What to Watch in a Pandemic?: Tea/coffee Date December 2020


Pull up a chair and mug with Coco and Deborah and me and a bunch of bloggers for the ultimate coffee tea date: It’s a mixed bag today, but that pretty much describes my mind most days.


If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you we finished up watching The West Wing right about election time. It was perfect timing and totally serendipitous. I was amazed at how well this show stands up and is still relevant. I was also kind of surprised that I remembered the earlier episodes much better than the later ones — so weird.

I got to finish up my tomatoes!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you last month I told you about the green tomatoes I picked right before our first hard freeze. It took a while, but they did all ripen and I ate them all.

They’re mine! Finally! They’re all mine!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you Bandit now has his pick of way too many pet beds. Of course we did end up throwing out one that he had completely and utterly destroyed. We had to shoo him off the big pillow near our dining room table because Lola really loved it at the end of her life, but now it’s his. It’s all his!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you we should have a memorial tree grove by now. One of our vets sends us a seedling every time we lose a furkid. So that should be four trees. Except so far none of them has made it, probably because all the losses have been in Winter. I ought to tell the vet, but I kinda hate to.

This most recent seedling has at least sprouted

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you that TV in the time of Pandemic is not so great for relaxing. I guess because of the shows I watch. But TV is a form of escapism for me — and watching shows that work in the pandemic to the show, which I suppose they really had to do — well, that’s what I’m turning to TV to get away from!

We did recently watch The Queen’s Bandit on Netflix (takes place in the late 60s, no Pandemic in sight) and we both really enjoyed it.

Do your furkids actually use their beds? Bandit often likes to literally lay around a bed.

Ever tried to save some veggies from a frost? 

Can you recommend a great Netflix series to take our minds off the Pandemic? We tried Schitts’ Creek. Not my kind of humor, but we’ve only watched a couple of episodes so far.

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30 thoughts on “What to Watch in a Pandemic?: Tea/coffee Date December 2020

  1. How thoughtful of your vet to give you a seedling every time one of your pets dies. As long as the vet never asks, you don’t have to own up about them.
    I enjoyed the Queen’s Gambit too. Now I’m watching the Line of Duty, it’s a story built around corrupt police officers in the UK. I’m not sure it’s great for relaxing, though!

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  2. We loved Schitt’s Creek, but it took us a few episodes to get into it. Stick with it! Right now we’re watching The Flight Attendant on HBO max. I read the book and it’s a little different from the original story but it’s good!

    Cocoa definitely has the run of the house. She loves my new sofa! Ayyy

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  3. We are in the minority but we watched an entire season of Schitt’s Creek and did not enjoy it. Ozzy has a bed he uses, but not a ton. The seedling idea is thoughtful, but yeah, winter would be a challenge.

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    1. I’m willing to try a couple more episodes of Schitts but the first two definitely didn’t grab me.

      Chester’s seedling actually did well, but we didn’t transplant it in time & it croaked. Maybe Lola’s will make it since we’ve been gardening more. But it’s got to get through a lot of months til we can try planting it!


  4. Not a TV watcher maybe an hour a week. But Schitts creek is one of my favorite shows ever. I do say it took until season 4 to love it and I cried at the end of season 6. It’s not the humor but the characters really developed.

    I just watched the queens gambit.

    Never bought cat beds. They never use them. I just put towels on all their favorite chair.

    Running and walking is my release. I’ve started going out at night too. Stuyvesant plaza, Washington park and other lighted places. I do read a lot. I want to start knitting again.

    The winter is seeming very long.

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      1. Well, you will miss the best parts then. We all like different things. I never watched the West Wing. I need to be entertained when I watch TV. I’ve re-watched many of the episodes and still laugh. Though I never watch the same shows as Lou. We have different tastes. He loved Ozark.

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      2. Not even remotely tempted to watch anything that involves the White House besides the news. As you know Schitt’s Creek did win 9 Emmys this year. But obviously not everyone’s cup of tea. We do both watch Law and Order (it’s always on.)

