Posing for a good photo when I’m toast — is that shenanigans?

Shenanigans is another tough Wednesday Word for me! We’re on a roll with the tough words lately.

I’m sure a lot of runners would be able to easily come up with the shenanigans they’ve pulled during running. I am a rather serious person, I’m afraid. I think I can be fun, but I really don’t get up to a lot of shenanigans — in life or in running.

I definitely can’t think of an instance for the first definition of shenanigans:

A devious trick used especially for an underhanded purpose

I definitely like to think of myself as a kind, fair person, so no, I don’t like to play tricks on other people, devious or not.

Questionable Practices
And then there’s this definition for shenanigans:

Tricky or questionable practices or conduct

The closest I think I come to that definition would be my weigh-ins, although I wouldn’t call them questionable practices.

Most of you weigh yourself first thing in the morning, generally naked, right? They kind of frown on that at Weight Watchers.

So I will usually have had breakast, and drunk 2 glasses of water and 2 glasses of tea before my weigh in. On the first weigh in of the month, I will typically wear my lightest clothes and only have 1 glass of tea, but I still do everything else the same. Because I don’t want to pay!

Not really a shenanigan, but I’m trying here.

High Spirited
And last there’s this definition:

High spirited or mischievous activity

I am certainly high spirited after a run — mostly — nothing quite like that runner’s high. Even if I’m tired, I’m also wired and bubbly and chatty after a run.

I guess I don’t particularly like being tricked, and therefore I don’t like to trick other people. That’s part of being gracious, right?

Running ninja and posing with medals — are they shenanigans?

About the only shenanigans I can think of that I get up to after a run are funny poses, or smiling for the photographer when I feel like doing anything but smile.

I’m looking forward to hearing about the sorts of shenanigans you get up to. I know this post was a bit on the weak side, hopefully I’ll make up for it with the next few posts!


Deb Runs

What sort of shenanigans do you get up to on the run?

22 thoughts on “Shenanigans

  1. Great way to pull it together.

    In looking at the definition of the word, I would find it difficult as well.

    I think of shenanigans as just a fun and silly time not so much in a way of hurting or bothering others but just being super fun and silly. I guess that would be the high spirited definition.

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  2. There is nothing “weak” about this post! I am with you, not a rule breaker, and I too had trouble finding any shenanigans to write about. But St. Pat’s day does make me think fondly back to 2 college friends who ran giggling through the local bars with a bottle of green food coloring to St. Patrick-ize everyone’s beer. THAT was a shenanigan (even, alas, if it wasn’t mine).

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    1. I’m still working on this weekend’s race recap. I wrote some of it right away, while it was fresh in my mind, but I probably won’t have it up til the weekend.

      I would probably never run a race if I was told to rest! Because yeah, I really am pretty boring.

      Now, my brother, OTOH, I should’ve written about a few of his shenanigans . . .


  3. I thought Shenanigans was perfect for St. Pat’s week….and my (race day) shenanigans were brought on by a bunch of unfortunate circumstances I landed in (due to myself LOL). Typically, I’m not one to play jokes on others, but I do like to have fun. The race photographers probably roll their eyes at me, but they need entertainment, too (right?).

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  4. I had no idea about the WW weigh ins. Why don’t they like you to weigh in first thing in the AM? I think that’s your truest body weight, before you’ve added ounces through food and whatnot.


    1. OH no, you can weigh in in the morning; it’s the naked part they frown on, LOL. And I’m not going to skip breakfast (a lot of people do) for 5 hrs because I’d be starving & then bad things happen.


  5. Shenanigans! I like all the different uses you… used, :D. When I think of that word, I think of “no good,” lol! Such as, “AJ, what shenanigans are you up to now?!” Planning and scheming… I’m too old for that, hehe!

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    1. I guess I didn’t make myself clear on that one.

      On your own, you could do whatever you like. But for your official WI at the WW office, obviously, you can’t be naked.

      I don’t have a scale at home, so I only WI once a week at my meetings.

      But just think about it — how do you WI at your drs?


  6. I am a type-A rule follower, but I still find room within the rules to get up to plenty of shenanigans 🙂 As far as I’m concerned, shenanigans can be just goofing off with friends, which I like to do as much as possible.


  7. I had a hard time with this word and didn’t post. I do consider myself fun and a little bit of a daredevil but I don’t like tricks played on me. So, I never gotten into that. I follow rules and am pretty serious when it comes to running. Don’t forget to exhale when you step on the scale too! That is one of my quirky rules.

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    1. Exhaling! That’s a good one.

      You have to be a bit of a daredevil to waterski. I am so not a daredevil!

      I think I’m fun if you get to know me, but it can take a while to get to know me.


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