R & R: 1/2 – 8 WRD

Not much to report. Taking a bit of a break — you may or may not have noticed I didn’t even post last week. I didn’t do much. Heck, I didn’t do much this week either, but I wanted to check in with y’all.


I’m joining Kim @ Kimrunsonthefly and Deborah @ Confessionsofamotherrunner and staying active with Yoga, Pilates, and (very slow) dog walks. We are still out there pretty much every day though!

Putting the beef in puff pastry kept it from getting well done. I actually only ate one slice of it.

Favorites of the week
Mr. Judy wanted to grill a roast for NYE, so he did. There was a lot of leftovers (which is why I don’t really like to do roasts for just the two of us). I came up with the idea to make what was left into an easy “Beef Wellington”.

I puree’d some spinach, added the left over garlic butter I’d made for the roast initially and then wrapped that all up in store bought puff pastry. It actually turned out quite well and the leftover roast didn’t get too well done. There was too much puff pastry, so I cut off the ends to make some spinach rolls, which was also tasty. While I do believe in eating healthy 80% if the time, 20% can be some indulgence (and I am not married to those ratios, either).

While I’ve been relaxing and working on Yoga stuff, I finished up the last season of “Outlander” I hadn’t yet watched on Netflix. I’ve also blown through “Firefly Lane” which seemed quite light at first but tackled a lot of heavy subjects — I enjoyed it. Together Mr. Judy & I watched “Travelers” — if you’re into the time travel genre, as I am, I recommend it (even if it’s somewhat violent at times).

There’s also been some house issues to deal with, as there always are when you own a house. Let’s just say the new dishwasher should come this week (and that was just one issue). I am, as always, grateful for a safe, warm home, clean water, enough to eat and so on.

It was actually a relatively warm (for Winter) morning, but by the time we walked Bandit later in the day the temps had really dropped!

I never managed a walk with one friend before she left for FL, but I did finally get together with a different friend for a walk this week.

ICYMI: Today’s Yin Yoga practice may help reduce anxiety here), I’ve also got a short Vlog explainig how Down Dog may help reduce anxiety, what’s coming to the Channel in January, and a very short practice including breath work to reduce anxiety here.

Coming up on Friday: Although I actually have some stuff to share — like my word for 2023 — I’m not sure when I’ll get to that. Most likely I’ll be going for a day visit to my mom this week.

25 thoughts on “R & R: 1/2 – 8 WRD

  1. So sorry things are challenging for you right now. It’s a lot, having to be responsible for your mom. Things are heading that way for me–but that’s all I’m going to say about that for now. Hang in there Judy! Keep doing down dog…

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  2. Enjoy your downtime… if you need to rest, you should take it… it’s winter so not a fun time to train.

    I’m glad that the weather has cooperated for me…

    It’s always something when you own a house… We need new windows and a new deck UGH $$$

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  3. Oh, your “beef wellington” looks like it turned out well!

    House issues never end. What dishwasher did you get? My son needs a new one, and the model we got in mid-2020 (?) is a lot more these days.

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    1. My easy beef wellington was actually pretty tasty & not too difficult to throw together.

      We ordered a Bosch 300 series from Home Depot. It is actually our third Bosch. Loved the first one, but only had it a year. Have had our present one somewhere around 13 years & it’s quite literally falling to pieces although it still works.

      I was ready to move on from Bosch, but quite frankly, it got the best reviews. I hope they’re right!


    1. I would suggest the vlog — that practice is VERY quick. I doubt you have time for the longer practices!

      The Wellington-ish did come out quite well. Obviously not something I plan to eat on the regular.


  4. I’m looking forward to your word for 2023.
    As you can see by all my comments this morning, I’ve been catching up on your blog! And just as an overall comment – I’m so sorry to hear how challenging things have been for you lately, but also happy that this is your safe space to unload and get things off your chest – that is so important. Keeping running and walking when you can, blogging and of course doing yoga – as you said earlier, forward is a pace not just in running but in life too. Lots of love, Shathiso x

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    1. Thanks, Jessie! It wasn’t completely unplanned. It was getting towards the end of its life — and quite literally falling to pieces (although still working). Our washer & dryer are both extremely old . . . I definitely hope to like the new dishwasher more than the last, even though they’re the same brand.

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  5. I agree, it’s always something when you own a home. I hope your dishwasher has arrived and that you like it.

    Safe travels on your trip to visit your mom. Looks like I’ll be heading to the farm later next week to take my mom to a doctor’s appointment.

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