5 Reasons Strong is My 2020 Word


Every year I choose a word to focus on; a word of the year, if you like. Unlike some years Strong didn’t just pop into my mind, but I have a feeling that I’m going to need to be Strong in 2020. Of course we always need to be strong, but I have a feeling it will be a challenging year, which seems to be my norm for the last few years.

Previous words:

Strong for Family

Strong for family
Although we brought my Dad home, it has not been going well. His dementia continues to worsen, and he continues to try to walk on his own, which has resulted in many falls. Even with an aide, it’s just too much for my 91-year-old mother and we are looking to move him to a nursing home. Somehow I will have to find the way to tell him that he needs to be there, and I’m not sure how I will do it; he will not understand.

Strong in Patience
This one is tied to dealing with my family. It takes a lot of patience. Patient with my Dad. Patient with my mom, who needs someone to vent to and someone to help her make decisions she doesn’t want to make. Essentially she has already lost the great love of her life, even though he is physically there. Patient with my sister, who is also tired of being the point person when there are hospital trips.

Strong for Friends

Strong for friends
I have a few friends going through tough times. Some struggling through some of the same issues as me, some through illnesses.

Strong in confidence
I am planning to start up a Youtube channel. At first I thought I’d wait until 2020, but I realized that that’s just fear of putting myself out there. It is definitely scary. I have some things I’d like to get out for people to use during the month of December, so it’s time to bite the bullet and just do it.

Strong & Determined

Strong in determination
I have plans and dreams and it will take strong determination to bring them to fruition.

Have you ever picked a word to concentrate on for a year?

Do you have a 2020 word? What is it?

Have you ever had to work on the fear of putting yourself out there?

Adding Georgia to my states


Looking back and forward
There was only one half in 2019. There may only be one half in 2020. Running was on the back burner for much of the year, but running continued to be strong with PRs here and there (and really close almost PRs!). No injuries, knock on wood. One trip to the ER. Completing my YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) and teaching some yoga.

After being very sick in the Spring, I felt I needed to work on my running endurance so I stopped using run/walk intervals. I walk each mile to drink water and eat something on long runs. I still run/walk up steeper hills, because I’ve found that works better for me than running up them. Sometimes I just walk towards the end because I’m tired — and I always regret it when I do that!

One mile felt really long at first. Heck, some days it still feels really long!  I seem to be doing well with it, though. I didn’t run a half after I’d ditched the intervals, so I’m not sure what I will do when that day comes again.

My sweet boy, always in my heart

We lost Gizmo at the beginning of 2019, but he had a good, long life and was only seriously ill a short time before we helped him cross the rainbow bridge. I told my brother early in 2019 that I felt my Dad was going downhill, slowly but surely. He still is, obviously. It’s been a very stressful time for the whole family.

Here was my prediction for 2019:

Here’s what I believe about 2019: no matter what happens in 2019, with the right attitude, I will love 2019, I will accept the highs and the lows, and no matter what life throws at me, this too shall pass.

Strong as life ebbs & flows

2019 was a hard year. I don’t think I can say I really loved it, but I did accept the highs and the lows, and yes, there was both. I believe that my Dad most likely won’t see 2021, and that is a blessing; and if that is the case, I hope it’s peaceful.

I know no matter what 2020 will be a difficult year, again filled with highs and lows, and again, I will do my best to be strong for my loved ones — and for myself. I will rejoice in the highs and accept the lows and what they may have to teach me. I will take whatever curveballs life throws at me and become a stronger person because of them.


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32 thoughts on “5 Reasons Strong is My 2020 Word

  1. I like the word that you have chosen for 2020.Life will no doubt throw you some challenges next year, but I love that you are already preparing yourself for the challenges. And remember, you always have your blogging buddies here to lend an ear if you need to vent 🙂

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    1. We all get challenges, right? There’s much I actually don’t share on the blog. It’s just too depressing (and/or personal).

      But I also share the good & the bad, because that’s life, and you just never know who you might help by being honest.


  2. STRONG is a powerful word, and one we all can embrace. Thinking of you, Judy…hoping for many more highs (as you deal with the lows) in the coming year 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Kim. It’s funny, I usually target the winter as a good time to concentrate more on strength training, since it’s often my off season. And it just never seems to work out, so to speak.

      I read an interesting article a while back about eating for winter, that our bodies are just hardwired to crave more fat and carbs, and if we don’t give it to them — within reason, of course — that we are likely to struggle even more with our weight.

      So I’ve sort of embraced that. Accepted the few extra pounds that is inevitable for me in Winter, but not throwing in the towel, either. Another convoluted way of staying strong. 🙂


  3. The situation with your parents is heartbreaking. I feel so sorry for you and your family. I think “Strong” is exactly the right word for 2020 and I wish you a lot of it, too.
    A yoga youtube channel! Please share when you have it ready!

