32 thoughts on “Heading into Fall: 8/24 – 30 WRD

  1. I’ve been subbing hiking for my runs all summer. It works.

    The highlight of my week is always getting together with my running friends. Although I ran 12 miles, I’m sure we chatted for longer than it takes to run.

    I am very sad to see fall arriving because of the declining daylight. The heat and bugs didn’t bother me but I have a short memory lol

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  2. Like you, I am welcoming Fall. Although I want to drink/eat all things pumpkin right now, I’ll wait until the temperature gets a little cooler 🙂

    Over the past few months I’ve found that if I don’t really want to run, I will do a bootcamp class. I still get in a good amount of miles (around 3) but it’s broken out into 10-12 minute segments. It also helps me get in some strength training too.

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  3. That trail and climb reminds me of the hike Tom and I went on in Wisconsin earlier this summer. It’s acutally closed but we still went. I want to go back in the fall to see the colors.

    I don’t think there is such a thing as beginner bootcamp. Just pace yourself to do it your way. That’s what we do at CrossFit bootcamp, anyways. There are athletes of all levels there.

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    1. Love the view from your hike! Like you, I feel the need to do the 60 min bootcamps to get a few miles in. Most are with Jess Sims and she is tough! I need to let go of that silly milage goal and try shorter ones — but then I feel I might as well do a treadmill run and strength workout. #PelotonProblems 😉

      I am always ready for fall weather, but we usually stay pretty warn until October.

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      1. We never know what season we’ll get with any of them! I’m sure we’ll be back & forth for a while until it gets cold and stays that way.

        For the bootcamp it just depends on what my intention is, I have done some of the shorter ones, too. But it’s a good way to get in some miles & ST — when I try to do it on my own I find it too boring.


    2. Oh I’ve done boot amps before. So yes, I modified as needed, which just meant sometimes doing less reps or pausing. I absolutely think one could make a beginner boot camp though!

      I just couldn’t get what I wanted it seems in anything less than advanced. It was fine.


  4. It’s definitely getting to autumn here and I’ve discovered I don’t have enough non-fuzzy inside but long-sleeved or long-legged kit now I’m running more often! Purchases have been made …

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  5. I’ve been trading lots of activities for running lately. Looking forward to those cooler temps. Hiking sounds great right now. Fall is my favorite season so looking forward to the leaves changing. Have a great week!

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  6. When I’m not running I’ve been going on walks this summer, which is a nice way to still get outside. I don’t feel like fall will be here any time soon! Its still really hot and I have a feeling it will be this way for awhile.

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  7. I’m loving all the pics from the hike! The waterfalls are beautiful! Fall definitely present in the mornings here (high 50/s/low 60’s), but summer usually returns by lunch. Since I’m on the bike right now, most mornings, it feels a lot cooler than the temps indicate….as you know, that’s too cold for me LOL

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  8. Even though fall is my favorite season, I always feel a little sad when it arrives. It reminds me of the passing of time and the long winter ahead. Your hike pics are gorgeous. How fun to take the dogs along!

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  9. Aww you and Bandit.
    Luckily we can get another few months out of Skirt weather. I was very close to wearing Cascade for the marathon. Stocky legs here keep them from getting cold and I find myself in Skirt and long sleeves more than I do capris and a tee

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    1. I haven’t worn anything but a skirt on the run so far, but there have been days when I needed leggings or pants because it was so cool already!

      My legs are not exactly svelte but I get cold easily — especially when I’m finished running! That can be a real problem for me in the cooler months.


    1. It’s cool-ish today, but humid. Yesterday was great though!

      Some trails were closed here this summer, but there were plenty that were open. The heat & humidity kept me from more hiking for the most part. Plus if it’s too warm, we can’t take the dogs. And the bugs! I just don’t enjoy bugs at all. Luckily they are beginning to disappear.


  10. I don’t like staying still if I’m looking for breakfast either. I get it.

    Love that you were able to get out for such a gorgeous hike, although I would be nervous to have Luna with me for sure. That dog has zero fear.

    No fall showing up here. It’s hotter and more humid than ever.

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    1. The dogs mind me pretty well, the nervous part was Lola injuring herself on the stairs. It would be so much easier if she were easier to carry — or if it was just her. All’s well that ends well!

      We can talk again in winter. We will be so envious of your weather then!


  11. I was on the Peloton when I wasn’t running. I still like running more. 🙂

    I am ready for Fall. This week is cooling down but I am not liking the later sunrise in the morning. Also, with Fall it means Winter is right behind and I don’t like Winter at all. Plus, I read that it will be cold and snowy this Winter. Of course it will since what else can happen?

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    1. I think really you just have to take one season at a time. If you spend too much time thinking about Winter when it isn’t Winter you don’t really enjoy the Fall! But I get it. Believe me, I get it!

      Last year was predicted to be cold & snowy too. It wasn’t a piece of cake, but it wasn’t as bad as predicted — most of the snow came in December, LOL!

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  12. Your hiking pictures are lovely. I really enjoy hiking, but we’ve only been once this summer. I’m glad we bloggers kept you company on your run! I find doing things like that really makes the time go by faster.

    We were under a tornado watch all afternoon and evening yesterday. We didn’t get the eerily yellowish sky you’re talking about, but I’ve seen it before and it’s unnerving.

    Have a great weekend, Judy!

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