would it take for you to fulfill your dream?

Hiking the Appalachian Trail is not actually my dream, although I’ll get to that subject in a little bit. I’d love to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or go to Macchu Picchu, though. I want to see Victoria Falls in Africa and go on an African Photo Safari. I want to explore New Zealand and Australia.

Some of my dreams are simpler, though: go to Glacier National Park; visit Whistler and/or Banff, Canada; move somewhere that has hiking close by, but not oodles of traffic or oodles of snow, with plentiful sunshine and good restaurants and grocery stores.

You gotta have dreams, but you also can’t push them off to tomorrow, because no one knows if they’re guaranteed tomorrow. Sorry to go all deep on you!

Confessions of a Mother Runner

Today I am joining up with Coco and Deborah for their ultimate coffee tea date.

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell you that we brought the dogs to my parents’ apartment for the first time last month. The problem with bringing them is that almost the entire apartment has light-colored carpet.

Accidents happen. Sometimes really quickly.

Plus my parents always want to go out when we go to visit them. I’m afraid of the racket the dogs might make if we left them in their apartment. Being summer, I was able to find a dog friendly restaurant where we could eat outside, so they dogs were only in their apartment a short amount of time.

At least this first visit went well. We’ll probably try again next month. Oops, that would be this month.

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell you that sometimes I feel so helpless when it comes to my parents. Their neighbor passed away suddenly recently (in fact, the day after we visited). He was one of the few men there, and he and my Dad really got along well (he is survived by his wife). Then a dear friend of theirs passed away the next day. And one of our old neighbors; my brother and her son were friends growing up.

They’re not super happy about where they’re living, but there’s just no real alternative. There are several similar places close to where we live, but they don’t want to move up here. They don’t like that where they are now is somewhat isolated (even though they take them a lot of places), but there’s just nothing closer to where they lived.

Just yesterday my mom and I were discussing that very topic. And even she said there really was no better solution. So all I can do is listen, sympathize, and visit as often as I can.

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell you I’m fascinated by through hiking the Appalachian trail, or thru hiking the AT as it’s better known. Not that I have any desire to do it, mind you. But I enjoy reading about it (and thinking those people are nuts) — the same about Mt. Everest.

Also zero desire to climb it, but reading about climbing it fascinates me & I’ve read lots of books on that subject.

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell you that while I know that thru hiking the AT is super hard (can’t even imagine hiking 2000 miles and having to camp out much of the time), it almost seems as though today’s thru hikers have it “easy”.

Apparently there are restaurants that will tack up menus on the trail — not a lot, I think, but they are out there — and you can actually order a pizza to be delivered in one spot!

It seems like cheating.

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I definitely have my 2018 half schedule on my mind. Not that I have signed up for one, mind you. Just thinking about where I’d like to go and when. I always like having the next half picked out before I finish the present one.

That probably won’t happen this time, but I’m researching. One state we’re thinking about is Idaho, as it’s next to WA and therefore we might be able to drive when we go to visit Mr. Judy’s family.

Anyone ever run a half in Idaho? Every heard of the Scenic Half, by any chance? Any recommendations for Idaho?

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell you that most summers we pick an older series to watch, one we missed on network tv the first time around. We’ve done Lost and Breaking Bad. We didn’t get around to picking one for this summer, until I stumbled across “Stranger Things”. Luckily that’s a short one!

And then we decided to check out “The Walking Dead” and we were both pretty much immediately hooked. I know, I know, we’re late to the party (which is ironic, as we’re usually literally too early to the party — I arrived at the last party 20 minutes too early, since I’d never been in that area and wanted to make sure to leave time to get lost — which I didn’t). I stayed in my car scrolling through social media. And I don’t usually spend that much time at once on it, but I know as a hostess I wouldn’t be real thrilled with someone showing up that early.

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell you I just don’t seem to be recovering well from my runs lately, and I don’t know why. I’m really not even running that hard. Or that much mileage (which is funny, because I didn’t run much more weekly mileage  training for PCB and I’m just really beginning to get into the meat of training).

So the latest app I downloaded .

Tea? Iced Tea? Coffee? Decaf? Or something else?

Are you loving any summer tv shows?

Every dream of hiking the AT? Or climbing Everest?

Early, on time, or late to parties?

30 thoughts on “Does the AT Call to You?: Spilling over tea/coffee August 2017

  1. We’re actually going to Whistler in 2 weeks, although the down side is right now BC is on fire and it’s like the apocalypse out there, even all the way to Seattle, so I don’t know how that’s going to go.

    I haven’t heard of the Scenic Half, but my favorite half in Idaho is Fit One Boise. Although you probably wouldn’t want to drive 10 hours to get to it from here, but then again, it’s 7 or 8 hours, I think, to get to Coeur D’Alene. It’s really pretty around CDA. ☺

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      1. Spring or fall. Definitely not winter or summer, 😁 Ironman is happening in 2 weeks in CDA, and they’re going to suffer because it’s going to be too hot.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I would like to spend a little more time hiking myself, I love it outside! The hubby and I are not big tv watchers but he seems to be hooked on the Tim Allen show……….no comment….. LOL! I haven’t made plans for any races in 2018 either- it is all good!

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  3. We are planning a Yellowstone vacation next year. I’d like to go to Glacier too. I’ve hiked short sections of the AT but have no desire to hike 2000 miles! Hang in there with your parents — I guess that’s all you can do.

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  4. There are lots of things that I love reading about that I never want to experience…murder for one! Crime mysteries are my jam, but g-d forbid if I ever had to live through one! I got a lot of hiking out of my system in my 20’s in a trip across the US- also saw a ton of beautiful places. Now I would love to travel back again, but in a hotel!! Idaho is absolutely beautiful and full of great things to do and see- that would be a do-over for sure!

