Where’d my kitchen mojo go?: November 2016 Runfessions


I’m hooking up with the new Friday Five 2.0  from Fairytales & Fitness and Rachel @ Running on Happy,   and Marcia’s Healthy Slice for Runfessions todayI runfess that in honor of Black Friday, this post was going to be another post full of stuff to shop for, but since it’s the end of the month and runfession time, I think I’ll save that one for next Friday.

Come back next Friday and I’ll show you some of the things I always travel with. Cause yeah, I’m traveling next week!


I runfess . . .
. . . my kitchen mojo deserted me. I found a recipe that looked pretty awesome for Thanksgiving: sweet potato dinner rolls. Back in the day I was a very talented bread baker, but it’s been a while, since I don’t eat a lot of bread.

I tried four different times, with three different types of yeast, with milk, with water — my yeast wouldn’t activate. Once I even mixed up the dough, but sure enough, it didn’t rise.

I wasted hours and created a lot of dirty pans. In the end I had to settle for soda bread. Baking soda rocks.

I runfess . . .
. . . I had made an interesting find in my refrigerator while cleaning it out. Well, several. Yes, there were a few science experiments going on in there that I’d been turning a blind eye to and finally had to take care of. So tempting to just throw it out, container and all.

I also found the mini apple crisps (several) that I’d made for last Thanksgiving. Seriously. They were way in the back. And because they’d been heated and were in mini mason jars, they weren’t moldy. Basically they were canned.

Yes, I threw them out without taking a taste.

I runfess . .  .
. . . I had major stress before leaving for NYC and the Dash to the Finish Line. It was sort of my fault. I hadn’t been home much in months, and while I’d finally had a couple of weeks at home, I had mounds and mounds of clean laundry.

That is, I’d finally been able to do a lot of much needed laundry, but I didn’t have the time to put it away. I knew I’d laid out the sweater I was going to wear that morning. And I swear it took me 20 minutes of searching to finally find it at the bottom of one of those clean laundry mounds.

So once again I was all stressed out leaving for a trip. And this time we had a train to catch and Bandit to drop off. We still got there in plenty of time. But I got all sweaty before I left!

I runfess . . . 
. . . a girls’ weekend at a half marathon sounds like such fun half a year ago. Before Bandit, before my mom’s surgery, before moving my parents.

It still sounds like all sorts of fun — right up until those weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and realizing I had all this cleaning and cooking and running to do.

Don’t get me wrong, Holly & Tricia, I am still majorly looking forward to meeting you guys in real life next week. And our lovely host Marcia, too! In fact, I kind of have to pinch myself and wonder why you included me. But it’s been a tiring journey!

I runfess . . .
. . . I have been skipping foam rolling more often than I should. I know a lot of people never foam roll at all, but it’s important for me. I’m the type of runner who really needs to cross all her “ts” and dot all her “is” to remain pain free.

But I runfess this past week I’ve been fighting off a cold (winning, so far, knock on wood), and while I runfess I probably should have taken more rest days and maybe skipped a run, what got skipped instead was the foam rolling.

Talk to me. Leave a comment or answer a question:

Have you found yourself skipping important stuff this week?

Do you ever wonder why someone invites you to something?

Do you lose stuff as often as I seem to?

32 thoughts on “Where’d my kitchen mojo go?: November 2016 Runfessions

  1. The purpose of this trip was for fun and meeting new people (with a low key race thrown in for good measure). I hope it doesn’t cause you additional stress as I know you’ve had a very busy, very stressful year. Personally, I look forward to some major relaxation. The beach is always good for that.

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    1. Holly, I was being kind of tongue & cheek & I’m not ungrateful at all & REALLY looking forward to it (as long as I can fight off my sister’s germs!).

      And I am totally THANKFUL to you for inviting me. If you hadn’t, I’d be spending another day or weekend traveling to my parents because my brother happens to be coming in that weekend. So I’m also grateful to escape that for a little while, too. It’s not like they didn’t just see me . . .


    1. Thanks, Natalie! Ugh, my sister had the mother of all colds. I think I just need to dip myself in something antibacerial & I don’t even use that stuff.

      Not that it would help, of course, since it’s a virus . . . .


  2. I totally agree with Wendy & Holly. This race is all about letting loose and having fun.

    But glad I’m not sitting next to you on the plane LOL.

    Foam rolling, what’s that??

    Haven’t decided if and when I running this weekend and for how many miles….

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    1. I’m really not meaning to sound so ungrateful (I’m not) — it’s runfessions, guys, remember?

      So far I’m ok and I am totally crossing my fingers to remain that way. We are sitting together for some of the flights but not all of them.


    1. I AM looking forward to it, I swear. It was just a long haul to get here — Thanksgiving, especially, since I had to do it pretty much almost single handedly (my niece & sister were sick, my sister is already at work today, my mom isn’t up to contributing).

      Luckily everything went off just fine!


  3. Getting ready for a getaway can be a hassle, but it’s always worth it once you’re there. I threw out a jar of last year’s homemade cranberry sauce yesterday morning ….

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    1. I’m pretty good about it most of the time — especially if I do it right after a run — but sometimes if I wait til later, especially at this time of year, I get tired & it doesn’t happen.

      We’re meeting up in FL. Which will hopefully be a nice change of weather!


  4. I was tempted to skip stuff this week, but it’s the stuff that has been so helpful and gotten me running again this year. I did a little bit today, but completely skipped yesterday. I take one full rest day during the week, so yesterday was it.

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  5. “I also found the mini apple crisps (several) that I’d made for last Thanksgiving. Seriously. They were way in the back. And because they’d been heated and were in mini mason jars, they weren’t moldy. Basically they were canned.”

    Judy. This cannot possibly be true. ACK!!! Hahaha. xxoo

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    1. Seriously, hot things in mason jars, put on the lid — it’s not exactly canning, but it’s darn close. It creates a vacuum!

      No mold. Even a year later! But I didn’t take a taste anyway. I suspect it would have been fine, actually!


  6. I tried a squash bisque yesterday….epic fail too! At least I tried!!

    The fridge surely does just take items…it never fails thtI find something way back in the back. I don’t usually look to see what it is though (you are brave!)

    Ohhhh your race-cation sounds like so much fun!!! Excited for you all..meeting bloggers in real life is like meeting celebs..lol!!! Enjoy! I am a bit jealous! What race are you doing?

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  7. You will have so much fun meeting everyone ! I’m jealous. Post lots of pictures.
    I clean out my fridge all the time, like every week. I runfess that I forgot to clean out my coffee thermos recently and talk about a science experiment… I still have nightmares.

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    1. You are definitely a much more organized (and cleaner) person than I!

      I imagine there will be a lot of photos posted. I’m assuming the house has wifi, though, I don’t know . . . my phone takes terrible photos, which is why I carry around my ipod too.


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