4 Favorite Summer Skirts

I have to admit, I have many favorite skirts. There’s a reason I’m a Skirt Sport Ambassador! There are so many different styles of skirts, it can be overwhelming for someone to choose when they look at the Website.

The End of Season sale may have just ended, but many of my favorite summer skirts can still be found as great deals in the Outlet Sale here. Sizing can be a little tricky, though, so be aware that all sales are final; there are no returns.

Love my Cool It for summer running

Cool It
I have run a lot of hot halfs. Ever since Skirt Sports introduced the Cool It Skirt, it’s been my uniform for all those halfs. There’s a pocket on each thigh of the shorties, and there are also two front pockets on the outside of the skirt. While I love my pockets, sometimes having to reach underneath the skirt can get old. It’s nice to have small pockets on the outside for smaller items that are reached for a lot.

Front pocket on Cool It

The real draw of the Skirt is that it’s made of cooling material. Do I feel like it makes me feel cooler? All I can tell you is that I’ve run a lot of strong races wearing Cool It in very challenging conditions. There are also side vents for ease of movement. And no chafing for the win!

Long Haul might not give me the best silhouette, but it keeps me hydrated

Long Haul
Speaking of pockets . . . the Long Haul has 7. Yes, you read that right, seven! The normal two pockets on the thighs. Then there are 2 pockets on the back each large enough for a 10 ounce water bottle, with a drawcord to keep the bottles in the pockets. And then there are three smaller pockets on the back for things like keys, gels, chews, etc.

Bottles in the back pockets; phone in the pocket on the shortie — so much storage space!

It’s like wearing a fuel belt that’s already built into your skirt. Yes, the weight on the items in the pockets can pull the skirt down at first. There are two solutions for that:

  1. There’s already a belt on front of the skirt that allows you to tighten it up so that it minimizes the bounce (until you’ve drained some of that water, then it naturally stays put).
  2. Many ambassadors suggest buying a size smaller than you normally would.

    Close up of 3 of the back pockets

I love wearing Long Haul for runs that are long enough to require more than one water bottle, but aren’t so long that I want to break out the hydration vest yet. I know runners who have worn Long Haul in marathons and loved all the extra storage.

“Hovering” in Hover

When Hover first came out a few years back, I wanted to love it like everyone else, but I just didn’t. It just didn’t seem to fit my body right. The shorties rode up. I got a wedgie.

Then they came out with the more comfortable grippers on the legs, and the shorties stayed put. Somehow it seems they also adjusted the fit so it was comfortable on my body. I love Hover because it’s extremely lightweight and great for hot runs.

Touring in Mod Quad (with poop bags in those front pockets)

Mod Quad
Sniff, sniff, Skirt Sports did not bring back the Mod Quad skirt this year. It’s still available in the Outlet Sale. I will admit: I’ve never actually run in Mod Quad. I love to hike in it, or just wear it around the house on hot days in the summer. Because as the name Mod Quad indicates, it has four pockets (somewhat similar to the Cool It skirt).

Front pocket detail on Mod Quad

You could almost say that it has 6 pockets: there are the normal two pockets on the shorties. Like Cool It there are also two outside pockets on the front. Those pockets are actually divided into two pockets — they’re perfect for unused poop bags when we hike with the dogs, as well as a small tin for dog treats. Also good for keys, snacks, water bottles. I love being hands free when I run or hike!


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This week I am also joining up with Running on Happy, Suzlyfe, Crazy Running Girl, and Coach Debbie Runs each week for the Coaches’ Corner linkup


29 thoughts on “4 Favorite Summer Skirts

    1. I’m lucky that I don’t have to go to work, so I can wear what I want. Although some of my skirts I could have worn when I worked — I was a graphic designer, and creatives tend to have more latitude with how they dress.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You know I how I feel about SS. But Gym Girl Ultra is my favorite and I don’t have the $$ to buy all the styles so I can’t say whether or not I’d like the most of the others. I appreciate the review but it is so individual. I did buy the Long Haul but I found the shorts too heavy a material for the summer (I like light compression). I think I would find the Hover too short and the Cool It comes only in the colors that I already have (and no prints). I did get the Mod Quad on sale but it is too long to run in and I don’t wear SS when I don’t run (still a workin girl.)

