Happy New Year!: 9/10-16 Weekly Wrap

It was a much quieter week — figuratively (as in more sleep, less drama) and literally (as in Lola stopped honking, although she’s not completely back to normal). Maybe I should have called this “here we go again”, because the heat, humidity, and rain came back — then again, we are not battling a hurricane so I can’t complain. Too much.

Oh, and Happy New Year refers to Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, which was this week — gotta love that I get two New Years in one calendar year.

I’m joining up with the Weekly Wrap from Holly @ Hohoruns and Wendy @ Taking the Long Way Home to share my peak week before the Ocean City Half.


Workouts update

  • Monday: 6 miles with 3 @ tempo, PB Express Core for Runners (10 minutes)
  • Tuesday: 5 miles easy, PB Lower Body Resistance Band (17 minutes)
  • Wednesday: Dogwalk, JY Twist Your Core & Stand & Balance (25 minutes)
  • Thursday:  Dogwalk, SB WU (15 minutes), PB KB Cardio (20 minutes)
  • Friday:  5 miles with 6 x 400 intervals, PB Stability Ball Abs (15 minutes)
  • Saturday: Dogwalk, JY Running Efficiency Boost + Plank (45 minutes)
  • Sunday: 11 mile LSD, hopefully some yoga before bed

Mileage: 27 (+2)

JY = Jasyoga
PB = Killer B
TM = Treadmill
YFR = Yoga for Runners*
WU = warmup
CD = cooldown
SB = Stationary Bike
YFPR = Yoga for Pain Relief
YTU = Yoga Tune Up Lower Body*

*Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links; I will make a small amount of money if you buy through these links

Running Updates


This raincoat stayed wrapped around my waist for most of the run

With a few days of almost normal sleep and cooler temps, I nailed this tempo run. And the forecast rain even mostly held off. I don’t really want to see summer go, but I’m digging a few days of fall-like temps.

But I totally needed it the next day!

I was tired this morning, and the rain meant I didn’t have to rush out. So I took my time, and the radar showed a break in the rain — well, you know how that goes. It was drizzly most of the run, rained pretty good for maybe a mile, but seriously? I’ll take this over the heat & humidity any day. Not only was I tired, apparently my legs were too.

Plus I’d forgotten that it was on lap key, not auto lap, so I didn’t get my pace each mile. And I just decided to let it go.That’s as close to running “naked” this runner’s gonna get. And I may do that again some day for an easy run (if you don’t get what that means I didn’t know what my pace was for any particular mile, only the overall pace for the 5 miles).

And thank God the sun stayed hidden for most of this run

Needed to push my long run to Sunday, so took an extra mid-week rest day and did my speed work today. Humidity had returned, but I went out around race start time — I could have started earlier for cooler temps, but Ocean City is quite a bit south of us so who knows?

Thankfully I lucked out with lots of cloud cover again. It was hard; speed work is supposed to be hard. I didn’t completely nail it, but I came damn close! A few intervals were just a little off pace.

Once the fog burned off the wheels started coming off faster and faster

This was supposed to be a long, progressive run (5 miles at easy pace, pick it up the next 3, pick it up the final 3). It didn’t go quite as planned. I debated on where to run, but I seriously couldn’t face another long run where I’d been doing them, even though I knew it would be nice and shaded. But my half probably won’t have much shade. So I chose the park. And the entrance was blocked off, but luckily I knew how to get to a different parking lot so that wasn’t a really big deal.

Started out a little fast due to stupid dog owners. As a dog owner myself, nothing gets my goat like the ones that give us a bad name. First five miles felt relatively easy. It’s a hot and humid day, but it was foggy for the first half. I was able to pick it up the next 3 miles, despite the sun beginning to burn off the clouds. It was hard, of course, and I still struggled with my pacing, going faster than I’d planned on.

