A Virtual 4th Race?


I have started off my 4th of July celebrations for many years with a race. I went on my own the first year. Then I joined a running group, and met up with them a few times — which is oddly enough how I met my neighbor who runs. We went together a few times, but her life has been very difficult for a long time and she’s no longer running.

The race is a ton of fun. The community really comes out. It’s almost always really hot and the race starts too late, but there are people on the course with hoses and sprinklers, bands on the course, and much more.

Last year I was just about over this race, but a friend wanted to run it, so we did. We had a great time, as always. Only this friend is also no longer running and most of my running friends are no longer interested in the race — before the pandemic hit.

Of course the race is now virtual. I am still debating what I want to do!

Pros of Running Firecracker 4 virtually
Here are some of the pros of running a race virtually:

  1. No worries about parking. Parking was always a problem!
  2. No travel time. The race is a good 30 minutes away.
  3. I can start earlier; when it’s cooler.
  4. I can cherry pick the day I run the race, when hopefully there’s good weather.
  5. This year there’s a medal. Normally I don’t really want a medal for any race less than a half. So I’m not sure if this is a pro or a con — do I really want a reminder?


It is a cool looking medal

Cons of Running Firecracker 4 virtually
And here are the cons:

  1. I’ve said that I don’t really need new race tees, but I find it’s nice to have some new ones. This falls in the cons because it looks like they’ve reverted back to their old race tees, which I’ve never liked (last year’s was actually nice!).
  2. My routes near home are so hilly! The race is hilly, too, but trust me, still not as bad as my routes. Although I can run downhill, while the race is up & downhill & ends on a long uphill.
  3. It’s a 4 mile race. I haven’t been “training”, haven’t been running that much. With my warmup, all of the sudden it’s almost my long run! Of course it’s virtual, so it doesn’t really matter, does it?

Will I or won’t I?
I’m leaning to signing up, just to support the race. Even if I never run it again. As I looked through the Website, at one point it said online registration closed a couple of days. Somewhere else stated you could register til the 28th. Not sure if I’ll get the medal and shirt or not, as it said you’re guaranteed if you register by the 5th. My guess is I still will, but obviously, not a big deal to me.

Are you still planning to “race” on the 4th?ย 

What motivates you to run virtual races?

Do you think you’ll do anything “special” on the 4th?ย 

If you don’t celebrate the 4th, what is your favorite Summer holiday?ย  Why?


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19 thoughts on “A Virtual 4th Race?

  1. Judy, yes, sign up!! Sign up today!
    You needn’t race it all out, but it would be fun to do the 4 miles as a hilly long run. And I think a 2020 medal is something special.
    Perhaps your husband could set up an aid station for you at mile 2 if it’s very hot.

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    1. No, definitely not racing anything all out. Unfortunately where I’d run this (downhill), like the 5k, it’s a fairly major road. Not a highway, but still, no place for a water stop.

      That’s ok, though, I’m used to carrying my own water. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Iโ€™m kinda done with virtuals unless they are free or Iโ€™ve registered and there are no refunds. So I could have 3 more virtual halfs.

    As you said, donโ€™t need another shirt or a medal.

    I will run that day with the group because itโ€™s a Saturday. Then go up on the boat.

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    1. Freihofers was the only virtual race I did. I’m only doing them for races I’d like to support. I may never do Firecracker again, but it’s a race I’ve really enjoyed. I think I’ve answered my own question.


      1. I will just run that day. I have never been tempted to run that race. Too hot. Too crowded.

        Enjoy. As you said, you can run solo on a cool day with no hills.

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  3. Fireworks have been cancelled here. We’re trying to figure out what our plans will be for the rest of the summer. My first race as an adult was a 5k on July 4. It’s way too hot here then so I would never run another race here then.

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    1. Because of the dogs (and Mr. Judy’s dislike of crowds), we never go to see fireworks on the fourth — it quite frankly never even entered my mind!

      Even up here, it’s usually too hot on the 4th because the race starts too late! At least with a virtual race, I can start when I want to. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. There’s a 4th of July race (5K) that we’ve done several times. Last year, we ventured to a different race (an 8K), which was a much bigger event. Well, the bigger event canceled (a good month ago, maybe longer), but I just got an email that the smaller race is on (pending all the other local activities still happen as scheduled). So, I’m leaning on registering for the small race (we’re guaranteed a refund if it has to cancel). None the less, I will be running on Independence Day whether it’s on a race course or not…and I’ll be all decked out in the red, white and blue ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. I don’t know if I’ll actually be running on the fourth or not (race or not). Definitely not a morning like this, holy humidity! And pouring rain & chance of thunderstorms.

      I think I’ll sign up for it, though.


  5. I think that the fireworks will probably be canceled here but they haven’t made an official announcement yet.

    I would say sign up for the race. It seems like this race has been a 4th of July tradition for you for many years, and the race medal is pretty cute too.

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    1. Yes, I do think I will sign up for the race thanks to the encouragement here.

      We never go to the fireworks. Aside from my race, we really just chill out at home on the fourth. And usually watch a patriotic film.

      It’s a special day to me, though, since my only grandparent who was born in the US was born on the 4th of July. I always felt that was so special!


  6. I haven’t thought about doing a virtual race on the 4th. I am signed up for a virtual stroller race and I think that spans over that week in July but I actually don’t remember! I am kind of over “racing” virtually right now because of the heat, but its still fun to do something different every once in awhile.

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  7. My favourite holiday at this time of year would be President’s Weekend which comes in mid July. It’s a 4 day weekend. We don’t do anything special but I love the timing of it. It’s mid-winter (for us) so it just gives us a nice break from the routine and dragging the kids to school when its dark outside!

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  8. If you are looking for motivation, I say go ahead and go for it. It will be memorable to have some medals from this crazy time we are in! We usually do a big 4th of July run into DC not sure that will be happening this year

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  9. Go ahead and sign up! Really you have nothing to lose. I like the virtual races because they’re motivated me to keep running. Well, today I am feeling lazy and tired. ๐Ÿ™‚ There is a 4th of July race that I’ve been doing for a few years and am bummed it is cancelled this year. Most likely I will run 4 miles that day just to keep the tradition going.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

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  10. I think you should run it! I just texted my friends yesterday to see who is up for meeting at a nearby trail to run (I’ll have to walk) the Virtual Firecracker 5K that we always do together. Mainly, I want to support PR Races because the number of people signing up for their races has to have dropped dramatically since March.

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