Goals: Met & Looking into 2019


When it comes to running goals, I had four main goals for 2018:

  1. Stay injury free
  2. Run the 1812 Challenge
  3. PR a 5k
  4. Add 2 new states

So how’d that work for me? Let’s see!

Stay injury free
Despite ending the year with some piriformis/hamstring pain, I’d say I rocked this. The only time I taped was for my races — until after those races were over, and those niggles intensified — then I had to do some remedial taping, but it seemed to help tremendously and knock on wood the niggles are just niggles.

Thank goodness for a cloudy day! 18 miles done with a smile on my face.

Run the 1812 Challenge
I’d pretty much decided to do this before 2018 began. I didn’t tell anyone — other than my coach Rachel @ Runningonhappy, my running friends, and Mr. Judy. 

I can have laser like focus when it comes to something I want to do, and so it was with training for the 1812 Challenge — which was supposed to be 18.12 miles, but came up a little short at 18 miles. No worries, it was still the longest race I’ve ever run.

No race is ever easy, and I’d be lying if I said I was sure I could do it . . . until I did a 17.12 mile training run. I still knew that a lot of things can go wrong in 18 miles, but thankfully the Running Gods smiled on me that day (read about it here).

Mission accept and conquered.

PR a 5k
This one was an epic failure. I never got to train specifically for a 5k like I’d planned to, and I only ran a few 5ks. And none of them were anywhere near a PR. The closest was Last Run Albany (read about that here), which I always consider a fun run (and even that wasn’t close to my 5k PR!

Conquering a mountain in ID with Skirt Sisters

Add 2 new states
I truly didn’t think this would happen. 1812 isn’t a half, obviously, and anyway I’ve already run my half in NY. MA was also a repeat state.

Definitely a challenge of a different kind, but adding another state was wort it (and time in Ocean City, NJ)

I was able to persuade Mr. Judy to take a little trip on down to Ocean City, NJ (read about it here), however, and that along with my half in ID (read about it here) gave me 2 new states for 2018 to bring me up to 18 states in 2018 — and that 18 mile race in 2018 (and yes, I liked the sound of that when I signed up for it).

My 2019 Crystal Ball . . .
. . . is a bit cloudy. Although I’m training for BDR Savannah (read more about that here if you want to join me!), it’s still a question mark. There’s Gizmo, there’s my parents, there’s a lot of things that could get in the way. I’ve started training for it though, and hope it will be my birthday present.

I enjoy working towards goals, so here goes:

  • Add 2 new states. Hopefully GA, and then who knows? One is better than none. I still have Revel Mt. Hood on the brain, but maybe I’m better off if I just pick a fall half. Or maybe this is the year for Rehoboth Beach (within driving distance) or Kiawah Island . . .Action steps:
    • Research hotels for Rehoboth and Kiawah.
    • Research other fall halfs.
  • Stay injury free.Action Steps:
    • Iron Strength.
    • Prehab.
    • Foam Rolling.
    • Yoga more than once in a blue moon.
  • PR a 5k (still a tall order but it’s still one that motivates me!). Action Steps:
    • Train for a spring 5k.
    • Research & choose several potential spring 5ks.
  • Remember my word for 2019 (read about it here) and keep it in mind. Action Steps:
    • Write it in my Planner.
    • Pick a different quote about Love for each month and write it in my planner.
    • Look for a plaque at Homegoods with some sort of quote about Love that I can put somewhere I’ll see it frequently (like by the computer!).

Have you thought about goals for 2019?

How did you do in your 2018 goals?

If you’re not goal-oriented, what motivates you to keep active?


This week I am also joining up with Running on Happy, Suzlyfe, Crazy Running Girl, and Coach Debbie Runs each week for the Coaches’ Corner linkup


23 thoughts on “Goals: Met & Looking into 2019

  1. Nope not a goals person.

    I don’t care about states.

    I’ve PRed all my distances in the last 2 years so that makes me very happy.

    I keep running because I like the people I meet through running.

    I love to race.

    It’s how I cope with work stress.

    My goal is maintain my speed and stay healthy.

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  2. Awesome job on your 2018 goals! I love your goals for 2019. I think I will have a similar state goal. I added 4 this year, but i may just focus on adding 2 next year since I have to train for the Chicago Marathon (which will be a repeat state).

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  3. You had a great year. Congrats again on pushing past the half marathon distance. I’m sure if you focus on and train for a 5k PR you will run one.
    While I feel like I didn’t travel this year, I did race in Vancouver, which is new for me. Mostly 2018 was about recovering from thyroid hell and laying the base for Tokyo and London in 2019.

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  4. Nicely done on the goals
    I want to do all 50 states before I turn 50, but not fussed with whether I run organized races there. Might be a step too much logistics wise
    Love the crystal ball graphic

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    1. 50 is a long way behind me, 60 is much closer. Which is part of my motivation — I don’t know how many more years I’ll be running halfs. I’m not even half done yet! 🙂

      The crystal ball graphic came from canva.com


  5. It’s been exciting following you on your conquests in 2018, especially the 18.12 😉 My big goal, which I haven’t really talked about much (other than with Rachel LOL) is to do two marathons in the fall ((YIKES)) and both have military ties…..#staytuned

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  6. You did great with your goals!

    My first goal for 2019 is to fix this SI joint…plenty of time for race goals after that, since the race schedule is pretty slow until late spring.

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    1. I do have my half in Feb, but other than that, there ain’t a whole lot going on.

      I had 2 years of fairly hard racing, though, so maybe it really is time for a little break. We’ll see what 2019 brings.


  7. 2018 surprised me, so I’m just going to wing it for 2019 too. I’m still adjusting to running long distances way slower than I’m used to. Hoping that RA lets me make more fun memories!

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  8. I’m not really goal-orientated: my 1,000 miles in a year thing came out of realising that 20-30 miles a week is my sweet spot for my immune system and mental health! I have now got two races booked for 2019, one of them being my ultra, so a safe ultra that Bernice and I finish together is my aim for the year. And keeping healthy and sorting out my own glute niggle (appointment with new physio being booked for the new year).

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