Running in a Face Shield: Runfessions August 2020


Ok, no, I’m not running in a face shield. It’s just one of the weird thoughts I had on the run — you’ll have to read on to see what that’s all about. Oh, and have you seen the clear face masks? You can buy them here, btw.  They seem weird and it also seems as if droplets would get out the sides. The things we’ve had to learn this year!

Bring on Fall . . . Running?

I runfess . . .
I am not sorry to see Summer go. Or I won’t be when it’s finally gone for good. It was a hot, humid, buggy, sweaty mess for much of the summer. Fall is usually my time for #alltheshortlocalraces though. Will I miss them? Or will I just get to enjoy running again?


Winter — you can stay away! I know that’s not happening, but a girl can dream. Not long after I wrote the above, we began to have mostly Fall-like weather. I do runfess I’m a bit sad that I know that skirt season is coming to a close. Except — the skirt will go on. Did you hear the news? See the graphic above!


I runfess . . .
I sometimes have the weirdest thoughts on runs. Like thinking I really needed to run in a face shield. No, not because of COVID, because of the damn bugs!

When that clump of leaves is further away . . . it could be a rabbit!

I runfess . . .
My eyesight can’t be corrected to 20-20 even with contacts/glasses. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a clump of leaves ahead of me and thought it was an animal.

I runfess . . .
It’s amazing how many clothes changes I go through some days in the Summer. One outfit to walk the dogs. One outfit to run. Another just kickin’ around at home. Another to film a video. Maybe even changing my top if I end up filming more than one video. Sometimes all on the same day!

I runfess . . .
I am lucky I can often move runs around to go with the better weather. Every time I do my long run on Friday (or Thursday like last week!), I feel as though the weekend started the next day — even when it obviously doesn’t. It totally messes up my sense of days. I further runfess that the linkups actually help me to remember what day it is.

Would you wear a clear mask? 

Does doing your long run on a different day mess you up in some way?

What are you looking forward to in September?

What do you have to runfess from August? Come join us


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27 thoughts on “Running in a Face Shield: Runfessions August 2020

  1. It’s weird. Now that I work from home. I wear the same outfit all day. Running clothes to walk, work, run, bike and go out to dinner. Never change. Lol

    No no. Love summer. Love sunshine flowers, hiking, boating. No to Fall which brings less daylight and more layers.

    I have not bought a mask yet. Use the disposable ones. I’ve only seen the clear ones on the Doctor.

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      1. so maybe I need to be a snow bird. The big problem is that it will be dark soon after work and that’s when I run and socialize 😦

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  2. I think the clear masks are creepy. I wear a mask all day long at work but no, I wouldn’t wear a clear mask. I don’t even think they would be allowed at work. I also don’t see the need to wear a face shield while running. We only use face shields to protect our eyes from people who are coughing. But it’s an interesting thought!

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    1. The face shield while running was a joke — to keep out the bugs! Thankfully as the weather is cooling the bugs are disappearing, which makes me really happy (except the darn stinging bugs, of course).


  3. I heard clear masks were developed to help people who need to see facial expressions – those with hearing difficulties and kids. LOL on the bug shield though — I could use that on my bike. I was interested to see the Skirt Sports news. It will be interesting to see what products they offer.

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  4. That is really exciting about skirt sports and Zooma looking forward to seeing where that goes. I actually bought my first SS at my first Zooma race about 12 years ago. Funny! I was just thinking the other day how it’s hard to tell if someone is smiling in a mask. One of the mysteries of 2020

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    1. I don’t even remember how I heard about Skirt Sports, but I haven’t even been running for 12 years!

      Hopefully masks will not remain in our lives forever. In fact, I’m sure they won’t, even though it feels like they will. I mean, we see those photos from the Spanish Flu, and it’s not like my mom ever had to wear a mask until now!


  5. We’ve been manufacturing the face shields since the COVID crap hit the fan, back in late March, so I have seen plenty of them. I would definitely prefer wearing one of those instead of a cloth mask, but I know both serve different purposes. I caught myself touching up my lipstick before I walked into the grocery store the other day…duh, then I donned the mask 20 seconds later LOL Old habits die hard

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  6. I’ve seen clear masks that look more protective than the ones you linked. They’re excellent if you’re around lip readers. I’m with you on the shield against bugs. Way better than swatting as I’m not wearing my glasses more than I’m wearing them lately.
    There’s a fun virtual running an ad with a medal of a Corona Lisa. I’m not doing it, but m ight need to digitally give myself the medal.

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  7. I don’t like the idea of a clear mask. Just weird. In Atlanta everyone must wear a mask everywhere, including outside, while running, biking, etc. That was one of the many reasons I did not run there. Blech. The Skirt Sports acquisition is very exciting. Now I really wish I’d have saved my original skirts from 2005. Thanks for linking!

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    1. I wouldn’t run if I had to mask up either. Not unless I got really desperate, I guess!

      I agree about the clear mask, but I bet my mom would like me to be wearing one so she could understand me better.

      I hadn’t even started to run in 2005 . . .


  8. I have seen the clear face masks and they freak me out! I have heard that some schools have thought about using them so that it’s easier to tell the children apart in class when school starts again.

    You know that I agree with you about not being sorry to see summer leave lol

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  9. I like how you think about face shields protecting runners from bugs, Judy. One of my (unreasonable?) fears is that I will accidentally swallow a bee during a run.

    I used to have to wear face shields sometimes when I was working with kids on their lab projects in chemistry (they had to wear them sometimes too, depending on what chemicals they were working with). I had the idea that if I was still teaching, I might wear a face shield rather than a mask if I was up in front of the classroom. I think it would be hard to talk and project my voice with a mask on. The face shield had to cover all exposed skin, so it went down pretty low and the kids would have been 6+ feet away. I’m just glad I don’t have to worry about it.

    Yay for the survival of Skirt Sports!

    I hope you get to do a little in-person race this fall. We had a lot of fun at our little race last weekend and I felt safe.

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    1. I really don’t anticipate even a small race this year.

      There have been a few this summer, including a trail running festival I’ve done in the past. Just not the experience I want — then again, I don’t think I’d be with anyone either. 😔 I’m glad you got to enjoy one!

      I just shudder at the thought of swallowing a bee.


  10. Yes, I don’t change outfits much – run early, shower, comfies, maybe put on jeans to be fancy if I’m going to the shops … I was always a bit slummocky but this is getting terrible now!

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    1. I think mostly it’s if I’m filming a video, I need capris or leggings on. Which works fine when it’s cooler but we’re not there yet. I filmed one in a skirt & I’m not going to make that mistake again (even though I often practice that way).

      Jeans? What’s that?🤣

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