No more rose colored glasses: Tea/coffee Date February 2023


I’m joining  Coco and Deborah and definitely enjoying a hot beverage on this very cold morning. As the subject alludes to, I sad on my rose colored sunglasses — they’ve appeared in many photos — and I’m so sad. I think I’ve had them for over a decade. Good thing it was cloudy most of the time while we were in Jersey last weekend.

My rose colored sunglasses. They made frequent appearances in photos!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you if you’ve ever driven in Jersey, you know what a cluster it can be. It took me a ridiculous amount of time trying to decide where to stop to stretch our legs, and then I had to schedule everything carefully so we wouldn’t be driving in the dark or during rush hour. Luckily it all worked out.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I finally settled on stopping at Harriman State Park because it would be easy to park at the lakes off of Seven Lakes Drive. That worked out really well, and we came back the same way.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I did miss catching up with my brother who was here to visit my mom last weekend. I tried to figure out a schedule to make that happen, too, but my brother pointed out he’d be back next month for my mom’s birthday, and his wife would be with him then.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I was astounded to see several Robins at the funeral service. Yes, it’s almost 200 miles south of where we live, and yes there was no snow there (although it felt SO cold, even if the temp wasn’t that bad). I was also grateful we did not contract COVID from the superspreader get together at the house after the service. It was shoulder to shoulder in there.

Yup, it was a bit of a climb. Not too muddy but the hiking pole helped a lot.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you since I knew I’d be walking and hiking a little, and I still can’t find my boot brush, I took a nail brush with me. I rarely use it on my nails. It wasn’t as good, but it helped a little.

Do you always look for somewhere to stretch your legs while traveling by car?

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33 thoughts on “No more rose colored glasses: Tea/coffee Date February 2023

  1. Geez Judy, first the boot brush, now the sunglasses? :p

    I’ve never driven in NJ, but recently Chicago was named to have the worst traffic in the country, so I feel your pain. It’s a challenge to get in and out of the city at any time of day.

    Very cool that you saw a robin! I thought I saw one in the woods the other day, but it was a female cardinal. I don’t trust the groundhog’s predictions, but a robin sighting is always a good thing!

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    1. I know I don’t want to drive in any big city! The problem with Jersey driving is it’s many cities. 🙂

      There were several Robins! But that’s way south of here. Although this cold snap we’re supposed to warm up again. But no Robins here yet.


  2. I don’t drive far except for work. And I’m always anxious to get there or get home. I never stop. Driving to LI is the worst.

    Glad to hear your trip worked out.

    My hiking shoes are a mess. I leave them in my trunk.

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    1. That’s my husband, just wanting to get there. I like to explore. I got that from my Dad. It actually makes the trip easier on me. I keep my hiking boots in my car, but they still need some cleaning sometimes.


  3. I don’t like city driving at all. I do commute to work, but it’s rural and my only obstacle is the snow. I hate that. I’m glad you got to catch up with your brother. I don’t think I even knew there was such a thing as boot brush. I suppose I don’t get around enough. I’m sure my farm girl friends would know exactly what you’re talking about though. Happy Friday Judy!

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    1. Actually I didn’t catch up with my brother (he lives on the west coast) but unless the weather is awful I’ll see him next month for my mom’s birthday.

      I’ve never had a long commute to work. The worst one was almost 40 years ago, when I lived in MD. It wasn’t too far but how I never got into an accident I’ll never know. There were a few close calls.


      1. Every week when I drive to Philly I also get out and stretch when I stop at a wawa half way thru to fill up and go to the restroom. This always helps to break up the drive. I hope you get to meet up with your brother next time. I bet it’s always nice to catch up a sibling that doesn’t live the closet.

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      2. Unbothered weather is really bad I will see my brother & SIL next month. I’ve never driven in Philly. I doubt I’d like that, either. In fact we usually go out of our way to avoid that area, too!


  4. Oh, so sorry you lost your favorite sunglasses!

    I am trying to psych myself up for our drive to VT in a few weeks. We took a good route last year I will have to remember — we went west-ish at NYC.

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    1. Yeah, as I said to someone I used to drive from MD to NJ by myself (including quite a bit on the turnpike) with just a pitstop. I was in my early 20s though. 🙂 If you know where you’re going it’s not so bad (city driving-wise). I did say to my husband how did we do this before GPS!

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  5. Yes, I always find a place to get out and stretch during a long car trip. My spots aren’t usually as picturesque as yours though- I’ll get out and walk around a gas station if I have to.
    Seeing the robins must have been uplifting! And I’m glad you didn’t get Covid- that does sound like a superspreader.

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    1. Usually on that trip we stop at a rest area. I knew I really needed some time in nature to balance the last couple of weeks. It actually added time to the trip, obviously, but really the main thing was trying to miss Newark rush hour traffic (we’ve been caught in that before; not fun!) & get there before dark.

      Of course not long after we got there there was a fire alarm . . . no actual fire thankfully but it wasn’t a false alarm either! Smoke in the kitchen.


  6. Ohhh, we haven’t seen any Robins yet, but I’ll now be on the lookout for them. Thanks for the heads up!

    Because most of our long trips are to the same places (the farm or the beach house), we know the two routes well and usually stop at the same places each time to walk. We have a new place to drive now, though, because Pablo and his humans moved to Charlotte, NC on Monday! We’ll have to learn where the best new places to stop and walk are for that trip.

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  7. I’m sorry to hear about your glasses! They lived a good life though!

    I feel you on the Jersey driving frustrations. :[ Harriman State Park is pretty though! :] I need to get out on a hike again soon!

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