Get Your Running Mask Here!


When I asked for running mask recommendations, people pretty much universally said they don’t use one. Spoiler alert: neither do I. I never liked a gaiter around my mouth while running, even in Winter.

I do know there are a few people that run in masks. I also know that they make some pretty cute masks, and even if you’re mostly stay at home like me, you still have to go out sometimes and you still need to mask up sometimes.

So I gathered up a few running mask recommendations — and actually ordered a few too. That will probably have to be a separate review.

Fairytales and Fitness

  • InknBurn here. These sell out fast but they sure are cool! From the Website: We release our Face Masks at 6pm PDT Monday through Friday and at 9am PDT Tuesday through Saturday. If you refresh your browser at 6pm you’ll see what designs are available. Follow us on Facebook and on Instagram to see what designs will be released next.
  • Zensah here. These are plain jane, but I’ve heard good things about them. They have a few colors (often sold out) and a couple of designs other than the basic white and black. Their gaiters are more interesting. I’m intrigued by the copper infused mask and gaiter (which I’ve ordered — they actually arrived last night, so shipping was fast, but choices were slim).
  • Athleta here. I actually ordered these back in the beginning of May. I knew they wouldn’t arrive until June, but it was supposed to be the beginning of June. I’m still waiting. I’m really interested in them because I have a small head and a lot of masks just don’t stay put for me; these have adjustable elastic for the ears.
  • Boco Gear here. Cool designs at a reasonable price, and they appear to be in stock. Yup, I ordered one of these too — it’s supposed to arrive on Monday.
Stocking up. I don’t see masks going away anytime soon.

Masks are here to stay
Love em or hate em, you probably have to spend some time in them. I admit — I really don’t enjoy wearing a mask and yes, I don’t like how it looks — not to mention they seem to irritate my skin (cotton masks, anyway).

In the photo above is a linen mask from April Marin here (not a running mask). It’s pricey, but there’s a bendable piece so that it actually stays on your nose — I haven’t actually worn it for any length of time, but I think that one will work well for me.

I noted that they’re difficult for older people, too. My mom has gotten increasingly hard of hearing — she tried hearing aids, which didn’t help much. Thankfully she can still hear on the phone (mostly). I noticed she had a hard time understanding us with our masks.

When you wear a mask is it plain or a cool design?

Do you wear your mask only inside when shopping?

Do you have trouble keeping a face mask on?

GWY Down Dog VThumbnail

ICYMI: Last week I shared a short video here to warm up your wrists before a Yoga practice — I suggest you start with that, then move on to this Downward Facing Dog tutorial here. You’ll be spending a lot of time on those wrists, but with breaks between each tip for Down Dog to rest your wrists and your back.

If you’ve struggled with making Down Dog comfortable, I’ve got several tips to help. First we’ll warm up with Cat/Cow and Puppy Dog, then we’ll be practicing Down Dog several times with breaks in Puppy or Child’s pose in between. Catch the video here. You can also see the fountain Mr. Judy made out of the firepit! It’s so cool! I feel like I’m practicing in a spa.

Want more tips for “basic” Yoga poses? Leave me a comment here or on the video to let me know what poses you want to see broken down on my channel.

25 thoughts on “Get Your Running Mask Here!

  1. Thanks for these reviews, Judy! That is very timely and useful.
    I think you are right, masks are here to stay. Until now, I successfully managed to dodge getting into a situation where I have to wear one… but I had better stock up because the day will come!

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  2. Thanks for the suggestions.

    I do wear the boring hospital ones. They work and only wear when in a store. Otherwise I stay 6ft away from family and friends.

    I do not plan to spend money on a mask even if they match my outfit. Lol

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      1. I only wear them for such a short time. I haven’t noticed. I wear the medical ones. They seem ok. I mean doctors and nurses wear them more than I do.

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  3. I have numerous masks including the ink burn one. I like that one the best so far and I just wash it. I do not wear one for running it;s too hard. I do take one with me on runs just in case I come into a situation where I need one or if I have to go in somewhere for some reason

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  4. I have an InknBurn mask. I actually work with the designers husband, so he got me a few early on. I gave one to both my daughters. I only wear mine out shopping. I don’t wear a mask while running or walking. At work I have to wear the hospital provided masks.

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    1. I don’t wear a mask walking or running, either. I’ve had to wear one to the vet (or rather to wait outside while they come get my dog), we had to go to the bank this week, and then shopping.

      I really have had trouble finding ones that actually fit well enough so I don’t have to fiddle with them. I really hope the Athleta ones are good — if they ever come!


  5. You are right, Judy. I think masks are here to stay too. We bought some $5 cloth masks made by an Amish woman. They are OK but not adjustable. I had to tie the elastic on one of them and then it was too tight. The other one, I just twist the elastic once before I put it around my ears. The Inknburn masks are so pretty! But $25 for a mask (plus shipping) is a lot. I am going to have to check out the adjustable ones.

    I don’t wear a mask to run but we have to wear them to go to the grocery store. They won’t let you in the store without one.

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  6. I have the plain boring one in the first picture…lol. But I do like it because like you mentioned, they have the bendable piece for your nose. If we have to continue wearing them when we go back to school I will probably get a more “fashionable” one! -M

    Thanks for linking up!

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  7. As much as I’m into fashion and colors, I have not splurged on a pretty mask (yet). They are not mandated here (but definitely advised), so as long as I’m keeping my distance from people, I’m very selective when “masking up.”

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  8. I love my INB masks (of course) but we can’t wear them at work. We have to wear the hospital approved masks. Masks are required at almost all stores here and it’s just a general good practice.

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    1. Yup, I wear a mask at the grocery store, waiting online at the store, dropping Lola off at the vet . . . even when you’re not out & about a lot there are still lots of times you need them!


  9. When you wear a mask is it plain or a cool design? My cousin made mine & they are pretty.

    Do you wear your mask only inside when shopping? I wear mine at work & at the grocery store.

    Do you have trouble keeping a face mask on? Not the ones I have.

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  10. The only running mask I have is Zensah, and in this humidity I don’t find it very breathable so it’s an incentive to go out at 5 AM when it’s mostly not needed. For daily life I have many fun ones including the Transit Museum, Dr. Seuss and some pretty florals from CVS. On these mugtastic days though, the disposable ones are the coolest

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    1. I don’t really think there is such a thing as a breathable mask! Some are just better than others.

      I don’t use the disposable ones. Personal choice. I find it aggravating enough that I’m drowning in plastic these days. 😦


      1. we get them free in the parks, so I use them when they’re convenient. They’re not ideal for many reasons, but I do love that I don’t have to worry about dropping/losing them. Stores here attempting a return to paper bags, which seems odd given all the things going on

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      2. Actually, all the plastics really bother me! When it’s cooler, I shove produce bags in my pockets, but I have to much stuff in my skirt pockets to really do that in summer (when I actually go & shop).


      3. I get most of my bags from peapod. Luckily I repurpose them into trash bags. CVS has stayed bag free and Target still bribes us do DIY
        For me personally, doing better is something i”m OK with. Perfection isn’t happening in city living

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      4. Perfection doesn’t happen in suburbia, either, LOL! Or anywhere really. Doing better is a good thing.

        We do a lot of our shopping via delivery these days. That’s been a big change!


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