My Spring Bucket List 2022

It has been a long, long time since I’ve really looked into the future and had any sort of bucket list. This Spring I do!

Will I get to see the ocean this Spring? | Photo by Travis Rupert on

A short getaway . . . maybe even two
This move was a temporary assignment for Mr. Judy. 13 years later . . . still, our plan has never been to retire here. The only thing really keeping us here at the moment is my family. Where do we want to retire to? We don’t know, so it’s time to start exploring. We do have a list, so I hope to get to a couple of places this year — although just one this Spring.

The other Spring getaway? If they have an opening, we hope to visit our friends in ME again. They book up quickly though, so we shall see!

Ready for some new sights!

Return to Hiking (and not just at Olana!)
I know this may be a slightly hard sell with Mr. Judy and the price of gas these days. Just getting him to agree to a getaway wasn’t easy. It will probably take a while, since mud can be really hard with Bandit in tow. Hopefully we can add some more local hikes to our tally.

Is it time for the race drought to end?

A race
Shocking, right? I even have one in mind, but for me, it will always be a last minute sign up. There’s the weather and there’s whatever might be going on with my mom. When I went to stay a few days in February because my mom’s aide had a doctor’s appointment, she missed the appointment. So it’s been rescheduled.

She might get the same temporary aide again, in which case I probably wouldn’t have to stay long. Maybe only one night. Just sharing to illustrate that these things are not always in my control.

I want a relatively small race where I don’t have to be crowded with a lot of people inside. Most likely a 5k. The target race right now is a fun run, with dogs allowed, so it could be a little frustrating — or it could be a ton of fun. Stay tuned.

Final Thoughts
My list is pretty simple, but if all of those things happen, I’ll be a happy camper. I’m not sure this other item is really a bucket list item, but it sort of is: I want to try to get a student or two that wants to do Yoga privately with me — online.

I hope within 5 years we can move and have a fresh start. Our time here saw the passing of my FIL, my Dad, by the time we move my Mom, too; and all 4 of our TX furkids. While there are many good memories here, and I’ll miss the friends I’ve made here, it’s time for a fresh start.

What’s on your bucket list?


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35 thoughts on “My Spring Bucket List 2022

  1. Similar except that I have no plans to move away from family and friends.

    I plan to race, hike and bike more.

    And yes get to the beach.

    Hope your spring plans come to fruition.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’ll be interesting to see where you and Lloyd choose to go.

        Other than the cold long winter I love living in Albany. Been here for 50 years. Many more friends here than family.


  2. These are great goals, Judy.
    I think the race goal will be the easiest because it doesn’t necessarily involve Mr Judy. You just signed up for a nearby 5k and get it done. Within less than 2 hours you’re back home.

    Just curious: why would you want the race to allow dogs? Are you planning on taking Bandit with you on the course?
    Looking forward to seeing you at the starting line again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mr. Judy was the one who suggested this particular race. It’s to support a rescue, & they were the only rescue that would work with Bandit when we first got him. It’s not that I want a race that involves dogs — in fact I don’t like them, but it’s a good cause.

      I wait to see what the weather’ll be like, though.


  3. I do hope that you’re able to enjoy a getaway, or two, this Spring 🙂

    It’s funny that you should mention a race. I’ve really had no interest in returning to races, but was thinking about doing the Shamrock 5K in my city this past Sunday. Well on Saturday evening they canceled the race because of the weather so I wouldn’t have been able to do it anyway, lol.

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  4. I truly hope you are able to enjoy a getaway! I am currently a last minute race sign up too because I also understand how things can happen. It’s hard to plan with so much up in the air but I hope you are able to do one you enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I hope all (or most) of your Bucket List items happen for you. I really wanted to get more walking (in the evenings, after work), but Max’s current “immobility watch” situation has me stuck inside with him. Not a bad thing, but not what I was planning. At least I know it’s only for a few weeks…and by then, all signs of Winter ought to be long gone.

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    1. Somewhere warm-er, but for me no to FL. Apparently my husband is still open to it but I don’t want to move there. We were just discussing this with cousins who did move there.

      But bottom line is we don’t know where yet. Which is why we have to travel to places. A couple of the states on our list we’ve never even been too.


  6. Ooh! I’m excited to hear where you’re thinking of moving to. Somewhere with more sunshine, I assume. I hope you get your trips in, and your race- that’s an exciting goal!

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  7. What a great bucket list. Upside of being perenially behind, I did get to see you had a getaway already. yay.
    Hope the race doesn’t sell out before you feel comfortable registering. I ran into that with a few here, the pent up demand!

    Liked by 1 person

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