Embrace the taper!


Who wouldn’t love a taper? Only a crazy person! Of course there are a lot of crazy runners out there. Runners who run because it lets them run off the crazies. They’re typically the ones that go stir crazy during the taper.

Not me, nope. I’m an active person now, but it’s not really my nature to be active. I have gone against my nature so that I can age well, remain healthy, and remain at a healthy weight. That means forcing myself to be active.

I don’t have to force so much anymore; the funny thing about being active is that once you get over the initial resistance to it (which can take months, sometimes years, for some of us), it’s addictive. It becomes hard to be inactive.

I’m an active inactive person
That just means that being active doesn’t really come naturally to me. Even now, to some degree, after years of being active. When I come to the end of a training cycle, when I’ve been forced to be more active than usual, I am tired. I am ready to rest. And I love me a taper.

For all of you naturally active people, there’s good reason to embrace the taper, even if it goes against your nature. Because I think rest and recovery is important (or maybe because I like to rest so much), I’ve written about it a lot. Just take a look:

Apparently I’m kind of obsessed with resting, LOL!

Hiking, yoga, refueling: recovery can look like that for me

Why you taper
I may be a bit taper-obsessed, but there’s a reason the experts suggest you taper. Many, in fact, including:

  • To have fresh legs for your race
  • To help prevent burnout, mentally & physically
  • To help your immune system stay strong
  • To give you time to actually get ready for your race
  • To help you recover from all the training so that you’re excited for your race

Do you get the taper crazies?

Or do you embrace the taper?

Do you have any stories about tapers gone bad or particularly good?


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16 thoughts on “Embrace the taper!

  1. I don’t really taper.

    But I don’t run excessive mileage either My plan says 5-10 miles mid week. I run 3 or 4.

    So maybe I’m always tapering.

    I’m the opposite, relaxing comes hard to me.

    I prefer to be out and about. Someday I won’t be able.

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    1. You’re running long runs, & therefore not tapering while running those long runs. Those are the most important thing about training for long distance.

      I do have to say that people who depend on external entertainment a lot — like my parents — also tend to be the ones most upset (like my parents) when they are no longer able to do those things.

      But not everyone gets to that point, either. Which is why it’s important to make better choices before you get to that age. Although I personally think it’s never too late.


  2. I’m pretty active, as well, but I do embrace the taper when it arrives. I’ll still get out for daily walks (or now, biking), but the runs will be easy-paced and the “long” runs will not be long. I have come to realize that in those final weeks, there isn’t much (if anything) to be gained by continuing to train hard. You put yourself at risk for injury and fatigue on race day…and who wants that?

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  3. I have not done a full marathon but have tapered for a half and tri races.I get kind of antsy sitting around ad then freak out that I have not trained enough. ha guess I am one of the crazies. I like your attitude towards tapers

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  4. I definitely embrace the tape. I do love rest and recovery. However, it’s been 2 week since my last run and I am itching to get out done. My coach updated my training plan and I need to run 3 miles. I just wished it were so dark right now but oh well.

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