I Tried It: ChillPal Gaiter


When I did some research for things to help you cool down on the run, I came across the Chillpal Cooling Gaiter (Amazon Affiliate link here). I knew I had to try it!

I love my cooling towels but . . .
I do love my cooling towels. It always shocks me that the vast majority of runners shun them. Are they perfect? No! Do they help? Yes! At least in my humble opinion. I like that they knot around your neck, so you have the choice about how tight or loose they fit.

What I don’t love? The way they have a tendency to drip water all over your top, no matter how well you wring it out, because the ends hang down onto your chest. Great for wiping the sweat off of your neck and or head, but not so great sporting the saturated top look.

How does it work?
You just thoroughly wet the gaiter, and then wring it so the extra water comes out. It works by cooling as the water evaporates off of the gaiter.

This was after I had finished my run — it was still wet!

Did the gaiter deliver?
It’s always hard to judge — would I have felt hotter without the gaiter? Who knows?! I tested the gaiter out on a warm and very humid morning. It was still quite wet (and cool) by the time I was done with my 3 mile run plus meeting up with Mr. Judy to finish up Bandit’s walk (about another half mile or so).

My cooling towels definitely help — but I don’t think they stay wet as long. Because it’s a gaiter, you can’t tighten it around your neck as you would with a towel, although I guess how tight it is depends on your neck size. It still gets your top a little weight, but nowhere wet as it did when I used a cooling towel. I found it to be more comfortable than a cooling towel, too.

The Chillpal Gaiter comes in four different colors and only costs $9.97.

Final Thoughts
I’ve only used it once so far, but I do think I prefer the gaiter to my cooling towels. I think it would be useful on hikes, too (hmmm, do they make a doggy sized one?). I wonder if the moisture attracts more bugs? I’m not sure. The gnats were bothering me just a little on this run, but nothing terrible and it’s that time of year.

You can try your own Chillpal here! (Amazon affiliate link). If you do, let me know your thoughts.

Do you wish there was a way to feel more comfortable running in heat & humidity? 

Have you tried something that helps you on those hot & humid runs? 

What’s your best beat the heat tip? 


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18 thoughts on “I Tried It: ChillPal Gaiter

  1. I’m sure the gaiter is more practical than cooling towels. What a good idea! I didn’t even know that existed.

    We are lucky that we have a lot of fountains on our running route, so I usually make sure I stop at one and get a cool sip of water. Kai often soaks his caps in fountains – in fact, he pours water all over himself.

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  2. Thanks for the review.

    I fall in the camp of wearing as little as possible. A tank. All summer.

    That or a towel around my neck would drive me crazy.

    No tips besides run early or late and slower. Definitely choose a route with shade.

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  3. I have a couple of cooling towels, and I never think to use them. I have used them, in years past, for bike rides, though, and they did seem to help with staying cool…but they were awkward to keep “tied” or wrapped and in place. I guess, for running, I’d worry about it bouncing…that would be a no-go for me LOL

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  4. i had not heard of this product so thanks so much for sharing! I can see this being easier to maneuver than the cooling towel too.

    A while back I purchase a cooling headband (I think the brand was Mission?) and it worked really well. i love anything that can cool me down since I tend to get hot very quickly and sweat a lot.

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  5. Ooh that’s interesting! I’ll have to see if my husband would like to try it. He works out in the heat and has said the same in regards to the cooling towel just getting you wet lol. Maybe this works a bit better for him!

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  6. I’m trying to decide if having something wet around my neck would annoy me… I guess if it was cool and wet, it might feel good. It’s pretty cheap so I might try it out- thanks!

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