The last 3? No clouds left. Some shade, but not much. I tried really, really hard, but by the last mile I’d just had it. I did finish the run, but I took that last mile easy. When I was done, I also saw it was 77 feels like 87. Well, no wonder I caved!

Joined Sole Sisters for breakfast Saturday

Favorites of the week
The new new AC was installed & it works! Hooray! Cause the humidity came back in and we still need it. A much better week sleeping-wise.

Run all the miles, eat all the . . . salad? There was a veggie stromboli, too. And no, I didn’t finish all that salad! I can really do damage to salads but that was a bit much even for me.

Cleaning up my eating (without depriving myself, either) was finally rewarded at the scale. Weight loss is not always linear, and you have to be patient. It’s definitely not just about the number for me, it’s about how I feel in my clothes and in my body. Not quite back where I want to be, and I know that usually after I have a big loss it takes a while before more comes off but I needed that victory at the scale.

Let’s get the conversation started:

Can you sleep without AC when it’s hot out (like if your bedroom is 80F)?

Ever messed up the date for a major holiday or birthday?

Is there a weight you feel most comfortable at or are you blissfully unaware?

46 thoughts on “Happy New Year!: 9/10-16 Weekly Wrap

  1. Can you sleep without AC when it’s hot out (like if your bedroom is 80F)? Eventually but not deeply.

    Ever messed up the date for a major holiday or birthday? Not that I can remember.

    Is there a weight you feel most comfortable at or are you blissfully unaware? Yes I do. Weight is a big issue for me. I wish I could be blissfully unaware.

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  2. I didn’t grow up (Hudson Valley) with AC. Didn’t have it until I moved to Japan where it’s a necessity. Didn’t have it in my first NYC apartment, but only made it one summer in this one without it since I’m on the top floor under a tar roof. I don’t really like sleeping on the futon for it though.

    Hope you had a sweet & healthy new year and, if you fast, that it goes as gently as possible this week. Glad Lola is on the mend.

    The scale is a wench. Especially at our height. I’m still hoping to hit a number by a year from now (40) as I’m a slow loser.

    Don’t know what your plan calls for or schedule looks like, but I’m doing a fun group run next Sunday. Link in my Wrap if you want to join

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    1. Unfortunately we leave sat. I’d still like to try to get together & need to message you but the heat today took a lot out of me!

      If I get my runs in before I leave, I actually won’t be running at all while we’re in the city. I’ll try to email you tomorrow & give you my #.

      Believe me, I do not lose weight fast. Not at all. Being short really sucks sometimes.

      We did have AC when I was growing up, but not in ever room, not in the beginning. I’ve always been really sensitive to heat. Can’t imagine living in NYC with no AC! I was sweating buckets last Friday night, even though it was cool outside — it wasn’t inside. Our bedroom seriously is the hottest room in our house. 😦


      1. Couldn’t remember your dates other than Thursday arrival, but yes email me and we’ll figure out at least a quick hug.

        I lost more quickly the first time I did weight watchers but I think that’s a combination of better precise attention to detail and being younger. I know part of my issues this summer have been less than ideal food choices, but for the most part I’ve enjoyed all of them.

        My mom has an AC upstairs now but for the most part my bedroom doesn’t need it as I have an awesome intake/exhaust window fan and ceiling fan that makes nights there comfortable. Now I frequently walk out of my building to find it’s much cooler than I thought it was. Luckily for my electric bill I don’t need it too often

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      2. We do have a ceiling fan in our bedroom but it only helps a little.

        I can definitely tell you it gets harder & harder all the time as we get older. But if you’ve owned & enjoyed what you eat, it’s all good (within reason).


  3. I have no clue what I weigh but all that matters that my clothes fit and I am happy with how I look. I know I could stand lose a few lbs but I have to say “no” to that ice cream. LOL

    The weather has not been helpful to my runs but I’m not alone. It could be worse. Same for races. Everyone faces the same conditions.