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    1. Although I agree about the weight on Long Haul, it’s definitely grown on me. But I tend to drink more than you (water, anyway, 😉 so I really need the option to carry water.

      I also realized that it has to be a heavier material to support the weight of what you’re carrying. I get chafing from fuel belts, which is why I no longer run with them.

      Mod Quad is perfect for hiking (as I mentioned). Or just lounging in the summer.


      1. I have flip belt bottles (the smaller ones) and they fit in the pockets nicely. I also have some slightly larger Amphipod bottles (which I used with hydration belt back in the day) and they fit in there too.


    1. I’m 5’1″ tall. And there are all different lengths of running skirts at Skirt Sports!

      I like to look good, but for me, function is always going to trump how I look (although looking good is confidence boosting, too!).


    1. The hardest part is always the fit. I personally often find myself to be in between sizes (as usual).

      The Long Haul is slowly growing on me — I wore it a few times last summer, and probably will only wear it a few times this summer, since I’m not training for anything long. I really like my hydration vest, but it’s kind of nice not having to worry about filling it, drying out the bladder, etc. etc.


  2. Ooh I missed some of the Long Haul pockets. Must investigate.
    Love the color of your Cool It
    I have a hand me down Hover. I like it for the gym but not for running, it moves around too damn much.
    Gym Girl for shorter for me, Cascade for longer. TBD on Long Haul. I like it but don’t trust it yet

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If Hover moves around too much sounds like you need a smaller size. But our bodies are all different — I ran in GGU more back in the day, but it just doesn’t sit quite right on my body anymore. The smalls are too smalls, the mediums are too big (although maybe with the drawcord now . . . but right now I have enough skirt — even though you can neve have enough skirt, LOL!).


      1. Maybe re: hover? Never needed to size down but I’d certainly take it if I buy another. It’s more the shorts than the skirt itself.
        I’ve acquired some hand me downs from a friend whose body shape shifted and no longer wears so between the ones I bought and ones she gave me I’m well covered. As in 4 weeks of laundry and I just ran out 😮 I have no room for more clothes. You saw my love letter to Cascade in the FB group last night

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I did see your love letter. I really like the way Cascade fits, but I don’t particularly love the way it looks. Function is always more important to me, though, which is why I wore Cascade in my trail half.

        Wow! I have a lot of skirt, but I still always seem to be “running” out. I would never be able to get through a month without doing some skirt laundry.


      3. Well you wear Skirt way more than I do. I’m a 4x runner/week and will re-wear after hand washing (washer wand with sports detergent in tub).

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Ah, that explains it. I wash mine after one wear. I’m not sure hand washing would work with the way I sweat (not to mention I don’t even want to do laundry, much less do it by hand).

        There are some benefits to surburbia. 🙂

        You might also consider trying Lioness . . I’ve always loved it (despite not loving my thighs so much), but now with the new grippers it’s so much more comfortable.

        Lucky you to get hand me down skirt!


  3. The skirts look great! And yay for all those pockets 🙂 That’s one of the things I love best about running skirts. I have leggings with pockets to but then you can see all the bulges of everything you put in the pockets. The skirts skim over it nicely.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So here is a crazy thing about skirts. I wear running shorts that are short, mid thigh and maybe a bit higher, but I am 6’1″ and skirts make me feel like I’m showing too much even though they may be the same length as the shorts. lol. I have issues. But thanks for the links, I may be able to find something that will not make me feel naked when running in a skirt.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I tried Lioness, it didn’t work for me so I sold it on the resale group
    I have no choice but to do hand washing, I can only do laundry every two weeks and otherwise it would smell really funky

    Liked by 1 person

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