What you need this holiday!


I know how much trouble I have coming up with gifts for the males in my life, and if you’re a non-runner, you probably have trouble coming up with gifts for your runner. I am joining Fairytales & Fitness for  Fridays with Fairytales & Fitness, a link up for healthy liftestyle bloggers, to share five things I’ve been loving lately — and I’m sure your runner will love, too.

Fairytales and Fitness

It was a Nor’Easter, y’all, so I was entitled to my Temper Tantrum (buff) on my hat!

Skirt Sports, Of Course
You knew I had to go there; I’m a Skirt Sports Ambassador. Temper Tantrum is on sale until Dec. 9 — up to 50% on some styles you’ll find here! It got me through almost all of my longer races this year. My code 522CRJ should work for an extra 15% off, but if not, it’ll work on non sale items.

Yoga for Runners Flexibility Toolkit
Running Buddy J turned me on to Yoga for Runners HQ. While I liked the first program, I have to admit that getting in a 45 minute yoga routine isn’t easy. Unless you go to a class, of course, and then somehow an hour seems too short.

The Yoga for Runners Flexibility Toolkit (read about it here) seems just right. Each practice is approximately 15 minute and aimed at:

  • Adductors and groin
  • Ankles
  • Calves
  • Chest and shoulders
  • Full body stretch
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings and lower back
  • Hip flexors and quads
  • Hip mobility
  • IT band
  • Side body stretch
  • Yin Yoga

I suggest signing up for emails so you know the next time they run a sale.

Keeps me warm but allows in a little air, too

Pony Tail Fleece Lined Hat
I wrote about how much I loved this hat I bought at the Cape Cod expo, and I’m still loving it and definitely want to get more. I was sad that they weren’t on sale on Cyber Monday, but it’s a small company and each hat is hand made so I understand. Find your pony tail hat here.

Grid Vibe
I bought my Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller at the same expo and it’s gotten a lot of use since then. I wish they had had the Vibe Plus available there. I can’t really justify getting another foam roller so soon, but anything that will massage me I’m on board with. You can buy direct from Triggerpoint hereor from Amazon (Affiliate link) here.

AMR Retreat
This is a big ticket item, to be sure. Maybe your runner has been very, very good this year. There are retreats on both coasts. You’ll learn about nutrition, foam rolling, how to psych yourself up, and more.

You’ll run a race, you’ll eat good food, and you’ll meet a lot of other runners and who knows, maybe even find your new BRF (although I didn’t, people have). Despite a Nor’easter, this was still one of the most fun halfs I have run. Find out more about AMR retreats here.

Which of these gifts would you like?

What are you giving the runner in your life this year?

What gifts would you add to my list?

30 thoughts on “What you need this holiday!

    1. Well, since I own much they’re not on my list either. Actually, I don’t have a list. But at some point I definitely want another ponytail hat!

      I don’t have to race in Europe, but if someone were to hand me a ticket just to go I’d certainly be happy.

      I get to go to the West Coast at the worst weather times, usually. Can’t pick family.


  1. Not a ponytail hat fan either. I like my hair on my neck for warmth in the winter and in the summer I do wear a ponytail because it is too hot to leave my hair down and wear a baseball cap all the time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d never heard of it either, until my friend told me about it.

      They cue things really well. I didn’t pay that much for it though, as I said for Kim, sign up for their newsletter or one of their free challenges & wait for a price drop.


    1. I like the ponytail hat a lot. For me it’s good for those transitional days when it’s too cold for a hat, but not really cold enough for a beanie.

      Unfortunately today is definitely cold enough for a beanie!


  2. Definitely intrigued by the ponytail hats in a couple of these. Next year when my hair is (maybe) longer
    Skirtsports, yes, but when it’s a little warmer so I can get another capri pair. I ❤ mine

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It depends which one. I mean, everything is long on me, obviously. But I do like the triple pocket tights a lot — that’s what I’m wearing in the photo on today’s post, and the woman next to me is in a Wonder Wool skirt.

        You just have to put up with them getting bunch up a little at the bottom — doesn’t really bother me that much.

        WW is relatively warm, and the tights are not quite as heavy.


      2. I have to find a pair to try. I end up cuffing almost all tights. I was pleasantly surprised though that the capris are actually so. I’m debating getting a GymGirl skirt for the half marathon. I’m kind of hooked on pockets

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Gym girls are not my go-tos, although they are Darlenes. I tend to just be between sizes on them. I loved the cool it skirts, however, they worked perfectly for me (every body is different). I also really like the lotta breeze skirt.


      4. I tried Cool It when either you or Darlene posted about them, but they didn’t fit right. I have a hand me down Gym Girl, which works for me and a Hover which didn’t. Will check out breeze
        I apparently missed the Pocketopia ones at that price, boo. Will keep an eye on them for the future though

        Liked by 1 person

      5. No, it’s a code for the Pocketopia right now. YES20 will get you $20 off of either tights or capris (pocketopia). I *think* you can use my code for an extra 15%, 522CRJ, but not sure — worth a try, anyway.

        Like I said, every body is different!


      6. I should also say consider the pocketopia capris. On us shorties, they’re not tights, but they are way longer than capris — but they will be wearable.

        I size up in them & they’re also $20 off at the moment. 🙂


      7. The spark pattern is not as stretchy as the other patterns, btw. I can fit into a S, and have several, but I’ve come to realize I’m just better off with a M. In between sizes. Again.


  3. The best runner’s gift I’ve had all year is your buff-n-hat tip – I’ve passed it on to a good few friends, too! I’ve asked non-running friends for running shop vouchers, as I know I have expensive socks in my ultrarunning future for a start …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alright, in a way it’s a little sad, but glad you’re enjoying it. I tried using a headband over my hat to keep my ears warm sat (a tip from another blogger) but it was really an epic fail because I didn’t have it on right & turns out I really didn’t need it anyway.

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