5 September 2016 Runfessions


September flew by at lightning speed, especially considering how little of it I was actually at home. How is tomorrow October???? My God, before you know it, we’ll be married 31 years.

I’m hooking up with the Friday Five  from Cynthia from You Signed Up for What?, Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, and Mar from Mar on the Run,  and Marcia’s Healthy Slice for Runfessions today.

One stone, two birds.

I runfess . . .
. . . I was scared to call my sister after I got back from Cape Cod.

My sister likes to vent, so it can easily eat up an hour of my day. But that wasn’t really the problem. The problem was that I will be away for most of the prep work for my parents’ move, and I was afraid that she would ask me to come down this weekend.

It’s totally unfair that most of the prep work is falling to her because she lives there, but I really need this weekend to get some stuff done! I haven’t heard anything from her yet (maybe she’s just mentally cursing me).

I runfess . . .
. . . that I really enjoy writing my blog — after running and baking, it’s my other therapy. I enjoy reading your blogs, too.

It’s bothered me that I’ve had so little time to write and read blogs lately.

I runfess . .  .
. . . that moving into my taper, which I will be after my long run this weekend, always makes me happy.

Despite the fact that exercise is just a part of me, and has been for decades, I’m still a sloth at heart. I get tired by the end of a training cycle and I’m ready to back off.

And hoping that fresh legs mean a good race.

At least not a painful race!

I runfess . . . 
. . . I did my longest long run a week too soon. I forgot that the race the schedule is optimized for is actually a week earlier than my own.

Oh well, 11 miles, 10 miles, it’s just a mile, right? I often tell myself you can do anything for a mile. Or half a mile. Or quarter of a mile . . .

I runfess . . .
. . . I was seriously losing my marbles for a while — assuming I had any to begin with. I misplaced my car keys at one point, and thought I’d locked them into my car (thankfully I hadn’t).

Then I headed home one time and couldn’t find my house keys. I never took them, as it turned out.

Then I misplaced one of our phones. Yes, we have an internet phone — or 4 actual phones. I was pretty sure it was downstairs somewhere. Usually I can at least recall, step by step, what I was doing . . . and I had no freakin’ clue.

Mr. Judy did eventually find it in the laundry room.

It’s not just me — my brother managed to fly, twice!, without a license. He’s a lawyer.

Talk to me. Leave a comment or answer a question:

Taper –yea or nay?

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever forgotten?

What is your therapy?

29 thoughts on “5 September 2016 Runfessions

  1. So you are not going through taper madness? I have no experience with tapering, just learning from you! Unfortunately I forgot what the worst thing I’ve forgotten is. Hoping it’s not some revenue form to be filled out….
    My therapy is running and I’m super glad that I can afford the long sessions I seem to need.

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  2. My sister lives near my mom and I often feel badly that I am not able to help more. I try to visit frequently, but she is the day to day person if something comes up. In terms of long runs before a half marathon, some including my speedy sister think you only need to have a few long runs that are half the distance of your race. In fact, she did this for her Providence Marathon race when she was trying to qualify for Boston to run with me. Her longest run was 2 hours. It kills me sometimes that she runs so effortlessly! Actually, I am proud of her

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    1. Unfortunately my sister doesn’t have the best relationship with my parents, but she still does her part and yes, the day to day (like picking up prescriptions daily it seems) falls to her.

      Ha! A 7 mile long run totally wouldn’t cut it for me. I’d be in pain. Been there, done that, don’t want to repeat it!


  3. I totally understand your phone call avoidance. Maybe it’s not fair, but you need to take care of yourself too. I definitely lose track of things when I’m stress/distracted. It’s so frustrating!

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    1. Well, I haven’t talked to my sister since I got back. So as far as I know, I’m staying put for now.

      I’m sure my mom wanted me to come down for Rosh Hashanah Sunday, but hello, I just spent 2 1/2 weeks down there. Not happening.


  4. Oops. Completely forgot about the holiday until my mah jongg friends mentioned that that they couldn’t play tonight. My bad! And I plan to run tomorrow …double Bad. I’ll repent while I run I guess.

    I don’t really taper. My last run is usually 10 but who knows what I’ll do if it rains tomorrow. My weekday runs are the same. I even missed a run yesterday.