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  5. Have you tried watching Grace and Frankie? Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are hilarious together. I feel like I have watched everything on Netflix there is to watch! I am also looking for some new shows. The seedling is a nice idea hope one of them makes it through to spring. Thanks for linking for coffee today

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    1. We did a couple of episodes of Frankie & Gracie way back when it started. Mr. Judy wasn’t excited & I didn’t feel so strongly about it that I wanted to continue on my own.

      Right now we’re rewatching the first season of Virgin River & will watch the second after. And there are a few network shows too.


  6. We finished Queens Gambit and liked it, too. I’ve heard Suits is a show to check out, so that’s next on my roster. I love NCAA football & basketball, so that’s my go-to at the moment.

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  7. We loved The Queen’s Gambit and haven’t found a replacement yet. My husband likes to watch all the old Perry Mason and Columbo shows … Actually the “new” Perry Mason that came out this summer was pretty good, if you haven’t seen that. (Hard to tell it’s even related to the classic.)

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  8. Thanks, Judy. I am going to watch West Wing. I am looking for something on Netflix and everything I have tried lately has been kind of disappointing.

    That is so nice of your vet to send you a seedling when a furkid dies. I hope this one sticks around!

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  9. I started watching The West Wing once upon a time a longg while ago but never finished it! I’ll have to add it back to my list of things to eventually finish!

    That’s so thoughtful of your vet! (I’d feel bad about telling em’ too. Hopefully they never ask?)

    I really liked The Queen’s Gambit too!

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  10. Queen’s Bandit was brilliant. We are watching the Crown Season 4. I want to watch The Vow, and will probably rewatch Schitt’s Creek.

    The pugs use all their beds. They have a ridiculous rotation.

    That’s so sweet of your vet. I wouldn’t grow any of the seedlings either, because I am incapable of dealing with plant life but I loved the sentiment.

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    1. I have watched most of the Crown, but I’m not really a fan. I started season 4 but it just seems so slooooooow.

      Bandit has like 10 beds. No joke. I guess that’s what happens when you used to have 2 cats & 2 dogs!


  11. I loved West Wing when it first aired – might be interesting to revisit it. We have been watching Grace & Frankie on and off and have enjoyed it. Otherwise, we’ve not had much luck with Netflix lately. I really liked Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu – I think it’s also going to air on Amazon Video.

    My dog does have a bed that he seems to love – when your dog is 115 lbs, one bed is enough LOL!

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    1. We don’t have Hulu, but we do have Amazon Prime. What is Little Fires Everywhere about?

      I would think the human bed would work nicely for your dog. 🙂

      Oddly enough Bandit only lays on our bed when we are actually in the bedroom, which is rare. Lola did like to be by herself in there often, and it was sad when we had to close her out the last few months so she wouldn’t injure herself. 😦

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      1. Little Fires is based on the best-seller of the same title by Celeste Ng. It focuses on two very different families whose lives become intertwined and explores the role of secrets, identity, what happens when you think following the rules and the status quo will make for a perfect life.

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      2. I looked up Little Fires — that sounded interesting. Unfortunately it’s something you have to buy on Amazon (at least right now). I need to add it to a watchlist in case it comes out on Prime at some point. Thx for the recommendation!


  12. I only have Netflix (no cable/Disney/anything else) so that’s what I watch. Just finished Outlander, which was recommended to me. It’s not for everyone (lots of nudity, violence) but I loved it. My daughter and I love Blacklist and The Good Place.

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    1. We don’t have cable either. But we do have Amazon Prime in addition to Netflix. Been watching the Blacklist since it started — actually, I think it’s kind of jumped the shark, but I’m curious how it’ll end.

      I’ve watched Outlander, too — it’s funny, I LOVE the books (read them before it was a show), but the nudity does bother me. I just think it’s unnecessary!

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