Who knew air drying clothes would be helpful?: Spilling over tea/coffee May 2018


Well, the first thing I’d tell you is that we apparently had two tea dates in February because I forgot to change the subject for March’s tea date. It was that kind of month.

I’d also tell you that Gizmo, at 17, isn’t our oldest cat ever — in fact, he still has a long ways to go. Puss lived to 21. Females tend to live longer than males, just like us humans. If he does have more years, I hope they’re happy, healthy ones.

Confessions of a Mother Runner

Pull up chair and mug with Coco and Deborah and me for the ultimate coffee tea date.


If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell you that my Dad’s main hobby is sending in donations to pretty much any charity that asks for it (and there are many — it’s just horrible how they target the elderly). Well, that and Publishing Clearing House — because he’s going to win $1 million, of course (he truly believes he will).

It is frustrating and heartbreaking to the whole family. We keep trying to figure out other things to occupy his time, but so far all our suggestions have fallen on (literal) deaf ears. We’re considering giving him a prepaid credit card, to limit the donations, but I have my doubts as to whether or not he’ll use it.

If anyone has dealt with similar issues and has suggestions, I’m all ears.

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell you our dryer stopped drying last weekend. Hopefully someone is fixing it as you read this (actually, it’s already fixed). Mr. Judy tried but was unsuccessful this time.

The good news? I air dry most of my running clothes anyway. But there will be even more stuff hanging around this week (like I wrote about in this post here).


If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell I wasn’t real happy when the person running next to me in the training group asked me when it’s okay to start running after the flu, as she was coughing. Good thing mentoring makes me happy, otherwise I would’ve been tempted to say never if you’re running next to me!

If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell you I started looking through some race recaps for the 18.12 Challenge, hoping maybe someone would mention where they stayed. Because I need to decide where to stay!

The race still scares me, I won’t lie, but reading through recaps, I started to get excited! Of course, there’s a bunch of shorter races and a half to run first.

He knows who to listen to
If we were enjoying high tea . . .
I’d tell you that Mr. Judy has problems getting Bandit to come inside — often I call him in after Mr. Judy has been trying for 10 minutes and he runs right in. That dog knows which side his bread is buttered on.

Now Lola, OTOH. I have no trouble getting her in, but she is more problematic with accidents inside, so I usually don’t. But she makes it her mission to sniff every blade of grass — and then often decides not to do anything anyway. Or she goes out and does #1 outside, I leave, only to come home to #2 inside (thankfully it doesn’t happen often, but it’s majorly aggravating when it does — she had the opportunity!).

Tea? Iced Tea? Coffee? Decaf? Green smoothie?

Who’s the disciplinarian in your house?

Do you look through race reviews for races you’re considering?

Any tricks for finding race reviews — sometimes I have a hard time finding any!?


Today I am also  joining up with the  Friday Five 2.0  from Fairytales & Fitness and Rachel @ Running on Happy. I’m pretty sure this won’t be readable in five minutes so I apologize in advance!

35 thoughts on “Who knew air drying clothes would be helpful?: Spilling over tea/coffee May 2018

    1. Well, the person was no longer actively sick, I guess. And so far it seems not to have effected me.

      My Dad does have a big heart, always has. But he will give money to every charity that asks for it, and there are a TON. It most seriously is his hobby. It’s really sad. 😦

      And my mom has made it her hobby to try and get him off of all those mailing lists. And then they complain about money (although not to me).


  1. 17!? Go, Gizmo! I hope our boys live that long. Chrissy just turned 11 and Jelly will turn 11 in July. They have had mostly very healthy lives, though are slightly overweight. They promise me they will live forever…

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    1. I did have one cat live to 21, but she was a whole lot of work those last few years. We lost Simba, Giz’s brother, a bit over 5 years ago.

      Sadly, no matter how long they live, it’s never enough. 😦


  2. I’ve always air dried my fitness gear and anything that I’m afraid will shrink in the dryer. Of course if I want something to shrink, it never does haha! Your dog reminds me of my mother’s dog who never listened to anyone but her.

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    1. Oh I know, I had one skirt/leggings I really liked, but they were just a little too big to run in. I tried washing & drying them multiple times, but sadly, they’ll never work for me for running. 😦


  3. Yes, I usually do try to find race reviews of races I am considering or have already signed up for if it’s the first time im running it. Sometimes I will even go back and read ones I may have read before. It is nice when runners mention logistics of where they stayed and how far it is from the start and finish.