    I forgot my phone when I ran…the day I fell and broke my ankle. That was the worst fail.. I’ve never run without my phone since.

    I am surprised that your sister hasn’t called. Maybe she likes doing all the work and then taking all the credit.

    Shana Tovah.

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    1. Rosh Hashanah doesn’t start until Sunday night. And I’m running tomorrow. We won’t be here for Yom Kippur either.

      No, my sister definitely doesn’t like doing the work. I guess she’s just sparing me.


  5. I am currently in taper right now. On one hand I am enjoying it because I don’t have to log miles but on the other hand I am feeling a bit lazy and feel like I still need to get out there. I am the same way with misplacing things. Sometimes I think I’d lose my head If it wasn’t attached. …haha.

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    1. I’ll be joining you on the taper soon. And I’ll be enjoying it (but it doesn’t mean I stop being active or running).

      I’m not usually as forgetful as I’ve been lately, a lot of it was really lack of sleep. MAJOR lack of sleep.


  6. I don’t think its slothy to welcome the taper. I know I always do. Training is exhausting, especially with lots of other stuff on your plate. I have two brothers and a sister that all live pretty close to my mom. She’s not sick (knock wood) but still they’re there for her far more than I. I do commit Mondays to a 2+ hour phone call with her though. Talk about batty….
    Thanks for linking up!

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  7. I think the taper is good for you. I do hope your sister lets your get your stuff done this weekend. kI have misplaced my keys a couple of times but always found them pretty quickly. My therapy….baking, as you know.
    L’Shana Tovah….in case you don’t get a chance to blog before.

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    1. L’Shana Tovah right back at ya.

      Things have been a bit better since vacation and about a week of mostly uninterrupted sleep — so far, knocking on wood, Bandit did not have potty problems since being back. No more than usual, anyway, not keeping us up all night . . .


  8. My weeks as well have been filled with lots of “wait, that’s today/tomorrow/next week?!” I’m attributing it to a lack of sleep from the new baby. I figure normalcy is bound to return at some point!

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    1. I have no idea how parents do it. After several weeks of a lot of interrupted sleep, I was a total zombie.

      Of course you don’t usually have infants in your mid 50s!

      I don’t think you ever return to normal after having kids. 🙂


  9. My doctor told me that forgetting things is just a matter of concentration… so now I try to always put my keys in the same spot for example, or I will be searching for them like crazy. It often happens with my running watch. Come home from a run, take it off, then I can’t find it. So now I have a new spot for it !
    At least it makes me feel better that I do not have early stages of Alzheimer’s….

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    1. I have a place for my keys . . . but not at my parents, and sometimes, of course, I just put them down and forget where I’ve pout them.

      I actually do find I have to have a lot of routines, but sometimes you get taken out of your routine and then it all goes to heck in a handbasket!


  10. The worst thing that I have forgotten this week is to take my contact lenses out. Yesterday I got up and put lenses in, but my vision was a bit blurry. By the afternoon I’d had enough, took the lenses out, put my glasses on. Still blurry. Cleaned my glasses . Still blurry. Walking to the car park I realised that I couldn’t read car number plates. Thought about making an opticians appointment to get my prescription checked. Took my glasses off. Vision improved. Drove home. Read emails on phone – unusual. Can’t normally read without glasses. Went to bed. Woke up with eyelids stuck together with pus. Asked husband to look. Yes, contact lens in right eye. How long has it been there? Definitely took 2 out yesterday, and 2 the night before. ??????

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    1. Wow, I have to admit I’ve never done. that. Taken them out and forgotten I’ve done so (rarely, but it’s happened). Put my glasses on after I’ve put my contacts in — yes, check!

      Usually my eyes are so dry by the end of the day anyway, it’s hard to forget they’re in.

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  11. I’ve had little time to read blogs lately and I feel awful about that. Then I think, does anyone really even notice? I’ve learned when I can’t find something to check the top of the dryer. I spend so much time in that room and tend to lay stuff down and walk away.

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  12. Thank you, Judy, for the (many) laughs 😉 I can be forgetful (and my husband…we won’t even start that conversation), so it’s always reassuring to know I”m not the only one that’s a few marbles short. Taper—I embrace taper time!! Although I may feel a little antsy with the minimal running on the schedule, I do like the downtime. It’s like a little vacay before race day 😉

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