My Race Story in Photos: Tea/coffee Date May 2022


I’m joining  Coco and Deborah and sharing a little differently this month: mostly in photos. When I saw my (free) race photos (read the real recap here), I saw that they actually tell a story!

Notice my cockeye’d bib? My race belt has bungees for the bib. The first one went on fine. The second one tore immediately. I hate putting pins in my running clothes! So I just used one tip hole and one bottom hole. The race was chip timed, so other than looking odd, no worries.
I had zero idea there was a photographer here. It seems like they always catch you walking, but obviously they actually did take a lot of photos of me. And they were free!
At least I look like I’m making an effort here! I did see someone later with an iphone taking photos, and I smiled for him, not sure if he was a photographer or not, but I didn’t see those photos so I guess he was just a spectator.
Where’s Judy? I don’t think about my height ( or lack thereof at 5’1″), but sometimes you just have to laugh when you see the photos of me racing. If you CAN see me!

Side Note: My father worked at IBM Kingston for 37 years (this race took place in Kingston). We lived in Poughkeepsie. It was approximately a 40 minute drive. Not the worst commute ever, but yeah, we ate dinner late and I didn’t see a whole lot of my Dad during the week.

Side Note: about once a year they’d have an open house at the site. We went several years. I didn’t spend much time in Kingston growing up, though — well, none, outside of the time we went to the plant — and I’d never driven around there.

Last funny side note: it wasn’t really that funny at the time, and I’m sure my Dad never thought it was funny. A friend & I hitched a ride with some complete strangers home from college once (as college kids do). They were to drop us off at the Kingston plant (which they did), only my Dad had completely forgotten about it. Embarrassing!

Obviously we did not have cell phones back then. Heck, Mr. Judy (whom I don’t think I’d even started to date at the time) was one of the few people who actually had a personal computer back then. But I digress.

We were able to phone home, though, and he drove back out to pick us up and take us home. Nothing like turning your commute into a 1.5 hour drive!

So there was a teensy bit of nostalgia for running a race in Kingston, and my mom actually wanted to know where it had been — although she didn’t know it when I told her.

Did you eat dinner early or late when you were a kid? We ate around 7 pm and I’d be dying of hunger now to eat that late, although we do tend to eat later in the Summer.

Did your parents every forget you? 

Did you ever forget any of your kids? 

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26 thoughts on “My Race Story in Photos: Tea/coffee Date May 2022

  1. Yes I’d been the last kid waiting for a ride home on several occasions. It was embarrassing because the teacher would wait with me, and yes, no phones. Once I accepted a ride home with a friend only to have my dad pull up after I’d left. I caught holy he!! for that. As a result I’ve never forgotten or even been late for one of my own kids. Ha!

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    1. Oh no on your Dad coming later! My parents were often late — and I am rarely late just because of that. OTOH, my husband likes to get places too early — which can be just as bad, sometimes. There’s a fine balance there!


  2. I don’t remember being forgotten, but I do remember being picked up late or last. I’m pretty sure I never forgot my kids!

    I think we usually ate at 6. Now my goal is to eat before 7.

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  3. Awww too bad you didn’t get a decent race photo. That happens.

    The opposite for me. As a kid, my mom always had dinner ready at 5 pm. Now because I often run first, it’s later like 7:30-8. My hubby plays tennis on the other nights so we eat separately most of the time. He eats after tennis. We’re like ships passing.

    Nope never forgotten by my parents nor have I forgotten my kids.

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  4. we always ate at 6:30 on the dot when I was a kid and always watched the world news w dinner and discussed what was going on. I then always had my kids watch the news too. We eat later now around 7:30. I never see the race photographer and my photos are always horrible!

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    1. Oh I love that you watched the news & have continued that tradition!

      We had a tv in our kitchen, but we didn’t watch tv during dinner (which I do think is a good thing & have continued that).

      OTOH, we used to wheedle my parents to watch Star Trek reruns during dinner & they usually caved, LOL!

      Of course growing up there also wasn’t 24/7 news like now!


  5. My mom always wanted to eat dinner so early, around 4:00, which even as a kid I thought was too early. She still is that way, likely because she often skips lunch and is starving! I don’t think I was ever forgotten or at least if I was I don’t remember. I’ve never forgotten my daughter but I almost did once- luckily I remembered at the last minute and wasn’t too late. She never even knew.

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    1. My parents always ate late, but when they moved to where they live now, they had to eat much earlier. It did not go over well at first, but they got used to it.

      I can totally see how you could forget a kid at school. Parenting & working is a hard job!


  6. Ha ha, I like the photo where your head is barely peeking out! I’ve never forgotten either one of my kids, but once I did mix up the times and arrived an hour late to pick my son up (oops.)
    Growing up, dinner time was 6:00. My mom was a teacher, and then after school taught piano lessons until 6:00. To this day I can’t even fathom how she did all that and still managed to get dinner on the table, although I do have memories of her putting things in the oven in between lessons. She was amazing!

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  7. I was one of those kids who had to walk home (most days), but I did get a ride to school on occasion. I told that story to my kids, many times, when they’d wine about me picking them up late (they were at three different schools until the two oldest were -finally- both at the middle school. My race photos…well. I have a handful that are decent (at best), but most are showcasing an awkward foot strike, or a weird knee bend. I don’t often feel like I’m gasping for air, but a lot of my pics look otherwise, LOL.

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    1. Our school was way too far away to walk home from! We occasionally walked home from Junior High, which was maybe 3 miles away? Maybe a bit less.

      We could walk to grade school, which we did occasionally when my brother overslept & we missed the bus. Different times!

      I definitely usually look like I’m gasping for air — and sometimes I am, LOL!


  8. I was at Target a couple of times when my neighbor called me asking if I had forgotten it was minimum day at my girls school. Fortunately she was able to walk them home (we live super close to the school) but I felt so bad, especially the second time. Ugh

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  9. It’s funny how every race tells a story…even better how yours dredged up some memories! My mom never forgot to pick me up, but she often didn’t want to–we lived really far from my school- and made me take the ‘activity bus’ home, which dropped me off about a 1/2 mile from my house. Then I’d have to walk home.

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    1. Our walk home from our bus stop (we definitely lived too far from school to walk home, except in grade school) was at least a quarter mile away from our house, maybe further. So we did have to walk home from there.

      At one point they actually dropped us off on the side of the road — the opposite sited — we’d have to cross the very busy 4 lane road! Don’t think they’d ever do that in today’s world; nowadays they seem to stop at almost every house!


  10. Hitching a ride with strangers is surely not a thing these days but im sure back then it was more normal. We always ate super early growing up around 5pm. Today my parents still eat super early. Heck sometimes I call them at 430 and they say they are having dinner…ha!

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    1. In the Winter we often eat at 5-5:30, but we start eating later as the days get longer.

      I wasn’t hitchhiking (never have), but would get a ride from a complete stranger to go home. It was our form of Uber. 🙂


    1. My parents were perennially late, so I’m sure it happened but I don’t really remember — but that time was memorable, & a bit embarrassing because a friend was also with me to be picked up.


  11. We lived really close to the school and I had older siblings (I am the 2nd youngest in my family) so we would all walk home. I don’t remember much but my mom tells me that sometimes she would work nights and would have dinner for us before heading off for work.

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  12. Free race photos are awesome! I hate when they make you pay for em’!

    We ate dinner around 6-ish pm when I was a kid (also later in the summer though).

    I’ve been forgotten on a couple occasions, but the most memorable time was probably when my dad forgot to pick me up from an extracurricular activity, so I just walked the 5-6 miles home. My mom freaked out and called the police though (this was before we had cell phones too).

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