    This weeks looks rainy and I don’t have a treadmill. At least I am tapering so don’t care if I run much or at all.

    We hardly use our AC but more this summer than ever. We usually turn it off at night. It goes on and off and it keeps for awake(as do most things.) I never turn it on in hotels for the same reason.Too noisy.. Good thing I room alone.

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    1. Yeah, my clothes fit but they weren’t fitting the way that makes me comfortable. Always an issue.

      I did plenty of running in the rain last week. Looks like this week is gonna be the same.

      We are really happy that we have a functioning AC again. And it’s not just us anymore, with Lola & Gizmo’s issues, it effects them, as well.


  4. No sleeping in the heat! YUCK! I’m a big fan of being under covers so I prefer the room to be cool at night (and I stick one foot out for temperature regulation. LOL). We have had some nights that were just unbearable when our a/c went out and there just aren’t enough fans. Glad your A/C is back up and running!

    What happened with the dog owners? Man, they had to really mess up!

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    1. Luckily we only had a few nights without AC & Mr. Judy dug up one of those window fans (almost literally, it was in the shed).

      So I’m running into the park and this woman has her little dog off leash. It’s not an off leash park, but usually I keep quiet, only she had zero control over the dog and it was sweet but going up to everyone & I said to her look, I love dogs, I have 2, but your dog needs to be on leash — it’s going to get run over by a bicyclist.

      I know i really should’ve kept my mouth shut & she gave me the glare, but when I ran back about an hour later (and they were still there — some doggie meetup apparently) — the dog was on leash. 🙂

      And then there was a couple walking their lab taking up the entire path. Unless you’re deaf, I really don’t see how you can’t hear me coming up behind you. My hydration vest sloshes. I huff & puff. But they were not moving. I said excuse me as I ran through the middle.

      The guy yells after me “you almost tipped me over” — I didn’t touch any of them. It’s not your own personal park, folks!


      1. Oh geez, some people! There’s a lady in the park where I run who glares at me every time I run past her and her dog. I have no clue why but it’s as if she’s insulted that I’m even there. 🤷

        I’m glad you said something to that lady. Hopefully, she’ll remember to leash her dog in the future.

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  5. I’m glad Lola is on the mend! Is it normal to still need a/c this time of the year where you are? I think we often have it on for another week or two, but it can still get warm in October.

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    1. It isn’t really that unusual to get warm weather in Sept. Or Oct, for that fact. Which isn’t to say that the weather hasn’t been totally bonkers this year.

      The problem with our bedroom is it’s on the top floor, it’s above the garage, which isn’t cooled at all, and we need to shut the door at night to keep Giz out — and there aren’t different zones for the AC. So while it can be on the cool side in our living room, our bedroom heats up. 😦


  6. When we go to the lake, we sleep without AC. Thankfully there is a big ceiling fan over the bed and you know I turn that thing up to 11….

    I don’t weigh myself and that’s because I know too well that I’d obsess over the numbers. I go by how my clothes fit. That has worked for me for years.

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    1. We have a ceiling fan . . . if the bedroom was on our first floor it wouldn’t be anywhere near as bad but alas it isn’t.

      I don’t have a scale at home. I only weight in once a week at my WW meeting. Clothes fitting are important, but for me it’s also really easy to gain a pound here, a pound there, until suddenly everything is tight. It’s easier for me (and the accountability is important for me) to weight in every week. Everyone is different!


  7. Not much A/C in the UK but we have a big floor fan and between that, having the bedroom windows open and having the skylights open in the top floor we do OK in the really hot times. Apart from the stupid cat who likes to snuggle!

    I’ve forgotten birthdays like mad and every year we forget the date we got together as it’s the day before husband’s birthday, but we’ve not forgotten our wedding anniversary yet (met in 2001, married in 2014 so fewer to forget there!).

