1 runner, 1 deer, 1 turkey: 10/7-13 WRD

Saw a deer on the way to my moms, which is not at all unusual in around here. I saw a huge turkey running across the road on the way to my Dad. Then I actually saw a runner running while I was at my moms — which was a first.


Joining Kim @ Kimrunsonthefly and Deborah @ Confessionsofamotherrunner and just sharing juggling activity with apparently animal sightings.


And linking up with Jenn @ Runswithpugs, Brandi @ Funnerrunner, Anna Louise @ Graciouswarriorprincess, Briana @ Matsmilesmedals, Meghan @ Meghanonthemove, and Elizabeth @ Trainwithbainfor RIOTS(running is our therapy)

Workouts update

  • Monday: Rainy Rest Day — barely any movement!
  • Tuesday: Yin Yoga  (60 min), 4 miles easy
  • Wednesday: Dogwalk, Barre (30 min), Yoga (15 min)
  • Thursday: 4 miles with 8 x 30ish strides, Yin Hips (60 min)
  • Friday: Yoga (30 min), Dogwalk x 2
  • Saturday: Yin Yoga Pre Workout Stretch (30 min), Great Pumpkin Challenge 10k + .9 mile warmuup
  • Sunday: Yoga (45 min), Barre (30 min)

Mileage: 15 (+1)

JY = Jasyoga
PB = Killer B
TM = Treadmill
YFR = Yoga for Runners*
WU = warmup
CD = cooldown
SB = Stationary Bike
YFPR = Yoga for Pain Relief
YTU = Yoga Tune Up Lower Body*

*Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links; I will make a small amount of money if you buy through these links

Running Updates

This week the weather was just spectacular for the most part

Last week’s runs weren’t bad at all, but they were slooooow. I had planned to do a barre workout on Monday, but I barely got in 5000 steps — no dogwalk due to rain all day, and I was feeling really meh. Like coming-down-with-something meh.

Apparently the rest helped and I felt better today. I certainly wouldn’t call this run speedy, but it was faster while keeping the HR in line. Bonus points for actually getting the running clothes right.

Killer hills at my mom prepared me for my 10k

Graced with almost perfect running weather at my moms (a fierce wind at times), I tackled the hills and added in some downhill strides at the end. Although I ran by feel and ignored my HR, I was pleased that it actually stayed great for the majority of the slow, again, run — until the strides, of course.

Tackling more hills with friends

A group of running friends and perfect running weather, after 2 years of less than optimal weather for this hilly 10k; what more could a runner ask for? I even did my warm up mile. I’ll recap it on Tuesday. This race is always a “good time”.

Yup, that’s the lovely Cari on bottom left (and first male on the bottom right)

Favorites of the week
Went with a bunch of friends to spectate our big local race this morning. Caught Cari @ TravelingwithCari coming in for the finish (sadly this was all that I saw of her this weekend), and many other local friends.

Yes, also caught Darlene @ Myfirst5k coming in to the finish. With 7 miles before the start of the half she’d covered 20.1 miles. In brand new shoes.

What was the last race you spectated? 

What’s your favorite thing to say to encourage racers? 

Would you wear brand new shoes on race day?

26 thoughts on “1 runner, 1 deer, 1 turkey: 10/7-13 WRD

  1. It’s great to spectate and cheer on everyone 😉 Unfortunately, it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to do so. We don’t have nay races (other than one, that I usually run) in my town. Our church used to have one that I helped organize (and did a lot of on-course work for), but that race is no longer.

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    1. I live in a smallish city — Capitol of NY, after all — so there are plenty of races. I don’t spectate all that often. This is the second time I’ve done it for this particular race in the 10 years I’ve lived here.


  2. I should add that I’ve run in those exact shoes before LOL.

    Thanks for spectating. It helped to see friendly faces need the end when I needed it most.

    I have spectated this exact race. I have also watched the NYC marathon. But it’s hard when one is running all the time.

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  3. That’s great that you had such nice weather for the week! And spectating races is so fun. I’m going to have to check my calendar and see if I can get down to cheer for the marine corps marathon this year.

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  4. I wore brand new shoes for my most recent marathon!! I saw them in my closet, in the box, and knew I had to wear them. They were my regular brand, so I figured the new cushion would only help me. I wasn’t disappointed in my shoe choice at all! I even got a couple of compliments from volunteers at water stops. I guess they looked all shiny and new too!

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  5. How cool that you got to cheer for Cari, but a bummer that you didn’t get a chance to see her for longer and chat.

    I would wear brand new shoes on race day only if I’d been wearing that exact style and hadn’t had any issues, especially the first time I’d worn the previous pair.

    Heading over to check out your 10K recap now!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The one time I wore brand new socks — the exact color and type I’d worn for a long time — let’s just say it didn’t end well for me. But who knows? All sorts of weird things happen that don’t necessarily have a rhyme or reason.


  6. Pretty funny that you saw a turkey, a runner, and a deer on your runs. I once wore Saucony when I ran the Princeton Half Marathon and had no problems at all. However, during my first marathon I wore semi new Asics shoes and my feet/legs were killing me. It could have been the shoes or the fact that I was running a marathon. 🙂

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