When to Save, When to Spend


Running is supposed to be a cheap sport. I’d like to say it can be, but you need running shoes — and at the very least probably a couple of pairs a year. Running shoes are expensive!

When to Save

I’m pretty sure my “when to spend” list will be longer than my “when to save” list. I think that these lists will be different from person to person — we all have different needs!

  • Let your running clothes air dry — this will save you energy and ultimately will help save the planet and help your clothes last longer
  • Make your own running fuel/recovery snacks — it won’t save you time, but it will save you $$ and most likely will be more nutritious, too
  • This one is definitely personal: being smaller on top, I rarely spend much on running bras (I know many female runners can’t skimp in this department)
  • Another $$ savings for smaller women: tops with the bra already built in
  • This isn’t a when to save, but a how to save: try to sign up to be an Ambassador for products you use frequently. There is usually a decent discount for Ambassadors
  • Sign up early for races to snag deals — just be aware that the weather is very changeable


When to Spend

I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for.

  • Spend on good quality running clothes (of course I recommend Skirt Sports). Yes, they may be pricey but they’ll last a very long time.
  • Spend on good socks. No cotton unless you dig blisters.
  • If you’re going to buy a treadmill that you actually plan to use, invest in a good one. Expect to pay at least $1000 (unless you manage to snag a lightly used one!)
  • Spend on shoes. Comparison shop and you may be able to get a deal on your favorite shoes, but your feet will thank you.
  • If you ever decide to hire a coach, don’t just look at the price; again, I’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for!

Final Thoughts
Hey, my save column was surprisingly longer! Of course you don’t have to splurge on clothes if you don’t want to, Target, Old Navy, and Gap all have pretty good running clothes at reasonable prices. Shoes can be very expensive, but you can look around for deals on a variety of Websites — once you know what the right shoes for you are. Just don’t choose shoes by the price, though, or you could end up paying a steep price with your body.

What do you think it’s important to spend on?
How do you manage to save on running gear?


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30 thoughts on “When to Save, When to Spend

  1. I like the tip with the air drying, Judy. I never use a dryer for environmental reasons – but as you say, you also save on electricity and the functional clothing will last longer.

    I don’t compromise on shoes either – once I know what model works, I hunt for a good deal online. It’s always worthwhile!

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  2. Definitely don’t skimp on shoes or Pt or doctor visits. It will bite you in the long run.

    You know I believe no one needs a treadmill or fancy tools.

    But I never air dry my clothes. I only buy skirt sports. They look as good as I day I bought them. My skirts and tops are many years old and I still wear them.

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      1. Well at least they don’t wear out if you’re not running a lot of miles. Mine only last one or two long run training cycles ugh. Had to just buy a new pair for my Nov half. Yes. They are expensive.

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  3. I’m definitely a comparison shopper so I have a few places where I look for running shoes in particular. The price of running shoes has skyrocketed in the last few years so now if I can find good ones on sale for $100, that’s a good deal. Still, I know it’s worth it.

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  4. I agree on “you get what you pay for” although I think people sometimes get blinded by brand name. Doing comparisons is huge! Also, I agree so much on cotton socks. My goodness the amount of runners I see with cotton socks and then suffering with blisters here in the south is crazy!

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    1. Some of the cheaper brands have come a long way in the last few years. There are some I didn’t really like that are improved — luckily I have plenty of running clothes! Although it always seems as though you could use more!


  5. Oh, how I wish I could get away with NOT buying expensive sports bras LOL that would be a huge money saver.
    But I like the idea of making your own run fuel/recovery snack. I hardly ever buy any of that stuff.

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    1. When I was running longer I regularly made my own fuel for long runs, or at least part of it. Right now I just don’t run that long.

      And yes, I realize most women runners need a very supportive bra.


  6. I have always been more focused on how to spend. In my opinion, the biggest saving is to buy good quality products that last a long time. Here we have a saying: who spends more spends less.
    Interesting the tip about the run fuel/recovery snack.

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  7. I totally agree that name brand attire is *usually* great quality, but sometimes the price reflects more of the “name” and not so much the item (IMO), so I’m happy with off-brand stuff most of the time (except for my shoes!). I failed to mention ambassadorships in my post, but that just gave me an idea for a blog post, though. One can get decent discounts and score some sweet swag by being an ambassador!

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  8. I always air dry my running gear and yes, I have some items that are 2o years old! Actually, I’ve been able to sell a lot of my InknBurn gear at the original price because it’s all in such good condition. How’s that for a saving tip?

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  9. I love the distinction between when to save and when to spend. Although I am always looking for a deal, I know there are some things that rarely go on sale so I don’t mind spending the money for them because the quality is most important (i.e. – KT tape)

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  10. I try to air dry all my running clothes and it definitely helps them to last longer! I get so annoyed when my husband accidentally puts one of my good sports bras into the dryer. I’ve been lucky to be a Brooks ambassador and get clothes and shoes from them, along with a discount. I love their high quality products and they seem to last a long time!

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    1. Luckily my husband & I don’t do laundry together — never have! Because I have a LOT of clothes that need to air dry, not just running clothes.

      Brooks definitely makes great quality shoes/clothes/accessories.


  11. I always air dry my running clothes- definitely makes them last longer.
    Old Navy has some very functional running clothes! But I will admit that after wearing some Old Navy pieces for years, I switched to Athleta and did feel like it was an upgrade.
    There are ways to save on shoes if you already know exactly what you want and keep your eyes open for online sales. But yes- in the end shoes are going to be fairly pricey. It’s worth it.

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  12. I agree that you definitely get what you pay for in terms of running bras and many types of gear. If you buy more high quality gear and take care of it, it lasts longer. I like to buy off season as well for things like jackets and winter tights

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  13. I love this! I also air dry my running clothes. Works well since I can leave in the balcony during the Summer and the rest of the year inside and it will dry with the heat inside. Sometimes I do pay full price for shoes (because I want them at that moment) but also wait to get them at a reduced price.

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  14. I save a lot of money because of my ambassadorships. Skirt sports, running socks, nuun, road id. I get a great discount and sometimes free stuff. For shoes I always try to buy last years model of my favorites. I recently saved 30% on my Brooks Glycerin 18 because the 19 just came out. I bought two!

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  15. I always air dry my running gear and it makes it last much longer. I also buy the past year model of shoes when they hit sale price and I don’t spend extra money on plated shoes.

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