What wouldn’t I try?


Today’s assigned topic is what new fitness gadgets would you like to try? Follow me for some time, and you’ll find that I am game to try pretty much anything. You’ll find just a few of my product reviews here.


Garmin Vivomove HR
I still love my Vivoactive, but I must say the beauty of the Vivomove is enticing. In fact, I was just boring Mr. Judy with my description of it. While I would love to try out this smartwatch, the price is still rather steep for me.

I’m hoping that the Vivoactive 3 will continue to come down in price, but I sure wouldn’t complain if Garmin wanted to send me a watch to review! You can order one here(Amazon Affiliate Link).


Triggerpoint GRID Vibe Plus
What’s better than a Triggerpoint foam roller? How about one that vibrates! Why not let the foam roller do all the work for you!

My GRID roller gets a lot of use. I do love that it’s hollow — it just fits in my carryon and I can stuff things into the hollow space. I’d willingly give up that space to have the thing vibrate — the only thing better than a roller that massages you is a real massage. You can buy a VIBE roller (Amazon Affiliate link) here.


OOfos OOmg Low Shoes
Most people Ooh and Aah over OOfos. Initially I did, too. Until the side of my foot started to bother me — and my OOfos bothered me, too. After a lot of PT work, my foot feels a lot better and now I can wear my OOFos Sandals again.

I need shoes I can slip into and out of as I go in &  out with the dogs, and the OOmg Low Shoes look great. If you go the the OOfos site, they now come in cool colors, too! Or buy the black ones at Amazon (Affiliate link) here.


Last but not Least Skirt Sports
Did you know that Skirt Sports has swim wear out? They do! I haven’t tried a suit yet, but I’m hearing really good things about them — find the swim collection here. And you’re in luck! You can get $15 off and 15% off using the codes AWESOME and AWESOME15. Minimum purchase of $30 before discounts, good until 4/29, one time use, and some restrictions apply.

  • Have you tried OOfos?
  • Have another recovery sandal you swear by?
  • What do you want to try?


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33 thoughts on “What wouldn’t I try?

    1. I did too, but for a long time I just couldn’t wear them because they actually caused me pain. And now they seem to be ok again — I’m just trying to dig them out from wherever I hid them — I had several pairs but so far only really found one.


  1. No on Oofos. I wear Crocs. And only on sale.

    I’d try a lot if they weren’t so darn expensive.

    Yes on a newer Garmin. Again. So expensive.

    And companies are not knocking on my door with free trials.

    What’s great about running is that you don’t really need any of those cool gadgets.

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  2. This is where I’m going to show my age. Or really, my eyesight. I don’t understand watches without numbers.
    Even when I wore an analog watch before converting my fitbit to my watch, I needed 12 numbers. And not roman numerals either. Telling time should be at a glance, not math. /rant

    I just indulged in that SkirtSale. o:)

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      1. Like script, telling time never was my thing
        I got a black Gym Girl Ultra and my first in oh crap, I don’t remember the name of the print. It’s a big, bold one that seemingly everyone has. Maybe tantrum?

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    1. I did have some Sketchers sandals I like. I have 3 pairs of OOfos sandals (all bought on sale, of course!). I couldn’t wear them for a while, but thankfully I held on to them because now they are comfy again & they’re so cushy!

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    1. OOfos really are super comfy. I just had a problem with my foot for a long time, and now it’s better and I can wear them again & that makes me happy!

      I did buy all of mine on sale.

      I want the watch too, but have no intention of buying it at that price! But I like the way Garmin thinks. 🙂


  3. Those Oofos are super cute. I don’t do well in closed toe shoes (besides running shoes), but you can’t go wrong with any of their products.

    I would love a Garmin Fenix. I can’t wrap my head around the cost, and am hoping that I’ll be able to find a discounted one at some point.

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    1. I hate having my feet be cold, so closed toe shoes are a must for the vast majority of the year!

      I’ve never heard anyone say they regretted buying the Fenix. Since I don’t bike and my Vivoactive can track swimming, I have no need. That was the one flaw with the Vivomove — as far as I could tell, you couldn’t swim with it.


      1. I have no idea what they go for now. They were expensive, but we were both still working at the time and of course Mr. Judy got a deal. I loved them! I should probably sell one, I don’t wear it anymore, but I did for many years.


    1. I had problems with one foot for a long time. Most shoes (including OOfos) made it hurt (but not running shoes).

      I’ve been working on it for months, and apparently it’s paying off and I’m happy I can wear the OOfos sandals again.

      I’d definitely like the shoes, but I will admit I wouldn’t pay full price for them.


  4. I have a FitBit but for a while really wanted to upgrade to one of the fancier watches, even though my Alta still works just fine! I have the OOFOS OOmg and they are great, though with my PF issues, I’m not sure if they provide enough support for me. The sandals are great though!

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  5. I love my Oofos flip flops, but didn’t like the shoes when I tried them on. I’ve had my Garmin Fenix for two years now, and haven’t been tempted to upgrade. I probably could downgrade and wouldn’t notice!

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    1. The Fenix sounds pretty awesome (but it’s so darn big!). Of course i don’t bike so I don’t really need all that.

      I do have the the OOFos low booties, and I like them too. So I’m pretty sure I’d like the low shoes. But hey, for that price I could have more running shoes!


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