Challenge: Count All the Animals!


Maybe you’re training for a real life race — or maybe you’ve run a few already. If you need to change up things a bit, I’ve got a fun challenge for you this week! Bonus points if you can snag photos.

I’ve been running around my neighborhood a lot lately, and this has helped me from being super bored with the scenery — even if the scenery in Spring is pretty!

animal avian beak beautiful
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What animals do you see on the run? Count em!
Last year we were trying to find the colors of the rainbow (see this post here). Thanks to Kim @ kimrunsonthefly for this challenge. She happened to mention that she wasn’t seeing many Robins any more.

My guess is I’m seeing all the Robins because I’m out there much, much later than Kim. Apparently the Robins don’t get many worms because they are not early morning birds (just joking)!

After Kim made that comment, on the next walk with Mr. Judy and Bandit I started to count Robins. I didn’t even think of starting to do it until we’d already been walking a while. We don’t walk very far, either.

That first day I counted 11 Robins and 1 Rabbit.

The next day I ran and I counted 11 Robins, 1 Cardinal, 1 Rabbit and a Murder of Crows

Again I didn’t even think to start looking for them until I was halfway through my run.

The next week I started right away — and counted a record number of Robins: 47!

Next time you’re bored on your run, I’d love to hear how many and which kind of animals you see on the run — I know some of you see some really cool animals! Like I said at the beginning of the post, bonus points for photos. Although I rarely got good bird photos, they always fly away.

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What I noticed
Although you often see Robins in pairs, I saw a lot of bachelors too. There were Robin deserts in the neighborhood — I’d see a bunch and then none for quite a while. So far I’m not seeing as many rabbits as in years past, but that may be because I’m not running early yet — and also because I know Rabbits are cyclical (they wind down then they’re everywhere again).

Final Thoughts
I can remember quite a few hot Summer runs in years past when I would count the Rabbits. It was a sign the run wasn’t going well. Better than counting steps though!

What animals do you commonly see on the run? 

Are you able to get good bird photos? 

Can you identify different types of birds? 


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31 thoughts on “Challenge: Count All the Animals!

  1. Oh, I love this challenge, Judy!
    On my usual route in Cape Town, it would have been dogs, seagulls, hadedas, seals and perhaps, if I’m lucky, dolphins.
    Now I’ve just arrived back in Switzerland, so I have a new set of animals. Definitely going to count them!


  2. My runs were more interesting in Florida.

    I rarely see any robins when I run. But i don’t run often in my boring neighborhood. Not many animals on the bike paths most likely because there are so many runners and bikers.

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      1. Maybe. Never seen any on the rail trail or Corning or Zim. As you said I don’t look for birds. But last night I did look. Nada.

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  3. I once counted the number of squirrels I saw while out on a run but had to stop counting at 30, lol. I guess it was a bud day for them. I wish I saw bunnies more often because they are so cute.

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  4. On my bike ride today I saw a coyote in the parking lot where we start. We always see a lot of ducks, geese, egrets, and some other small water birds but I don’t know what they are. We see rabbits and squirrels too.

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  5. This is a fun idea! I see lots of deer and foxes early in the morning. Later on I see lots of people walking their dogs, and usually some bunnies. I bet Grayson would love doing this with me!

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  6. There are some really pretty birds out now and I have seen a bunch of rabbits and baby red fox. Maybe I should count the cicadas next week 🙂

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  7. On my runs around my neighborhood I don’t usually see many animals. On my long run at the edge of the Everglades I saw some REALLY interesting birds (like some standing up that were as tall as my waist) but I couldn’t even begin to guess what they are. A true bird-watcher would probably know.

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  8. I like this idea too. I usually see squirrels, cows, several types of birds, goats, and dogs. I have seen a coyote. I used to do a lot of bird watching, so can identify several types of birds. I’m not as good as it as I used to be.

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  9. I need to give this challenge a try! There are lots of birds in my neighborhood and sometimes I’ll see some other wildlife on the trail! Deer still really freak me out though!

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  10. I love your idea of counting the animals you encounter on a run. I have run several spring marathons when I counted the birds I HEARD (I didn’t necessarily see them) on the run. One of the best marathons to do that was the Pocono Marathon, which was about 75% through the woods.


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