September 2018: Did I pass?


September found me resting from the 1812 Challenge (read about it here), very briefly, then training hard for my next half, which is this weekend. And we traveled to NYC to celebrate Mr. Judy’s birthday the week before my half, which included fasting for Yom Kippur, so it was a whirlwind of a month.

I feel like I can’t really grade September, because I still have a half to run, but it’s the last Tuesday of the month so I’ll just roll with it.

I think I deserve brownie points for this super humid run that found me plastered in gnats

Getting in scheduled runs
You know what I’m going to say, right? The humidity! And if it wasn’t humid, it really was, in the form of rain. I sweated, I got rained on, I did shorten a few runs, but I got out there in almost anything Mother Nature threw at me.

Grade Earned:  A-

Recording my runs
I’m still doing better than 2017 but whenever I get busy, well, you know how it goes. By the time I sit down at night to record my run I’m tired and just want to get into bed — the shorter days aren’t helping anything. Definitely not doing quite as well as I’d like to here.

Grade Earned: B

Dynamic Warmup
Still rolling on the dynamic warmup train. Doing better with the postrun stretching but there have definitely been times I’ve either a) skipped it due to weather or b) just spaced out about it.

Grade Earned: A-

Foam Rolling
I have been better, but I have again sometimes skipped it because I left it to the evening. I also didn’t even think about bringing a foam roller — even a travel one — to my sister’s — and that was a hard run, y’all!

Grade Earned: B+

Even thought I seriously cleaned up my eating at the end of the month, I still had one week I had to pay for Weight Watchers (first time in years). Weight loss — or maintenance — is never linear. The next week I didn’t have to pay.

I enjoyed some good food for sure in NYC, but I did not get a single dessert — although it was certainly tempting at times. I brought my own healthy treats and that’s what I ate. Oh, except the chocolate mousse cake at my sister’s for break the fast, and that was worth every bite.

Grade Earned: A


  • Massage? Not yet.
  • Chiropractor Appointment? Yes.
  • Do I need a hair appointment? It just keeps getting longer . . .

Grade Earned: A-

Yup, I’m back in the saddle. Occasionally, anyway.

Cross Training
I’ve definitely upped my game with strength training, getting in some yoga, and sometimes doing a little stationary biking. Swimming is still absent . . . hoping to get back into the pool next week but we’ll see!

I didn’t do any yoga or strength training while we were at my sister’s and in NYC. We were busy all day. Yes, I got in a fair amount of steps, but not actually as much as I normally do in NYC.

Grade Earned: B+

September 2018  gets  . . . 
. . . an B+. Life definitely got a bit in the way of some healthy habits in September. It happens to all of us. The trick is to realize it and just get back to what was working for you.

September Goals:

    • Continue to Prehab. Y. I did well with this in September.
    • Strength train 2-3 x week. Y.I feel better about my body when I strength train.
    • Some extra Core TLC. Y. I do work my core, but I think I need to make it more of a priority again.
    • Foam roll — really foam roll. Y.
    • Chiropractor visit. Y.
    • Swim when the pool reopens. N.Life got in the way most weeks.
    • Greens daily. Y.Mostly, anyway. A lot of green smoothies.
    • Berries daily. Y.Mostly — again, lots of green smoothies with berries!
    • Sign up for a half at the end of September. Y.I’ll be running that this Sunday.

Which leads me to October Goals:

    • Continue to Prehab. As always, something is always better than nothing.
    • Strength train 2-3 x week.
    • Some extra Core TLC. I do work my core, but I think I need to make it more of a priority again.
    • Foam roll — really foam roll.
    • Chiropractor visit.
    • Swim!
    • Greens daily.
    • Berries daily.
    • Meal plan on the weekends! I got out of the habit in the busy training months of August and September. I’ll still be busy in October, still training for the next half, but I think life will calm down a little. 

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11 thoughts on “September 2018: Did I pass?

  1. Solid month for you despite the humidity, which I’m so happy to finally get a break from. I kind of love that Weight Watchers is changing their name to WW. It’s about so much more than the number on the scale.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s definitely about more than the number on the scale for me now, but that wasn’t the case when I first joined & was a lot younger (late 20s).

      The humidity was back today. It’s Fall already, it would be nice if it would actually stay fall. Not that I’m looking forward to winter, mind you.


  2. Well, your Yes’s definitely outweighed the No’s, so that looks pretty stellar to me 😉 I have been doing much better about foam rolling and dynamic stretches…probably could still improve on those, but I’m definitely doing much better than in previous training cycles. Here’s to an even better October!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. October should, for the most part, be much lower stress. I hope anyway. This was a stressful month on many levels with several short, fun trips — definitely fun, but it made for a rather crazy month.

      You’re really on fire right now, Kim! You’ve come back so strong.


  3. A very good month in my book.

    I am sure you will have a terrific half.

    NYC looked like fun. I am tempted to bring the hubby but I get to do exactly what I want without him lol

    I would never get the haircut monthly if I didn’t make those appts way ahead. In fact I have one next week. I can’t just let it grow. The layers and frizz would go drive me crazy.

    Hope to see you soon but won’t be running with group on Sat until Oct 21.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will get my hair cut soon, it’s crazy long right now. It still looks ok except after I run, and of course with 4 days of running . . .

      There’s definitely a lot of compromise when you travel with someone.


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