Autopilot, Puppies & Kittens: Runfessions September 2018


Well, it is another month, and another racecation, but since the race hasn’t happened yet, I had to dig elsewhere for what to runfess. Never fear, there’s always something. The subject will become clearer as you read on.

I’m joining Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice and keeping it short and sweet for September. There are two more halfs to run, so no doubt they will provide plenty of fodder for runfessions in the next couple of months.

I runfess . . .
I missed the first night of Rosh Hashanah. Generally it’s just me and Mr. Judy, but I do usually try to make a nice, although simple meal. I just misread the calendar, is all.

I runfess . . .
I had one morning where my brain was just on autopilot, apparently. Instead of heading north, like I wanted to, I headed south, like I usually do — it only added five minutes to my trip but it also added sitting in traffic much more than I would have had I gone the right way in the first place.

Except having lived in Austin — before it really exploded — I can’t complain about traffic here. There’s just really no comparison.

I runfess . . .
I didn’t think the prehab exercises for my tight sartorius muscle the PT gave me were doing much. So of course I stopped doing them. And the pain got worse . . . so yes, I started doing them again!

This is something that has plagued me off and on for a several years now, so I guess I can’t expect it to just go poof! overnight.

From the left, they’re 13, 10, and 17. I do miss kittens!

I runfess . . .
I have one cat (down from three many years ago and yes, Gizmo is the last of those three). And that one cat now has three litterboxes — one downstairs, two upstairs, and he uses them all. Plus one litterlocker upstairs and one downstairs.

And a self filling water bowl because he needs it when we’re gone and I got tired of filling the water dish every five minutes. Not to mention it takes him about half an hour to eat a meal — he eats some, walks away, comes back, eats some more . . . eventually he does finish it. I can’t just leave food down because the dogs would be more than happy to finish it for him (not to mention he’s become a really messy eater).

I won’t lie; it’s a royal pain. The litterbox he uses the most is next to our dining room table, but he uses it.

Puppies and kittens are cute and fun but they should be for life. Chances are that they will require a lot of work if they live to a ripe, old age like Gizmo (who is 17). I am constantly scooping all three litterboxes. Refilling the water dish every day and cleaning it out. Spending an hour a day feeding him.

Just remember that commitment the next time you’re thinking of getting that cute kitten. Of course, for whatever reason, I seem to take on the hard cases — although in fairness to Giz until this year he’s been a very easy going cat.

I love my Garmin. I hate it when I forget to change the settings, though!

I runfess . . .
I forgot to switch my Garmin from Lap Key (where you have to touch something to record each lap) to autolap, where it automatically records each mile. I had run 400m repeats the week before.

I forgot twice! So I had to remember to push a button each mile and got alerted to every quarter mile. I finally made the switch this week, because otherwise getting alerts for each quarter mile in a half marathon this weekend would have driven me crazy!

Do you find yourself driving the wrong way because it’s the way you usually go?

Senior animals or cute puppies and kittens?

What do you have to runfess from September? Come join us


I am also linking up with the  Friday Five 2.0  from Fairytales & Fitness and Rachel @ Running on Happy today.


10 thoughts on “Autopilot, Puppies & Kittens: Runfessions September 2018

  1. I do love kittens but they are not easy either..

    I can’t stand seeing the litter box and smelling it so it is always in the basement. I have two senior cats (one very senior) and one uses it and the other..well, he sleeps in the garage…. (though now that we have NO bath mats in any of the 3 bathrooms, he’s gone downstairs. LOL)

    I runfess I have never used ANY of the features on my Garmin. It autolaps but I don’t look until after a race.

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  2. We had a middle aged cat at the moment (who looks a lot like your Gizmo actually) and he does OK but I’ve not had a kitten for years and years because I always get them from shelters as adults.

    And I can runfess I RAN the wrong way yesterday, and you can tell from my Strava. It was one of our club summer routes- there are just two, and I’ve been doing them for three summers. I wanted the one that wasn’t so isolated so we’d be safe just the three of us – and immediately set off in the direction of the one I didn’t want. Doh!

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  3. Yes they are for life. My parents and I help out at a shelter in Arvada that’s involved with rescuing golden retrievers from Turkey. The residents over there enjoy the puppy stage, then turn them out when they’re adults. The demand for goldens over here drives this program.

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  4. Every time I have an overnight in Austin we have to leave over an hr before our show time because of the crazy traffic. I am such a dog person but I told myself I will probably become a cat lady bc they are a little more self sufficient and it’d be easier to take care of since I’m away a lot.

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  5. Max will be nine in January, but he acts like an overzealous puppy on crack. He has got so much energy. I almost did a double take, last week at his yearly appointment, when the vet asked if we have him on a senior diet…(what???). He reassured me that Max is in excellent health, but the senior food just has better nutrients, etc. to help prevent degenerative symptoms. I have heard that dogs of his breed can have a 15-18 year life span…so here’s hoping 😉 Although we don’t have any elderly pet issues at the moment, I can totally understand how you just do what needs to be done for your pets. No sacrifice is too great, right?

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  6. You know I’ve got both: Pup and a super senior who seems to be headed for for the Guiness Book in the world’s oldest Bichon category. I love them both to pieces but caring for Carlo the Wonder Dog is no easy task.


  7. You’re right that pets are a big commitment. Now we’re trying how to get Scooby to care less about the squirrels in the back yard. Good luck with your Half — or if it was today, I hope it went well!!


  8. I have driven the wrong direction several times lately ….letting my mind wander and simply not paying attention. The first two weeks I ran with the trail running group, my Garmin was still set to run/walk intervals. I felt bad for everyone around me who had to listen to its beeping every 4:1 minutes! Speaking of Garmins …what model is that one?


  9. I drove the “wrong” way home twice last week! It’s not really wrong, I just like to take a back way that avoids all the traffic lights and somehow I forgot my turn for that route twice.


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