April 2018: Did I pass?


April wasn’t as busy as March, but the weather — well, you know. It had me feeling kind of meh for a lot of the month — but not actively sick. April also ushered in my first race of 2018 & there’s actually another race on the schedule for this weekend.

And yes, I know there’s one more week left in April. But next week I hope to have a race recap, I’d already scheduled this post, so I decided to roll with it. Hopefully not much will change in the next week — except for running my first 5k in quite some time. And if the forecast is right (when is it ever?) then it will actually be nice weather for it.

On the treadmill due to weather a few times — better than not running!

Getting in scheduled runs
The knees settled down, but I was very tired the week of my first race of 2018. Unlike earlier in the year, I noted that I wasn’t feeling well — so yes, I traded a rest day for an easy day. Still didn’t feel great the next week, but I got in all my runs and was no worse for it.

Grade Earned:  A

Recording my runs
I have continued to do a good job on recording my runs. Even of (mostly) putting in workout notes in a timely fashion for Coach Rachel @ Runningonhappy. As the miles begin to slowly pile on, I really hope I can keep this up!

Grade Earned: 

Dynamic Warmup
I am lucky — I don’t work, so that leaves me with more time than a lot of runners. Not that I’m sitting around doing nothing, mind you. It gives me the time to make sure I get in that warmup — I know just how important it is to me. There were a few rushed warmups this month of course; what else is new? But hey, even in the pouring rain we warmed up in the shelter of a pavilion!

Grade Earned: A-

Foam Rolling
I have also continued to be sure to foam roll. In fact, I went back to a few old programs (and one new one) for prehab — working on knees and ankles. I do have some big plans for 2018, and I need to be proactive about keeping everything in working order.

Grade Earned: A

Passover always presents a challenge!

For the most part nutrition was on point in April. I had one week where there was more mindless munching than normal — the scale certainly didn’t like that — but that’s part of life. The scale isn’t really moving much — it actually doesn’t need to move much — but I’m feeling a bit less fluffy.

Grade Earned: B

Epsom soaks? An epic fail. I attended an open house and got a few minutes of a chair massage, and then the next day got my free massage after the Delmar Dash (read about my first race of 2018 here). No need for a chiropractor appointment this month.

Grade Earned: B

Cross Training
I’m back at Strength Training fairly regularly — some weeks twice, some weeks three times — most have been pretty short & sweet. A more regular yoga practice. A little Pilates sprinkled in here and there. A little time on the stationary bike here and there. Not bad — I tend to be rather type A trying to get it all in, but something is always better than nothing. I’d like to be doing a bit more — but wouldn’t most runners?

Grade Earned: B+


The weather in April was a beat — makes you stronger, right?

April 2018  gets  . . . 
. . . a A-. Despite feeling so-so for about half the month, I snagged a PR in my first race of 2018 and I feel my running has been pretty strong this month. Maybe because the mileage is still fairly low. There is room for improvement — isn’t there always?

April Goals:

  • Wall sit 30 seconds 1 x week (net downhill half in July). Y. I did it most weeks, anyway.
  • Strength train 2-3 x week. Y.
  • Get back to Epsom salt soaks. N.
  • Foam roll — really foam roll. Y.
  • Book a hotel for Freakin’ Fast Half. Y, thanks to Mr. Judy.
  • Run a short trail race if the weather is good. And a road 5k. Maybe a 5 mile road race. I know the races I want to do — we’ll see which ones my body wants to do. N to the trail race (snow), Y to the 5 miler — and still planning that 5k for this weekend.
  • Greens daily. That was actually a March goal, and I only missed a few days in March. Y. I may have missed a day or two, but I’m still going to say goal met.

Which leads me to May Goals:

  • Wall sit 30 seconds 1 x week (net downhill half in July).
  • Strength train 2-3 x week.
  • Foam roll — really foam roll.
  • Chiropractor visit
  • Run a 5k.
  • Greens daily. That was actually a March goal, and I only missed a few days in March.
  • Ankle/knees prehab
  • Shoot for a couple of classes at Wellnest Studios
  • Look at hotels for 18.12 Challenge
  • Continue researching what to do in ID (feel free to suggest something if you’ve been!)

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29 thoughts on “April 2018: Did I pass?

  1. Solid month! Glad your knees are feeling better. Yes, runners seem to always want more crosstraining. That stuff can consume you! I actually did a pretty good job of recording my runs for once, instead of leaving it all in the Garmin.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Running is time consuming! I like to cross train, but right now, running still comes first for me. So the rest of the stuff has to be worked in around the running.

      And I know that prehab is REALLY important for me. I envy the runners who never have to worry about that stuff.


  2. Looks like you had a great month! I have a lot of similar goals for May, especially foam rolling. I hate doing it, but I feel so good after.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually kind of enjoy the foam rolling. Like many of the things I do to support my running, I know it benefits me so I do it.

      With my prehab exercises I’m actually doing a little more foam rolling than usual. Marathoners will laugh, but 18 miles is a lot to this girl who’s never gone longer than 13.1 & I’m taking it seriously!


  3. Looks like a very good month to me. OOoooooohhhhh……matzoh pizza. I can’t decide whether I like matzoh brei more or not. They are both favorites during Passover for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Looks like a pretty solid month. Congrats on a PR in your first race of the season.

    I’m so glad I don’t (knock on wood) need any prehab or strength training or foam rolling. I barely have time to get my runs in. I feel like I am always packing and unpacking.

    But I feel healthy and energetic (without any supplements) so life is good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Energetic? I need sun to feel that way. The last couple of days definitely helped, and it looks like more nice weather on the way next week (not so much the rest of this week — except Sunday still looks good!).


    1. Thank you so much! Right now the weather is still looking decent for the race.

      I looked back at my splits for my 5k PR, which is a couple of years ago. I’d really like to snag a new PR, but it ain’t gonna be easy.


  5. Looks like you did a great job meeting all your goals. Great job! I recently started recording runs and how I felt. It helps remind me of all the good runs I have.
    Good luck with your 5k.

    Liked by 1 person

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