Have I let myself go? + a Giveaway


Have you?

I have a dirty secret. In fact, I have several sheet pans that I’ve had forever and not bothered to clean, so I just slap some foil over them and then throw out said foil when I’m done.

Am I just lazy? Have I stopped taking care of my things?

I know today’s subject is Runner’s Gifts, and hopefully I’ll have a few for you on Friday (ones I suggest, not actual gifts, although if you keep reading I do have something for three lucky people). You can bet I’ll be reading your blogs for ideas, but for today, I have something else on my mind.

Getting rid of what I don’t want one little bit at a time

One day I just started cleaning
It was shortly after Thanksgiving, when I think I used one of the sheet pans that hadn’t been cleaned in years. I looked at it, and I knew I could clean it up. Not all in one go, and it was definitely going to take a lot of elbow grease (and baking soda), but there really was no excuse for leaving these pans in such a condition.

I am working on them, a little bit at a time. It makes me happy to have functional and beautiful things around me, and my sheet pans were functional — but definitely not something you feel good serving people from.

Feeling good is the name of the game
I’m sure by now you’re wondering how any of this ties in with my title. It’s no secret I’ve been struggling with my weight for a while now. It’s not a lot of weight, and I know there are definitely friends that don’t get it — why would such a small amount bother you? — and there are definitely friends that do get it. 

I realized one day, though, that I used to walk a lot more. That I’d become rather complacent about the non-running days, you know, the days I don’t get a lot of steps in? Especially in Winter (even though it’s only Fall!), when there are often days at a time we can’t get the dogs out for a walk.

I’m a runner, though. I run a lot. I’ve packed in a lot of races back to back to back. My average daily steps are good enough. Or are they?

I realized, at the same time I realized that I used to walk more, that no, I can’t rest on my laurels. I need to move more, plain and simple. It gets harder and harder to lose weight as we age, and dropping those steps down probably aren’t helping me much.

There’s only so much pacing around the house I can do, though (and I do do that). So I’ve gotten back on the treadmill, walking and watching the news or tv shows Mr. Judy doesn’t like. Or watching and walking along with Pahla B’s walking/running workouts, which are brilliantly disguised podcasts (find her Youtube channel here).

It’s not about punishing myself
It’s not a punishment. I have no daily step goal I’m really aiming for, and on days I run, I certainly don’t feel the need to get in an extra walk, although I do try to avoid sitting too much, because we all know sitting all the time is the new kiss of death, right?

So no, I’m not trying to walk off what I’m eating. It’s not about punishment.

It’s about taking better care of myself, when you get right down to it. Which leads me to . . .

A little (or a lot) lost here

My title
Many mothers, and many middle aged women, have a tendency to take care of everyone else . . . and not themselves. The last time I had a major weight gain? Yup, that was part of it. A different cat with kidney failure. Then a new puppy. Still working at the time, too. A husband who traveled a lot for work. 

I ate relatively healthy, I was active (although not a runner yet), and yet the pounds kept creeping up until I no longer recognized myself and I was at my heaviest weight ever.

We have a tendency to take care of everything and everybody and we just let ourselves go until we no longer know who we are any more. The good news?

It all starts with loving ourselves
It’s never easy, of course, but it always starts with loving yourself. Even that can be done in baby steps — you may love your smile, your eyes, your hair, a body part . . . and there are probably things you don’t love about yourself. Don’t worry about what you don’t love, focus on what you do love.

Find what brings you joy. Try new things. Take some me time. Slowly you will find yourself again. It’s not being selfish — the people who love you will benefit the most if you’re happy.

Have you ever felt like you lost yourself?

Were you able to find yourself again?

How did you find yourself again?

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This week I am also joining up with Running on Happy, Suzlyfe, Crazy Running Girl, and Coach Debbie Runs each week for the Coaches’ Corner linkup


21 thoughts on “Have I let myself go? + a Giveaway

  1. Definitely felt that way but it was a long time ago or a marriage ago.

    I started walking every night with a friend. That led to us taking tennis lessons. Tennis led to some great friends which eventually led to running.

    Now I’m pretty much centered on myself. I take my own vacations and do what I need to do.

    Am I selfish? A little but I am physically and mentally healthier.

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  2. I so hear you on taking care of everyone else. It’s what we as women do. I’m doing a holiday challenge right now and one of the components is self-care. It made me realize how little of that I actually do outside of working out.

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  3. It’s a fine balance, but I set the expectation early on that I needed my fitness time. I wasn’t always a runner, but early in our marriage, I had bad panic attacks and they threatened to derail me. I started running and it was clear that I need it. I kind of like that I get my me time. So different from my parents’ marriage.

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    1. Even before I was a runner, I was active in other ways. I used to work out before going to work at about 5:30 (that’s the going to work time). Thankfully I don’t have to do that anymore — although I am often donwstairs that early doing something anyway!

      My mom was pretty good at taking me time. So is my MIL, but OTOH, she also feels much more that taking care of the husband is a woman’s job — talk about a bad precedent!


  4. I agree with you – the older we get the harder it gets to maintain our weight. Darn metabolism! I should walk more too. Your plan sounds good. I will have to walk outside since I don’t have a treadmill, but my dog will love it. Thanks for the inspiration. I have gained a little weight lately too. Not much, but I can notice it. You are so right – it all starts with loving ourselves. We have to believe we are worth the time to invest in ourselves. Loved this post!

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  5. Self care is critical to our overall well being. When I found myself getting super busy with work and other commitments, I try to make sure that I carve out at least 30 minutes for myself. This summer I started taking walks during my lunch break at work (weather permitting) and it has been a game changer for me.

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  6. I am so aware of how a little weight can creep on when we’re not paying attention. You’re right, it doesn’t sound like a lot to other people, but nipping it in the bud is still important.

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    1. Some people don’t, and probably won’t ever get it. But I know many do. Some figure as long as your clothes fit (mine do!) you’re fine.

      I do have a range that I’m comfortable with, and usually don’t have too much trouble maintaining it, until the last few months.

      I don’t ever want to be that woman in the black dress again!


  7. I have a low functioning thyroid (Hashimoto’s) that has made weight maintenance so tough. But I keep working on it. It can sure be bothersome & effect my mood. It isn’t much weight but I do not want to be get fat.

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