    I am feeling a bit larger than I’d like so am cutting out snacking from today. Another shorter lady here annoyed it shows up so much more! I have been not getting enough sleep last week after a good week the week before, which leads to me using sugar for energy, so need to address that.

    Happy new year and happy running in the rain!


  8. It definitely seems like summer just won’t quit! I look forward to the day when I don’t have to turn on my AC. Because of my allergies, I have to sleep with the AC on. If not, I wake up completely congested unfortunately.

    As you know, I’ve been doing WW, but I haven’t been tracking as well as I should this month, especially with my travel to Philly over the weekend. Hoping to get back on track this week.

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    1. We all have times when we don’t eat optimally. The very next meal is always a chance to get back on track, though! For me, it’s usually just too much sugar. Doesn’t take much of it to start packing pounds on me.


  9. after being obsessed with weight most of my adult life, I stopped weighing myself all together a few years ago. I am so much happier! I cannot sleep without AC and we keep our bedroom at 68 degrees all year around. Thankfully we both like it cool for sleeping

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  10. I grew up with window units in the house and I didn’t have a problem sleeping when it was a little warm. My time in Texas changed all of that. I’m so used to AC now, I’m bothered when it seems businesses don’t use it. It gets stuffy really quick for me.

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    1. I can do a lot of damage to salads, but seriously, even *I* couldn’t finish that one!

      Some days it’s not even really the heat, but the humidity. I’m not sure I could deal with a VA summer, but i lived in TX so I guess I could. 🙂


  11. Mmm, that salad looks delicious! We keep the AC on just low enough to knock off the humidity, around 76-78. Our bedroom is always warmer, though, plus I sleep in long pajamas and under the covers year round! This gal likes to be warm. 😉

    I’ve also messed up birthday dates, a fact I’m not proud of. Holidays? Pretty good there.

    I try not to get caught up with the scale, but after having an eating disorder most of my life, it’s pretty hard not to at times. So now I have a range, since I constantly fluxuate.

    Great post! And now I want chocolate. 🙂

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    1. I was surprised by the salad — I wanted a spinach salad but they were out of spinach & the description for their garden salad wasn’t really exciting but it was really good.

      I have a range, too, and I was outside of it (just) for the first time in a very, very long time.

      Thankfully I’ve never had an eating disorder, but definitely a disordered view of eating. I’ve come a long way though. I don’t have a scale at home — well, actually my husband does now, but I just ignore it. 🙂


  12. Happy New Years, Judy! Love the mug. How else can chocolate be explained?

    It sounds like you are killing your runs right now. Way to go! I just got up to running 1 mile at a time. Not much, but it’s something!

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  13. Hooray for A/C! Our bedroom is on the second floor. That floor has it’s own A/C unit because…southern temps. When it has gone out, we at least could go down stairs and sleep. I think I’d prefer a little drizzle too. It sure beats the oppressive humidity. Are those cherries? I don’t I’ve ever seen a cherry tree bearing fruit before. Thanks for linking!

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    1. When we lived in TX we had a ranch. Although we did eventually have troubles with that AC & had to replace that but it sure worked hard. 🙂

      Nope, they’re not cherries — some kind of berry but i have no idea what kind.


  14. I think menopause has made me more heat sensitive than I was before. I feel like I could never sleep if it was 80, yet as a kid I slept up in the “attic” all summer with a fan but no AC. Glad yours is fixed. It must feel divine. It’s back in the 90s here too. I’m beyond over it.


  15. We have a 1920’s house that does have AC, but the circulation is really bad so it never really cools off our 2nd floor where our bedroom is…I am a sound sleeper but only when it’s cold 🙂 I need the fall weather soon please! It’s been crazy hot in Minneapolis.

    Great week, you had a lot of great runs! Love the cow pic.

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  16. I sleep horribly when it’s hot. I keep the ceiling fan on year-round, and put in a window fan during the summer (plus central A/C). When I was a kid I sometimes slept so close to the fan that my hair got tangled in it!


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