Running & Watering: 12/10 -16 Weekly Wrap

Training Week 2: Best Damn Race Savannah Half

The week went sideways on me (read more about that in favorites, although it wasn’t a good thing) and I didn’t get as much activity in as I wanted — but I got my runs in and the bonus is my legs are feeling pretty good again.

I’m joining up with the Weekly Wrap from Holly @ Hohoruns and Wendy @ Taking the Long Way Home and wrapping up my second week of training for BDR Savannah.


Workouts update

  • Monday: Dogwalk
  • Tuesday: YFPR Flexibility & Flow (30 minutes), 5 miles easy
  • Wednesday: Balanced Life Pilates (30 minutes), Dogwalk
  • Thursday:  Rest Day
  • Friday:  8 Mile LSD, Dogwalk
  • Saturday: 4 miles easy, YFRHQ Yin Yoga (15 minutes)
  • Sunday: Dogwalk, Balanced Life Pilates (30 minutes)

Mileage: 17 (+2)

JY = Jasyoga
PB = Killer B
TM = Treadmill
YFR = Yoga for Runners*
WU = warmup
CD = cooldown
SB = Stationary Bike
YFPR = Yoga for Pain Relief
YTU = Yoga Tune Up Lower Body*

*Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links; I will make a small amount of money if you buy through these links

Running Updates

River is frozen over enough for the geese

Unlike last week, I ended up losing the sun on this one. It was out earlier, but I had errands to run and by the time I actually ran, it had clouded over. I had to pick up something at the vet, so I ran at one of my favorite paths I almost never run at — it’s very close to the vet.

It’s partially road and partially unpaved paths and a tiny bit of trail. I didn’t tape anything, and while my piriformis was really talking to me when I got up this morning and during the run (DOMs, maybe?), everything felt fine after. Progress.

Much more snow when I started running; by now it had mostly melted

We got unexpected snow yesterday — not much, but then there was some freezing over during the night.

Temps rose throughout the day, though, so I headed to the bike path with some screw shoes on. When I started the path was partially snow and maybe ice, so the first few miles were quite slow. As I ran, and the temps climbed, most of it melted and I was able to get to an almost normal pace.

My feet were soaked though — I swear it was worse than running a half in a Nor’easter!

Not sure what made those tracks!

The bottom line is that these 8 miles took far longer than they ought to, but they got done.

Snow is completely gone — but more on the way

Another group run. Unfortunately the group tends to not run long, which is why I’ve moved my long runs to Friday (when I can), so this was a recovery run.We were finally blessed with some warmer temps.

Doesn’t everyone have a cat IV set up? Thanks to Mr. Judy

Favorites of the week
It definitely wasn’t a favorite, but maybe there’s a happy ending. Wouldn’t you know after I picked up the supplement for Giz on Tuesday, that night he got very sick? Sick enough that I really debated taking him to the emergency vet.

I didn’t, which was the right call, but the next morning he clearly was still not himself so I managed to make an appointment at the vet for that afternoon. For those that don’t know, Gizmo is 17 and has been in kidney failure about a year now, although only diagnosed 6 months ago — it’s not my first time at this rodeo, though, so I knew what was going on before his diagnosis.

We started him on subcutaneous fluids. They are helping, although as he’s felt a bit better he’s fighting more so he’s not getting much, but feeding has gone from hard to really hard. The good news is that he is still eating. So the silver lining is he’s hanging in there.

I told Mr. Judy I am both ready and not ready for him to go. He’s had a really good, long life, and was never sick a day in his life until this year. His brother has been waiting at the Rainbow Bridge (if you don’t know the Rainbow Bridge, read it here) for almost 6 years now. But he’s my sweet boy, and I can’t even begin to imagine my life without him on my lap first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening.

We got the bloodwork results back on Friday: his kidney values are actually slightly better than 6 months ago. No explanation for what’s going on.

It’s rare for them to lay next to each other like this

The snow/ice/rain today made some interesting designs.

Let’s get the conversation started:

How are you squeezing in some activity with the crazyness of the season?

Go-to winter tights?

Have something fun to share with us?

34 thoughts on “Running & Watering: 12/10 -16 Weekly Wrap

  1. I am doing my best to stick to my training and keep things on a regular schedule during the hectic holidays. Some days it works better than others! I also love the Skirt sports triple pocket tights and wear the Lululemon tights as well. Hope Gizmo is doing better today

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is tough at this time of year — even when you’re not super busy, the short days make motivation difficult.

      Gizmo is actually doing better today; thanks! Definitely not normal, but eating better & out more.


  2. Yes this weather is wacky. Never know what it will be v

    Actually the group does run long. Both Jeri and Sherry has a half before yours. So do I. However we work so have to run long on Sat. Luckily the weather has cooperated since I hate running alone.

    My cat will be 21 and I am sure his kidneys are failing but he is eating and purring so we are letting him be. I wonder how long he will be around.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know the group runs long, but you guys often cut your long runs short more often than not & it’s also really hard for me to get out earlier these days due to caring for Giz, so it really doesn’t work for me to do my long runs on Sat.

      Just because your cat is old doesn’t mean his kidneys are failing. It doesn’t happen to all cats. I always attract animals with issues, although in fairness to Giz he was an extremely healthy cat 90% of his life.

      He is still eating, but he’s lucky I’m not working so I can feed him multiple times a day. And he’s still purrring, too, but he also doesn’t spend as much time with me as he used to, which is always really hard.