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  4. I see a lot of song titles using this word.

    But a great word.

    Sometimes it’s easier to be strong for others than oneself.

    I always choose a word. But unlike you I have no idea what it was. So not sure if it’s a good idea to pick one. Lol

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    1. I found using songs for my wrapups this year really kept my word in mind. And yes, before i made the final decision on that word, I looked at how many songs had strong in it. Should work well again in 2020!


    1. Thanks, Natalie. I know I’ve been blessed (well, for a long time, anyway) to have my parents in my life a long time & you didn’t. The ending has not been peaceful — not so far, anyway — and it’s really sad. 😦


  5. Strong seems like a perfect word for you right now. That’s a word I would use to describe you if someone asked me. That’s how I see. Aging parents is something we will all have to face and deal with and I really appreciate your sharing your struggles and emotions with us all.

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    1. I’ve seen a lot of friends deal with aging parents, several with dementia, and while it’s always bad, let’s just say most of them didn’t have to deal with what we’re dealing with — although my FIL was just as bad, in a different way.

      Thank you, Deborah. I sincerely pray that my friends don’t have to go through this. Many people do age well, or at least not with so much difficulties.


  6. My heart goes out to you and your family. As prepared as we try to be for the inevitable, it sure isn’t easy. Strong is a great word in so many respects. Good for you for moving forward with Youtube. It is tough but you’ll be great.

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  7. I like your word. 2019 was a difficult year for me as well but for very different reasons. I’m so sorry about your father. I know those days are down the road for me as well. It’s tough struggling with aging parents.

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  8. This much be the picture of you holding hands that you mentioned on a comment on my blog. I’m so glad you shared it. It’s beautiful.

    Strong sounds like the perfect word for you for 2020 and I have confidence that you will be strong and persevere no matter what life throws at you. It’s tough with aging parents. My dad passed away six years ago – he was quite healthy, got pneumonia and died about a month later. It was such a shock, but I think easier than it would have been to watch a slow progression. It’s been so hard on my mom, though, because he was the love of her life. Sending hugs your way, Judy.

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    1. Yes, my Dad is definitely the love of my mom’s life, too. They’ve been married 70+ years. It’s been very hard for her to reconcile the man he is now with the man he was. 😦

      I think no matter how you lose someone, it’s almost always hard. Even when it’s a blessing like it was in my FIL’s case, and it will be for my Dad, that doesn’t make missing them any easier.

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  9. Sounds like a great choice of word. Your plate is so full and my heart goes out to you and your family.

    So glad that you are not letting fear stop you and you’re moving forward with your YouTube channel.

    I’ve picked a word for the past few years. I have been mulling over a couple and will settle on one soon.

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  10. Thank you for your honesty as lots of people will see something to identify with her. I am glad I didn’t have to see a picture of Gizmo until now as he looked so much like our poor Morgan – I’m sorry we both lost our lovely cats this year. We have two new friends as of Sunday, not replacing him, but certainly taking away the emptiness in the house. I wish you strength in 2020, as well. I’ve never done a word for a year although I thought of 2017 as a year of recovery as I went into it knowing I faced an operation and came out of it having done my second marathon and training for my third!

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  11. I love the word of the year and Strong is perfect! Next year will be a pretty big year, I’ll be turning 40, my oldest will turn 18 and graduate high school in June, it’s all coming so fast and I’m not sure I’m ready for it! 2010 was the hardest year of my life and as long as 2020 isn’t a repeat, we’ll be golden!

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    1. Wow, you were really young when you started to have kids! But now you also get to enjoy your empty nest (partially empty nest?) at a younger age.

      I hope you have a marvelous 2020! I know mine will be challenging, and that’s why I chose Strong. The challenges really do make us stronger, though.


  12. I loved reading about you getting your strong on, Judy. You do have some challenges to face in the coming year. Enjoy your mom and dad as much as you can now, even though it may be challenging sometimes. My mom had dementia for the final 3 years of her life and it was not a picnic!

    The YouTube channel is so exciting! Will you publish information about it in a blog post? I would love to be able to tune in and catch one (or more) of your yoga classes, especially if they involve cats wandering around in the classroom. Cat yoga is so much more appealing than goat yoga! 🙂

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    1. Dementia is very difficult. My FIL had it for many years.

      Trying to get the YouTube channel started hasn’t been easy because family issues have continued to consume a lot of time. But no, no cat yoga. I’d have to get everyone to agree to be filmed! Nope, it’ll just be me. Could be some dog yoga though, Bandit or Lola could wander through. Might have to banish Lola to our office. She can really get in the way when I’m teaching sometimes! Bandit usually settles in a bed relatively quickly.


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