Summer Bucket List 22

If you’ve ever been involved with caretaking, even if you’re not the every day caretaker, you probably know that your life is basically not your own. I’m lucky that I have two siblings and we all play our different roles, but things happen when you least expect it and you just have to do it.

It also makes it hard to plan for the future. So I don’t have any grand plans for the Summer, but you know me — I’m always making goals. Sometimes they happen, sometimes they don’t – and that’s okay. I think it’s good to be working towards something.

Checking out another state
As in another state (maybe two) where we plan to retire to, not a half. I’ve begun to think about a half this year, maybe, but I’m not super fond of training in the Summer and at present I know I am not half ready, and personally I don’t want to walk a half. We have an idea of where we want to go, now I just have to narrow it down to some towns that look like possibilities — and pray the price of gas comes down.

Maybe a race or two
I’m looking for small races that are close to me. There aren’t too many races that are actually close to me, and Mr. Judy often has something going on on a Saturday when most races are run. But I’ve got a few I’m considering.

A movie in a theater
I know most people have already been back to the movies, but I continue to be cautious. There are some movies this Summer I’d really like to see in the theater. Top Gun Maverick, I’m looking at you! I remember we almost didn’t see the original Top Gun in the theater. I had to really twist Mr. Judy’s arm. Of course it became one of our favorite movies (we have many favorites).

More hiking
With trips back and forth to my mom, it’s not that hard to get short hikes in — especially since I have to drive there anyway.

Visit Innisfree Garden
This is literally on the way to my mom. You have to register for a time, though, so it will just depend on the trip. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to fit it in on the last couple of trips, but I hope I can do it before it gets too hot so that there will still be flowers to see.

Final Thoughts
If we could continue to have weather like this week — seasonably warm with low humidity and not too much rain (for the most part), that would truly make my Summer happy! A girl can dream. Just being able to sit outside in our backyard, either reading or practicing Yoga really helps me refill my cup. You can’t pour from an empty cup, after all.

Do you have a Summer (or Fall, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere) Bucket List?

What makes you most happy about the current season?


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28 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List 22

  1. I hear you on the caretaking schedule, Judy.
    We have a couple in our neighbourhood that we’re looking after. They’re in their 80s, the husband is lying in hospital with cancer and the wife has the first signs of dementia. She calls us several times a day and we go over there to help – mainly to calm her down (she gets very panicky). It’s so unpredictable and quite time-consuming. I think we will need to organize some professional help for her soon.
    I hope you get to do a smaller race in your neighbourhood, Judy! That would be awesome!

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    1. Oh that poor couple. What angels you are to be taking care of them! I will be honest, i don’t think I’d be doing this for anyone other than family. Between animals, inlaws & parents, I have been in caretaking mode for many years.

      I say this to anyone that is struggling with caretaking for a dementia patient — they don’t adapt well to change. When you realize they need more help, better to do it sooner rather than later.

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      1. I think you have done your share of caregiving, Judy!
        Thankfully, this is the first time for us in this mode… I’m not sure how you could do that for so many years (and still are!)
        And thanks for the tip. I will keep that in mind!

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      2. Well, my MIL was in caregiving mode for almost 10 years with her husband — she didn’t have to travel like I did, but she was there 24/7 (with aides) & it was much, much worse than what I’ve been going through.

        No matter what, though, it’s stressful & tiring. I often wonder about the aides. How can they do it? I know they are not as emotionally involved, but that is HARD.

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  2. Do you go to driveins? They are a fun alternative to the indoor theater.

    There are so many races in our area. I have hold back from registering. Lol

    Summer is my favorite season. I am looking forward to more brunches with running friends. More gardening. More daylight. No real travel plans. Short runs. No half until Sept Oct and nov.

    Good luck with your mom and plans to find a retirement home.

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    1. We actually did discuss a drivein as a matter of fact. Not quite sure what we’ll do, but I do know we’ll wait until it’s been out a while.

      The transition sort of went smoothly, but it was still very busy day and I ended coming home much later than anticipated — but at least I got to come home!


  3. A movie in a theatre! I haven’t done that in ages…I think I will pick a quiet day to do it. I have plans for this winter – some races and a few activities with the kids — but I’m struggling a bit with focus. I need to write it all down – that usually helps me!

    The happiest I’ve felt this season was yesterday when Ditiro surprised me with some warm fluffy slippers, LOL! I think he was tired of me “borrowing” his all the time!

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    1. We haven’t been to a movie in a theater since before the Pandemic! I’d be happy to watch at home, but they won’t be releasing it other than in theaters for a long time.

      You are busy between running, kids, and work!

      How sweet of Ditiro to get you slippers (even if it was ultimately for himself, LOL!).


  4. I can see how it is hard to plan while taking care of your mom. I think it’s great that you set goals and allow yourself to be flexible. I know it’s been a while since many people have been back to movie theaters so I’m hoping you find the time to do so!

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    1. Thank you! Things come up last minute a lot with my mom, but as they say, this too shall pass — and I know that it will.

      I know that we can make the time for a movie — although even then, it takes like half a day a seems! Just doing it safely is the main concern for me.


  5. No immediate bucket list items for the summer, but it’s only June 7th, LOL. I’m ready for a little bit of down time and trying to keep the calendar somewhat open to allow for weekend (long) bike rides.

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  6. Its been soooo long since Ive been to the movies. Like 15 years maybe? I dont really like movies so I just dont see the need to go and pay so much money when I usually fall asleep lol. I hope you get to do some of the things on your list this summer!

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  7. We saw top gun a few days ago (it was our 2nd movie since covid) so good! Better than the first maybe. I hope you get to take that trip and maybe do a race too!

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  8. I haven’t been to a movie in a theater in ages- the last time I went it was SO EXPENSIVE! But, it would be a fun thing to do. Everyone has raved about Top Gun Maverick.
    I’ll be interested to hear about future trips! I would actually love to move somewhere less hot… but not too far north. I have a feeling I would be happy with places you’re looking at. Unfortunately we have no plans to move anytime soon, so I’ll just live vicariously through you for now.

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    1. It’s definitely hard to go to the movies with a family.

      Some of the places I’m considering might be too far north for you — but we’ll see! Right now I’m thinking we may not take a trip this summer, but rather this fall.

      Although I wanted to do a local-ish roadtrip in the fall. Darn gas!


  9. You have fun plans this Summer! I know what you mean about being a caregiver. A friend of mine is going on a cruise to Italy and Greece with her family next year. I want to go too but need a roommate. But I will make it happen! I watched the original Top Gun and did not like it – I was actually bored. I still want to new the new one.

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  10. I do have a bucket summer list, but it’s pretty similar to the one we’ve had for the past few years when the kids were younger! Ice cream, bike rides, simple stuff. With both my kids home and now working, planning things might be a bit tricky, but I’ll keep at it!

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