The Case of the Missing Water Bottle: Runfessions April 2018


I runfess the weather forecasters are driving me crazy. Not that that’s news. Up until today the forecast for Sunday’s race was good. Cold, but that’s good for me in a race. Now it’s for a cold rain. Who knows? Maybe it will still be dry. Because we know how accurate they are. See how I snuck in an extra runfession?

I’m joining Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice to go to the runner’s runfessional.


I runfess . . .
I spend far too much of the day in my pajamas in winter. Yes, yes, I know it technically turned Spring in March — but for the most part, you couldn’t tell that by the weather. I’m actually quite productive, blogging, exercising, cooking/baking, and cleaning. It’s just so comfortable. I don’t walk the dogs until it warms up most days so I don’t need “real” clothes earlier.

The joys of being retired (or working from home).

I runfess . . .
In keeping with the clothes theme, I have lots of jeans. And for the most part they are gathering dust. Because when I do finally get dressed, I’m almost always in leggings or sweats.

I remember way back when when I first joined Weight Watchers. More than 20 years ago. I swore I’d never again get to the point where I got home from work and immediately changed into sweats again. Except here I am. But it’s not because I’ve gained weight, it’s because I’m usually working out in one form or another during the day, so by living in leggings I’m saving time, right?

Good thing there are so many cute leggings!

I runfess . . .
It may be all about the hair, but I need to buy stock in ShowerPill Athletic Wipes (Amazon affiliate link). I’m usually using them when I run in the afternoon, don’t have time to let my hair air dry, and don’t want to shower. Yes, I am that lazy. Well, I’m usually feeding the furkids and getting dinner together.

So it’s the opposite of running on my treadmill to save a good hair day — it’s letting myself have crazy runner hair because I don’t have enough time to air dry my hair. Please tell me it’s not just me!

I runfess . . .
I’m going to do a little shameless self promotion and make sure you saw my post “You Might Be a Runner If” (read it here), because a) it’s a short read b) I think it’s a fun read and c) maybe you missed it.

Somehow I missed the water bottle in the pocket of my running bag
I runfess . . .
That missing water bottle that I thought I’d brought to the Delmar Dash (read about it here)? I distinctly remember filling it. And putting it in my bag. When I got home, there was only one small water bottle on the drying rack, so I knew I was right.

Could it have fallen out in the gym and I just didn’t notice because of all the other crap there, like my coat? Had I put it somewhere crazy at home? Had I lost the bottle? That would make me so sad.

I ransacked my bag. No water bottle. Not til the following Wednesday, when I went to put my other small water bottle in there — and yup, it was there all the time. I don’t know how I missed it. Multiple times!

Ever “lose” something in your bag & find it later (way later)?

Am I the only one that takes so long to get dressed on a day I don’t “work”?

What do you have to runfess from March? Come join us


I am also linking up with the  Friday Five 2.0  from Fairytales & Fitness and Rachel @ Running on Happy today.


36 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Water Bottle: Runfessions April 2018

  1. All the time! Yesterday I was working on blog posts and I realized I misplaced my foot roller. Actually, I put it away when I was clearing up clutter and forgot where I put it. Doh!

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  2. Love hanging out in my jammies until I feel like I must get dressed. Now that warm weather is near, I like to get my runs in before it really heats up. My mornings in jammies are almost over (for the year!)

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    1. Yup, my mornings in jammies will end soon too. And I’m looking forward to that!

      My biggest problem getting my runs in when it’s warmer is that Lola, who is going on 13, doesn’t tolerate heat so well anymore so needs to be walked early. Which often means I get out there when the weather isn’t quite as nice. 😦

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  3. Our neighborhood is having their community yard sale today and I finally am getting rid of a ton of jeans I don’t wear and they probably don’t fit me anyway…haha. I still change out of my work clothes and into sweats or what I like to call athileisure clothes when I get home.

    I hope the weather surprises us this weekend and you have a great race day.

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    1. I’m hoping that they’re wrong about the weather, for sure, but it’s getting close now. 😦 Which actually means nothing — which maybe is something to be hopeful about!

      I don’t think I’m planning on getting rid of any of the jeans I actually own (I have gotten rid of quite a few that were too big). I do wear them, — occasionally!

      Funny how being active/running creeps into every area of your life.


  4. We definitely have different life styles. I don’t even own any leggings.

    I dress up for work, change into running clothes and then change into jeans to go out. On the weekend, it’s running clothes and jeans or just jeans. I love my jeans but don’t really own very many pairs (like 2) but I do have jeans in other colors (Do I call them jeans? LOL)

    Hope they are wrong about Sunday. Now they are saying AM rain.

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  5. I definitely have misplaced a few things that were never really lost, lol! I’m glad you found it!

    I wish I had more time to wear sweats and relax…hopefully my post-marathon downtime will do me some good!

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  6. I work from home on Tuesdays now, and I wear yoga pants for most of the day. I may change it to running capris when it gets warmer. It’s comfortable, and I don’t have to dress up for work when I’m at home. No one from work is going to see me.

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  7. I “lost” a necklace once in Vegas. I went back to Cesars Palace security office so they’d help me look for it. Then I made them rip apart our booth at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant. It wasn’t til I got home sans necklace that I found it in a pocket of my toiletry bag, which I’m sure I checked a thousand times.
    My jeans are gathering dust as well. But it’s because of this new spare tire I’ve grown over the long winter.

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    1. I actually did lose a necklace in Vegas once. An expensive (to me, anyway) one. We called the hotel when we got home but of course no one found it.

      I also “lost” my water bottle at my mom’s celebration a few weeks back. One of my favorite ones. I knew exactly where I’d been, went back & asked if anyone had found it, No.

      Before we left the next day Mr. Judy asked them again. Apparently he asked the right people, so at least I didn’t have to buy a new one!

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    1. I use them post-run, I use them on days I just can’t squeeze in a shower — it’s really weird, if I shower & don’t wash my hair, I still don’t feel clean. I only feel clean in I wash my hair — I’ve no idea why.


  8. Sweats are the best thing after a long day of work or when it is COLD. I’ve lost my headphones but then found them later. I have a small box by the door where I leave my essentials, headphones, watch, etc. and then I go through it before heading out.

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    1. I have a basket in my kitchen with my keys. The problem always arises when I leave them in a pocket, or put them down “just for a minute”. It’s happened way too often. 😦


      1. Oh yeah, I’ve been known to take off my Garmin and just leave it somewhere and have no idea where. It’s massively annoying.

        Or just simply forget to put it back on and realize it as I’m out walking the dogs — like yesterday! I missed several thousand steps. 😦

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