      The good news is he is doing better today, and he even allowed me to get some fluids in him this morning. But even before that he was actually pretty hungry.


      1. There are other things that can cause that, like diabetes, which is also common in elderly cats & usually easily treatable. Even kidney disease is treatable, but it isn’t always easy & it does get pretty expensive. Unfortunately I’ve had a lot of experience with it, or maybe fortunately in some ways. Even though it had been 13 years, giving fluids was like riding a bike. It’s very stressful when you’ve never done it before.


      2. Not interested at this point in his life poking him with needles or giving him meds. He happily purrs and eats. And in addition to the cost, I work and travel.

        As in people when they get old, are they alive for us or them? Sound heartless but he’s had a good long life. He will go when he’s ready.

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      3. I’m not particularly interested in giving fluids, either, but it actually makes them feel better (if that’s what they need). In reality it doesn’t take a lot of time, either.

        You know how people can get a banana bag if they have a hangover? It’s actually a similar thing.

        I’m not telling you to do it, don’t get me wrong, and don’t even know if your cat needs it, but people have the wrong idea about it.


  3. The weather has certainly been crazy this week. While we didn’t get any snow this week in CT, we got a good amount of rain and wind.

    Awwe poor Gizmo 😦 I am glad that he is feeling a little better now. Our pets are family so it’s hard to see them in pain so I know exactly what you meant when you said that you are but are not ready for him to go.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The pirformis is about 95%, I’d say, but running doesn’t seem to be making it worse anymore and the hamstrings are about 99%. Hopefully they will all be 100% soon!

      Giz is hanging in there, and actually better today. Sat was a rough day, who knows why? But today he even deigned to get fluids without struggling & pulling out the needle & is eating relatively well. Thanks for thinking of him!


  4. So sorry to hear about Gizmo. It’s hard when our pets near the end of their lives.

    I love Athleta’s winter tights. Altho I do recommend sizing up because they aren’t as stretchy as the regular ones.

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  5. So sorry to hear about Gizmo.

    I don’t know that I have go-to winter tights, but the ones I’ve worn the longest are some fleece-lined ones from Target.

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  6. I’m not quite a running tights person. I did run my last race in capris, but I do prefer shorts, probably from my soccer days. I do have various tights for different cold. I haven’t needed my heavy Under Armour tights in years.

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  7. Oh, poor little Gizmo. That’s so tough. I’m so sorry.

    Interesting weather for you! It’s actually been pretty warm in Minneapolis and I’m hoping it stays that way for a bit longer…or at least ice free!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We still have a lot of back & forth weather but there has been ice . . . and luckily then it warms up so everything melts. The worst is how dreary it is.

      Giz is doing better, but there’s a lot of back & forth there, too.


  8. Oh, poor Gizmo. I hope he rallies soon! Our weather has been wet, wet, wet, but not too cold these past few days. My fun news for the week ahead is my son’s grad school graduation — getting his master’s — is there a different name for that other than “graduation”?

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Sorry to hear about your baby…it’s tough when they aren’t feeling good. Hope he’s doing better. We had spring-like weather this past week in Iowa…totally nutzo. It was sub-freezing in the mornings, but in the mid-40’s most of the afternoons, and in the 50’s yesterday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We have a lot of back & forth weather, too. While there’s more annoying snow than I’d like, nothing much major lately. Thankfully.

      Giz is doing a bit better. It’s also a back & forth thing, but today was a good day.


  10. Sorry about your poor puss – awful to deal with. I’m glad you were able to keep up running which I’m sure has helped. Re running tights, we all seem to be loving Kalenji, the own-brand from Decathlon – all five of us out on Sunday were wearing them! I am after some of the new ones with a big pocket but I’m pretty sure I will have vouchers for Christmas, so just having to wait. I have almost worn through one pair of tights so I do honestly need some new ones before there’s a terrible tearing noise and much embarrassment!

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  11. Poor Gizmo but that’s good to hear that the kidney numbers are slightly better than last time. I got some Under Armour fleece lined tights at the outlet a couple years ago and they are amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually have nothing from UA!

      Gizmo is doing much better, thankfully. Not quite back to normal, but almost. Or it’s the new normal for him. No idea what happened, which is frustrating, but glad that he pulled through it.


  12. I don’t have to wear tights often but I have a pair of Nike that are gray/black patch that work well and feel good (marathon tested). I’m curious what you are doing about your piriformis pain since I’ve never had to deal with is much, until now. I’m sorry to hear about Gizmo. I hope his slightly better bloodwork is a good sign things will improve. Thanks for linking!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve had piriformis pain off & on ever since I started seriously training a few years back. I haven’t really found anything that targets it, but i do have balls from yamuna (body rolling) and I sit on those in the morning — it sounds really weird but it does definitely help.

      You don’t want a hard ball like a tennis ball, and not something too squishy, either, somewhere in between. Put in yamuna balls in Amazon, and similar things will come up. The worm is also really good for that sort of thing (also available on Amazon).

      I also follow a site, — he has a program for pirformis syndrome. I don’t have it. I’ve some of his other programs, but usually wait until they’re on a better sale. I do have one for tight hamstrings, and that one I have been using because my hamstrings seemed to be more of a problem (something I hadn’t had happen before, either). They’re extremely simple rehab programs, but I must say it does seem to help. That + taping & my hamstrings are back to normal (no taping) so far, knock on wood. And a lot of foam rolling . . .


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