Fair Weather Runners,Unite!


I have run in some pretty gnarly weather conditions: snow, sleet, thunderstorms, extremely windy, a Nor’easter (yes, I’m going to milk that one for years to come). Sometimes the weather changes when I’m already out on the run and I have no choice but to run back to the car. Other times, yes, I know the conditions and I choose to run anyway.

I may be smiling, but damn! It was cold! And slippery.

Fairytales and Fitness

Getting ready to run my longest race ever — in high humidity & raining at the start

Given the choice . . . 
. . . for training runs, I will more often than not choose not to run in bad weather. That may mean running on a treadmill or running on a different day — or time of day. I am lucky that I don’t work and have the flexibility to change when I run (sometimes; I still have other responsibilities!).

My first half. Also still my coldest half ever. Don’t I look happy?

I find right now, as I’m not in training for anything specific, I’m even more of a wuss. There have been a lot of days I know I could run outside if I’d just accept being blown around by the wind and cold (not to mention being pelted by cold rain).

I don’t want to so I don’t. I also know that when push comes to shove, I will run in those conditions. That I have run in those conditions. There’s no reason (for me) to put myself outside my comfort zone right now, because I don’t have to worry about what race day will hand me; I already know I can run in adverse weather.

This has been what it looked like before, during, and after quite a few runs

And yet . . .  
. . . I signed up to mentor for the training challenge of our Women’s 5k in June. It started with a snow/sleety morning. There have been rainy days. Very cold and windy days. Because I volunteered for and am meeting the group, I show up no matter the weather — including running in a cold rain this week.

I might grumble a lot about it, but I’m there!

If you’re not a weather wuss like me . . . 
If you absolutely have to get it done outside, no matter the weather, here are a few resources for you:

Do you even care about the weather?

What type of weather causes you to bail?

What getting out the door tips to you have to share?

It is important to experience running in all kinds of weather if you plan to race, because you truly never know what race day will hand you. Each bad weather runs builds your mental game, knowing that you have — and can — run in bad weather. — Chocolaterunsjudy

17 thoughts on “Fair Weather Runners,Unite!

  1. Our weather isn’t as extreme as yours but if I didn’t run in the rain and wind, I wouldn’t run at all (I have a thing about treadmills after spending a winter on them and then getting a calf tear when I ran outdoors; if it’s too icy to run, which is thankfully rare here, i cross-train instead). However, if we had the weather a lot of people have, I am sure I’d hide away from it! I actually fear running in the sun and heat, but I have two summer races so have been forcing myself out in that. Weird tan lines for the win!

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  2. Here the weather is always good so if it’s raining I make (or I receive) a call to enjoy with a couple of friends a workout under the rain, specially if it happens in summer or spring. I remember one day, when we found the snow on the street (extremely rare event), we organized a collective run with many runners.

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    1. You are so lucky to have such lovely weather! I’ve pretty much only ever lived in places that had a lot of extremes.

      I don’t mind warm rain, but I really don’t like cold rain!


  3. As you know, I run in all kinds of weather and shun dear old Milly whenever possible. What’s crazy, though, now that we’ve had some spring (and summer-like) weather, the barely-above-freezing temps really feel cold….and it takes a little more gumption to get outside than it did a couple months ago LOL


  4. I definitely skip my runs if it is raining (not if it is cold). I didn’t do my long run on Sunday due to rain nor did I go to the FTC on Monday for the same reason.

    However, I’ll skip a run before I resort to the treadmill.

    But if I sign up for a race (and I always do way in advance), I never bail.

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    1. Yet you stood outside in the drizzle wed for a long time! If I’d known it was going to stop, I would’ve ditched my jacket, but I’d gotten enough cold rain on Monday.

      Last Sunday was really, really ugly.


  5. I’m truly a fair weather runner. I wasn’t always, and maybe if I was training for something I’d have more dedication but for now I stick to nicer weather for my running. It’s getting too hot here to run outside so I’ve been run/walking instead.

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  6. I’ve become much less weatherproof this year and have opted for lots of treadmill miles (a 20 miler no less!). I would rather be safe than sorry or get sick!

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    1. I’m usually that way, too, although I don’t know if I could face 20 miles on a treadmill. Of course I’ve also never run that far. And mine shuts down after 90 minutes.

      Still, you do what you gotta do!


  7. I am a fair weather runner. I do mostly treadmill runs in the winter. My paths are often snow covered & I just don’t want to fall. Also when I catch a chill it can be hours before I can stop shivering. But when there is good weather I am out there.

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    1. Luckily I was prepared for Vegas being cold in December (when it was run initially), since I’d been to Vegas many times in Winter. I knew it could go either way.

      But it was colder there than it was back home that night!


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