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    1. I never did a trip across the US, although I’ve always kind of wanted to. It’s hard when you have 3 furkids (and one that can’t come with you).

      I have never been to Idaho — so tell me, what would you recommend seeing there? I haven’t gotten too deep into research yet.


    1. Well, part of why eating healthy and fitness are so important to me is that I want to age well. At least do everything I can to help that goal.

      Things happen, I know, but I hope to age better than my parents — when I’m their age, I hope to be more active. They have had good lives, for sure, but they didn’t take care of themselves as well as they could have. Learn from their mistakes, I say!


  5. We totally got hooked on Lost and Breaking Bad a couple years ago…oh, it was an addiction (how’s that for a play on words?)…we’re talking 2-3 episodes NIGHTLY ((yawn…)). Now we’re watching Shameless (and it’s almost embarrassing to admit because the show is so skanky…but well-written and quite humorous).

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    1. I love Lost but Breaking Bad wasn’t really my thing — still, the hubs liked it and I was just curious how it would end so I stuck it out.

      Nothing wrong with a little trash tv sometimes. 🙂


  6. As Paula mentioned, we can vouch for FitOne Boise – ran it twice and really well organized event. Boise is ~9 hour drive from Seattle. There is also a relatively new Boise marathon and half in October, the Famous Potato and Lake Lowell marathons/half-marathons are also in the Boise area – Lake Lowell is a very small event from what I’ve heard. CDA is beautiful and a little closer but still a good 6-7 hour drive…it’s a couple hours past Spokane. For us trying to run a full/half in every state will give us all the adventure we need…well, in terms of schedule there’s not much room for anything else! I’d love to visit Australia/New Zealand as well as Iceland and Scandinavia. As for your drink, selection…coffee all day, every day and make it Starbucks of course 🙂

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    1. Iceland is on my list, too. Many places are on my list! But you’re right, trying to capture those 50 states can make those “side” trips a little more difficult.

      At least you have parents you can visit that get you closer to some of those destinations . . .

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  7. Did you end in the middle of a thought? What about the latest app you downloaded? 🙂 Good luck finding an Idaho race. I don’t have any recommendations, but Coeur D’Alene is beautiful!

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    1. Ooops, you’re right, I meant to share an app but never got around to looking it up (and still don’t know the name off the top of my head).

      Thanks for the thumbs up about Coeur D’Alene — I know nothing about Idaho — part of why I’m trying to run 50 states — to see more of this country!


  8. I could never get into Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead….however, the hubs and I are into watching PanAm right now and really enjoying it.

    I feel for you regarding the parents. While house hunting recently for our ‘forever home’, the hubs and I actually had the conversation regarding the prospect that one day we may have a parent living with us for a time ….so we went with a 4 bedroom just in case. It’s hard to believe that we have reached that age where these things have to be considered.

    I can’t help you regarding Idaho races as I’ve never even been to the state …..however, I’m definitely joining in on the PCB run this year!!! 🙂

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    1. I wasn’t really a huge fan of Breaking Bad despite the excellent acting. But Walking Dead grabbed me right from the start — don’t particularly like the gore, but there’s just so many interesting themes in there.

      Our house wouldn’t be a good living situation for my parents, and quite frankly, they really don’t want to live with us kids.

      I’ve never been to Idaho, either.

      I didn’t know a group would be going back to PCB this year — hope you enjoy it! It’s not a race I would have chosen on my own, but of course it’s always more fun with friends.

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  9. I would love to go walking in the Appalachian! No the sure if I would want to do the whole 2000 though😊 Do you think that places in foreign countries are more exciting? The Appalachian is abroad for me, but home for you, maybe that’s why it isn’t so appealing a Kilimanjaro or Africa? I’d love to visit all those places too, maybe I should write my bucket list now and start working on it before it’s too late!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no, I get excited about ANY trip. I get just as excited going up to Lake George (about an hour north) as going overseas (which hasn’t happened in a long time).

      Nope, I don’t really fancy having to camp out, and the bugs . . . just the bugs alone would probably drive me insane. Not to mention we have the furkids . . . .

      Your countryside is so lovely — I’d love to come hike it!

      I just enjoy traveling and exploring new places — preferably on foot!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We have our own bugs- but maybe not so bad? Midges (a bit like mosquitos) are annoying, but we don’t have anything that can actually kill you!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well, true, there are bears and rattlesnakes (and a few other poisonous snakes).

        But it’s the mostquitoes — I can’t imagine having to deal with bites so much. Now, granted, generally at the start they are not out — but eventually they sure would be!

        I also wonder how safe it is for a female.

        I enjoy hiking, and I like a challenge, but at least for now, the AT doesn’t really call to me — not doing the whole thing, anyway.


      3. You can have too much of a good thing, that’s for certain, and I think 2000 miles would be too much. It would get boring I think.

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  10. I usually go for water, but enjoy my morning cawfee!! I will, on occasion when eating out, drink half sweet/half unsweet tea!! I’m watching RHONY this summer!! Bethenny is a FAV!! I have enjoyed hiking in the Smoky Mountains, but 2000 miles is a long hike!! I do have a few friends that have spent time on the AT and I love hearing their stories. And, I’m always early!! Even to races, I don’t like the feeling of being rushed at the start…I have my routine!!

    I hope you have a great week!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m definitely early to races. I don’t want to stress about the porta potty line.

      The AT doesn’t go anywhere super close to us, although friends of mine posted a hike they did this weekend that looks like one we’ll be trying!

      We’ve done a little hiking in TN, but none in VA. I have to decide about a VA half . . . I always thought I’d do VA beach, but I’m kind of waffling now.


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