Oh, the Places Skirt will Take You!

When did I first start running in a skirt? I have to be honest, I’m not 100% sure. I know I didn’t run my first two 5ks in a skirt. Or my first two halfs, for that matter. I believe the first half I ran in a skirt was the Runner’s World Half in 2014. After that there was no turning back; I was sold on the comfort of my skirts and the pockets.

Skirts have taken me many places since that half marathon 4 years ago, and not just running, oh no.

Gardening in Happy Girl

C’mon get happy!
When I first started to run in skirts, they were strictly for running, and they were not short skirts. It wasn’t really that I was ashamed of my body, it was simply I didn’t really think I’d be comfortable in a shorter skirt and maybe felt a bit too self conscious to show off my legs — not my favorite body part from an aesthetic point of view.

Wearing a skirt to run in made me happy (and coincidentally the Skirt Sports skirt I was running in was called Happy Girl), made me feel like a runner — even though there weren’t a whole lot of women running in skirts at the time — and the pockets. I needed those pockets! Still do.

These days I no longer run in the Happy Girl skirt, but I do love living in them during the summer. They take me easily through my day from walking the dogs, to doing some yoga or some strength training.

Gaining body confidence in Lioness

Gaining confidence
As I gained confidence as a runner, I began to be much more motivated by clothing that was functional — and cute, of course, always cute — than by the length. Hot day? I needed a shorter skirt. Run in a tank rather than a tee? Why yes, please.

Matchy matchy with the head coach while volunteering

I dabbled in the shorter skirts — no one ever keeled over laughing at me. Capris, leggings, long skirts, short skirts . . . it really just depended on what I was doing and what the weather was doing.

Running along the Mississippi

It motivates me to look cute, but I will always choose function over cuteness. If I’m comfortable, I run better; it’s really pretty simple when you boil it down.

Posing with Bandit in a Tough Chick Top (why yes, I’m a touch chick!)

Skirts aren’t just for running
I walk the dogs every day: there are poop bags, there are treats, I need my phone.

Hiking with Lola & Bandit in Mod Quad (as in four pockets)

If it’s hot out, I don’t want to wear jeans, but shorts never have enough pockets to safely store everything I need to carry with me. 

After running with Bandit


Touring in NOLA

I often like my hands free when I’m touring a new city, too, but I still need my phone, some cash, and usually some snacks, too.

Hanging out in Boise

Hiking the last couple of years has taken me to some gorgeous places. And I don’t want to be weighed down by jeans in the heat.

Hiking in UT
At a garden center in ID
The Anne Frank Memorial in Boise (of all places! who knew?)
Shoshone Falls, ID in Lotta Breeze Skirt
Just kickin’ around Bryce National Park in Sorceress

I’ve even SUPPed in my skirts!

What’s the best activewear for you?
It’s just the same as when is the best time to exercise for you — morning or night? The answer is the time you’ll do it. I feel comfortable in my Skirt Sports. I have the pockets to carry what I need on the run or while hiking or touring new places. And when it gets cold, I feel comfortable in leggings and skirted leggings and so on from Skirt Sports, too.

If you’ve never tried a skirt, I hope I’ve convinced you that they are cute, functional, and work for a lot more than just running. But be careful — skirt is a lot like potato chips. You can’t own just one.

And if skirts aren’t your thing, that’s cool. Whatever makes you feel like a tough chick — that’s what you need to wear. If you do want to give Skirt a try, don’t forget to use the $20 off code BDAY14 (code expires 9/23/18, one time only please, and a minimum purchase of $50).

Talk to me:

What do you feel comfortable being active in?

Have you ever tried running in a skirt?

Do your running clothes get used for more than just running?

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24 thoughts on “Oh, the Places Skirt will Take You!

  1. Those skirts are great and I love how your confidence has grown. What super pictures! I haven’t run in a skirt because I’m not sure they’re a thing here (of course, I’m going to see them everywhere now). I would like to try one, esp with the whole POCKETS thing going on.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I used to love running in skirts, but I don’t like the bike shorts they have underneath. I think those bike shorts are so uncomfortable! You used to be able to get skirts with briefs underneath. I haven’t been able to find them lately. Do you know of any like that?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You look pretty small to me! You can always take a look at Ebay, if you’re interested, too. There’s a lot of skirt sold on Ebay. I haven’t bought anything on Ebay in ages — not longer even have an account — but I hear things. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m slowly adding to my skirt collection (finally got the cool-it skirt and a GGU) but I haven’t started wearing them for real life yet. I’m starting to feel the itch to try it out so maybe soon…definitely next year. Do you pair them with only SS tops or do you wear other tops?


  4. I thought I commented. Did it disappear or did I not hit submit.

    Anyway, I said that you know my opinion on skirts! I love them. Once I started wearing them, I gave away ALL my capris, tights & shorts.

    I am grateful for being selecting an ambassador 5 years ago.I was able to afford more skirts back in that first year.

    Because they are wonderful and I love the company and all it stands for but they are EXPENSIVE!!

    Not everyone has the budget to buy all.the.skirts. And even with the sales, there’s shipping.

    I still need to buy real work clothes and go out clothes. SS fit MOST occasions but not all.

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  5. I own a skirt, but it’s honestly one of the last bottoms I reach for – I love the pockets, of course, but I don’t love the 2 layers of fabric. I DO love Skirt Sports leggings and shorts. But it seems like they’ve retired all the shorter shorts styles, which I’m super bummed about.


  6. You have so many cute skirts and they look great on you. As I sit here in my running skirt reading your blog, I have to admit that I don’t like running in them (I have three and get too hot with the double layer of shorts and skirt). I do love working in my skirts because I can comfortably go from training clients to stopping in the grocery store without feeling self conscience. 🙂


  7. I really wish I wasn’t so rushed Friday as I really wanted to talk skirts with you.

    While I don’t wear my running clothes for other things, the confidence that came from shifting from capris to shorts – and like you, no one falling over with laughter, allowed me to feel comfortable wearing shorts in some other situations after twenty years of not.

    Pockets are my secret path to happiness. I hate that so many women’s pants don’t have them.


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