5 Things I’m Loving/Not Loving

End of Year Edition


It’s been a while since I’ve shared some things I love — and some things I don’t. 

Fairytales and Fitness

One: Loving
. . . My new Brooks sneakers. It was time!

Not exciting but my feet needed these

Not Loving
. . . the uninspired colors. Of course they were on sale — about half what I’d normally pay for running shoes — so I can’t really complain.

Two: Loving
. . . Finding the single sock that had disappeared months ago. I’ve no idea where it was, but it suddenly just appeared in some laundry. Actually, this is the second missing sock I’ve actually found this year.

Not Loving
. . . how dirty the sock was (just like that first one I finally found) — even after washing it. I’m not sure either will ever get clean enough to wear again! 

Finally a sale!

Three: Loving
. . . my new Smartwool socks. It seems like they never go on sale, but I finally got a discount! Yes, these aren’t running socks.

Not Loving
. . . I need to rearrange my (multiple) sock drawers/boxes.

So much easier with just Bandit, even if he didn’t quite understand walking a labyrinth

Four: Loving
. . . Walking one dog. It’s so much easier. I felt the same way after Chester passed and Lola was our only dog.

Not Loving
. . . the reason we’re only walking one dog.

Five: Loving
. . . that I can now go in my mom’s apartment. Having a bathroom to use . . . it’s priceless when you’ll be away from home pretty much all day!

Not Loving
. . . the big announcement: my sister sold her house and plans to move somewhere down south. I am happy for her, and in many ways she has done more than her fair share with my parents. However, she lived about 40 minutes away from my mom as opposed to my almost 2 hours away. Not only that, if my mom ends up in the hospital at some point — unless I can stay at my mom’s apartment (which obviously is about 40 minutes away from the hospital), I have nowhere to stay without having to get a hotel room.

I am happy for my sister. She is 65, and the time is right for her. Although they have sold their house & have no idea where they’re actually going to move/live.

Sucks for me and my mom, though.

What are you loving/not loving lately?

17 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Loving/Not Loving

  1. Loving: I found my missing compression sleeves, my hot tub, my fireplace, that I have friends to run with and that I am healthy.

    Not loving: the snow.

    Congrats to your sister. I assume she is retiring. And the positive for you is a new warm place to visit during the winter.

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    1. Nope, not retiring. Not yet. They just felt they would never get as good a deal as now. Like us, they’d always planned to move somewhere warmer. Although they’ve sold the house without actually knowing where they’re going to move to so it’s a very stressful time for them.


  2. I have never found a lost sock.
    I’m sorry your sister will be moving away.
    Not loving more lockdowns. Loving that I will be taking some vacation days at the end of the month.

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    1. Occasionally I have found lost socks, but not often. So weird how they both just appeared from wherever they were hiding.

      Boo to lockdown! I was surprised my brother (SoCal) was still allowed to go to his office.

      Yay for vacation!


    1. True, I can’t complain about the price of the shoes. 🙂

      For most of my married life, until now, we lived far away from my family. VT wasn’t too bad, but long enough you couldn’t just go for the day. And my brother has been in CA since before I got married! There are pluses & minuses, but right now, at this stage of my mom’s life, it’s just far enough to be difficult. But not that far either.


  3. Taking care of your parents is no easy task. You and your sister have been doing a wonderful job of sharing responsibilities. I hope that continues when she moves away.

    My family is definitely a Smartwool bunch. The company headquarters is in the town where my son and DFIL live in CO, and they are a good contributor to community events, so that makes them even more appealing.

    Enjoy your new running shoes!

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    1. Well, obviously my sister won’t be visiting weekly when she moves away. Right now I mostly go every other week, although that gets a bit harder with Winter weather. I know you did your share of caretaking with your parents, too, Laurie.

      That’s nice to hear that Smartwool contributes to the community!


  4. I’m still holding on to a favorite sock I lost the match to 1.5 years ago. Time to throw in the … sock? I love SmartWool. I got a few pairs at REI when they were having their big sale a while ago.

    Bummer on your sister moving. I sort of feel the same way about my son’s move, but it’s just him I can’t see as easily.

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    1. I think I’ve held onto single socks for year. 🙂

      In my sister’s family, it’s quite reversed: her daughter is very close to her, and often comes home from the city to visit — and of course lived with them for months during the Pandemic. She is very upset by the move, but then again, she’s in her late 20s.

      It’s not easy when your children fly from the nest — although I think my parents were more than ready for me to leave; I’m the baby.


  5. I also found a missing sock this week. It was mixed in with my daughter’s so no surprise there. I’m not loving the cold weather. It seems too soon to be this cold where I live. At least we haven’t gotten snow, though. I hate snow or should I say I hate not being able to drive on the roads when it snows because our area doesn’t have the tons of salt to put down that northern states do.

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    1. I really don’t know where my sock came from. It just appeared in the dryer. Very odd. I think maybe it was behind the small towel I keep on my treadmill, which I washed — but I’ve no idea why I would have ever put it there!

      It’s definitely a little early to be this cold here, too — at present it’s 0 — but a big snow at this time of year isn’t at all unseasonable.

      Yes, that is one of the few nice things of living up north — we know how to handle the snow (for the most part).

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  6. I’m not loving that we are spending Christmas socially distanced. While I love that I get to be with my boys, it’s just hard not being with my whole family.

    I’m loving that I’m getting the COVID vaccine tomorrow! I’ll share more on my blog post. I’m not loving all the conspiracy theorists out there, tho. Expecting some pushback on social media.

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