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  4. It wasn’t a race review, but I found a Halloween race near my house, on one of the running trails. I found pictures of previous years’ races, and the running trail is pretty narrow. Since I run/walk, all I could think of is what happens when you need to pass someone? The trail didn’t look wide enough.

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  5. One of my favorite aspects of blogging is reading race recaps! It’s fun to learn about races that I’ll probably never get to do, but also interesting to read recaps of others who have run the same races as me. We all have a different perspective and a unique experience, and it’s nice to see these races from more than just one lens.


  6. We had that same issue with my grandmother. It came down to only letting her have some cash If she needed a check or larger amount of money she had to go through my mom. Those advanced years are tough on everyone.
    I really like Marathon Guide for marathon reviews, alas they don’t review any shorter distances.

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    1. We are negotiating with my mom to give him a prepaid credit card. Except I don’t think it will really solve the problem, he totally shuts us out if we even discuss the issue with him and she’s not willing to confront him. 😦

      Yeah, unfortunately I’m not doing a marathon any time soon. 🙂


  7. That’s too bad about your dad. I hate that there are people out there taking advantage of the elderly.

    When Cocoa won’t come in, I use the word “treats” or “peanut butter” and she comes in like she was shot out of a cannon! LOL

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    1. Oddly enough, our dogs never learn treats.

      Bandit’s actually got pretty laser like focus now in training but when there’s a chance of chasing a chipmunk . . . he is definitely part terrier!


  8. Running after the flu…uh, what about running with a cough?! I’ve never been able to do that, because the cough always gets worse when I try to run.

    I’m the disciplinarian in our house…most of the time. Then sometimes our pets just get whatever they want. My husband will never, ever make a pet get off the bed, even when they’re taking up like 90% of his space.

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  9. I air dry most of my clothes – except socks and undies – but definitely need the dryer for towels and such. So funny that Bandit behaves differently for you. Ugh on the donations – it’s so predatory!

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  10. I definitely look through race reports of races I’m doing! Especially when it’s a new distance or a new place. There’s usually so much information to be found! I like hearing other people’s opinions, what worked, what they liked, what they didn’t, etc. Hope you’re able to find a hotel! The race website didn’t list any? (not that the site for my upcoming 50k did either….)

    I’m glad your dryer is fixed. We went without for a few days before I was able to find a new one (needed a new one) and so we had clothes EVERYWHERE.

    I guess the good news is your dad’s giving to charity and not to scammers? My dad was really close to sending a whole bunch of money to a scammer (this was when he was still able to drive a few years ago but starting the decline into Alzheimer’s) but he forgot why he went to Walmart when he got there. Thankfully. Who knows how much money he would have given them.

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    1. Oh, there is a race hotel. We rarely stay in them — and sometimes people find such good options! I keep saying I really ought to start using Bibrave more . . .

      Thankfully we do not need a new dryer. Yet. Probably in a couple of years, we usually try to be proactive about it.

      Unfortunately my parents were scammed, but because it was a credit card they didn’t lose anything. But that is what brought this to a head (it’s been an issue for a long time). I really hope that I have enough hobbies when I’m that age that that is not my entertainment!


  11. I wish I had some advice to help with your father. I understand how troubling it is, and I’m sure you worry about not just giving too much to charity, but falling prey to a financial scam that can have even more serious financial repercussions.

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    1. There’s already been a scammer, but thankfully it was on a credit card & therefore they didn’t lose money (the credit card alerted them to it). The hardest problem is that my mom isn’t really willing to confront him, and I can’t say as I really blame her because they’re living in a small apartment and my Dad has a mean temper. 😦


  12. Oh I am big on searching for race reviews – I looked at Bibrave and Googled to my heart’s content leading up to the New Jersey Marathon!

    I would say that I’m more of a disciplinarian than Bret, but I think sometimes we go back and forth. I make a better bad cop, I think!

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  13. I’d be in trouble. I dry everything in the dryer. I mean everything. I’ve never had a problem with any if my running clothes. I don’t room to hang stuff that is out of sight. Our dryer in not in the basement.

    I read race reviews but I don’t usually find them helpful. The experience seems to be so personal.

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    1. We have one of those accordion type drying racks on the laundry room wall. You can get a fair amount of stuff on it. And a bar across the room, too, where you can hang clothes. We don’t have a basement at all.

      I always find race reviews useful. To find out whether or not that “flat & fast course’ is actually rolling hills, for instance. And sometimes you get good restaurant suggestions — or good alternative hotel suggestions.


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