Runfessions: Goodbye 2016!


I runfess that I am not sad to see 2016 go — join me, Marcia at Marcia’s Healthy Slice and other bloggers to get your last 2016 runfessions off your chest

I runfess . . .
While Marcia @ Marciashealthyslice led us in a dynamic warmup before the Panama City Beach Half, there was no stretching afterwards. Nada. No foam rolling, either, even though I brought my worm (Amazon affiliate link). I did use my worm before the run though. Sand spurs might have had something to do with that.

I runfess . . .
That even though I had basically laid on the couch all week long a couple of weeks ago, I still went to my fun run through the holiday lights the next week (see the recap here). With temperatures in the 20s (feels like temperatures in the teens).

My thermoball , Skirtsports toasty tights and skirt (Skirtsports ambassador), injiji compression socks with smartwool ankle socks over them, and igloo gloves kept me perfectly comfortable.

I runfess . . .
That at the fun run the week after my half, there was no warm up, no stretching either before or after, and no foam rolling either.

Then again I took it easy, ran with a friend and chatted, and stopped to take lots of photos. One of my slowest, but most fun, 5ks ever.

I runfess . . .
I do a lot of exercising early in the morning when I wake up and can’t sleep . . . until winter. I don’t know how you early morning winter runners do it — I just have so much trouble convincing myself to work out in my coolish family room, let alone go outside at dark o’thirty in the literally freeezing cold to run.

My hat’s off to you! Except I need it to stay warm.

Somehow I managed to do a short workout Tuesday morning. But winter just makes me want to crawl into my turtle shell — both morning and night.

I runfess . . .
I sometimes do stupid things in an effort to stay ahead of the weather. I ran three days back to back this week so I wouldn’t have to run in the snow or on the treadmill. One of those runs was after some freezing rain.

I know for a lot of people that’s nothing, but I usually run just four days a week, and rarely more than two days back to back.

Thankfully all of those runs went just fine, although my body might be protesting just a little bit.

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29 thoughts on “Runfessions: Goodbye 2016!

  1. I runfess that I also hate winter! I was telling someone yesterday that I wish I was one of those people that embraces winter by skiing or cross-country skiing, or doing something active outdoors in the cold and snow, but being outside in the cold and snow does not sound fun at all! I’d rather be snuggled up on the couch with a book and coffee, in my PJs all day long. Sigh. Luckily, though, I don’t mind running on the TM too much and I love going to the gym which gets me out of the house to do something active, at least. I seriously may be one of those people who migrates South for the winter when I am older and retired!

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    1. I am not a fan of the TM, but I use it for sure. Still, I ran 3 days in a row this week because now it’s one of those a little bit of snow every day weeks from here on out.

      My husband has often said he wants to be a snowbird. I’ve pointed out how are we going to do that with furkids?

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  2. I’ve tried to outrun the weather before too! Hey, we have to get crafty if we hate the treadmill! I am one of those early morning runners who will run in the dark and the bitter cold. I love the routine of getting my workout done in the morning. But sometimes I feel “homesick” leaving my home for a run on those dark winter mornings. Does that make sense? One thing that makes it easier is listening to my favorite podcasts. They are “homey” to me!

    I runfess I have not been able to do one of my favorite stresses for over a month now because my toe hurts! I feel like I may need to explain this one in a vlog because it is hard to explain in written word.

    Have a good weekend, Judy!

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  3. I hate the winter but I run in whatever temps because I have to. I hate the TM more than the cold.

    I didn’t think it was that cold for the last run 5k. But then again, you were leisurely running and chatting.

    I’ve yet to get out my coldest weather clothes. I have still been sweating on my runs. I’m sure that will change.

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    1. Sometimes I wonder if we live in the same state. The weather has definitely been back & forth, but I’ve also run on some 10 degree days — so yes, I’ve definitely worn my coldest weather clothes. Multiple times! And I’ve also worn capris.


      1. I know we feel the cold differently — all I’m saying is we’ve definitely had some damn cold days! And I know you’ve run a few of them.

        Just think how lucky you are — I do still sweat in winter, although it isn’t as bad as summer and I can get away with not showering immediately afterwards.


  4. I’m with ya, I can’t be a morning runner in the winter. In the summer time though I’m all about getting up when it’s dark to go run!

    I got a pair of fleece lined running tights for Christmas but I haven’t had a cold run yet to wear them. I guess I can’t complain though. (when I say cold I mean less then 40 degrees).

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  5. Judy. I hate winter. Thank you for putting this into words so much more eloquently than I could ever have. 🙂

    Also, tell me about the toasty tights. Are they worth the money? Because I’ve been eyeballing them ever since I saw them on Deborah’s blog…

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    1. I’m not a fan of winter, either — obviously!

      I do think the Toasty Tights are worth it — but I would also wait for a sale (darn, you just missed one, I think). They’ve become my go-to for super cold runs (and the toasty skirt — the one that goes over any tights — it’s a life saver for me!).

      I got my normal S, and I’d say they do “run” a bit small, but I’ve been comfortable in them.

      If you get warm easily (like Darlene), they wouldn’t be for you. If you get cold easily — I highly recommend!


  6. I have lost most of my early morning running mojo. I can head out and do a quick mile or two (like at 6:00), but those 4:30AM wake-ups (that happened just a mere 6-7 weeks ago) have been replaced with warm & “restful” dozing. I need to get back in that early waking AND rising routine LOL

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  7. I runfess that I have falling out of love with running 😦 . It has become even a chore for me and I am so sad about that. I am hoping to finds some running buddies to run with this year that may bring back the joy of running. We will see.

    I run fess I never foam roll….I need to do better.


    1. If running always hurt me — I don’t know what I’d do. But if you’re going to continue to tri — you gotta keep running! You just don’t have to run anywhere near as much.

      I’m injury prone — foam rolling really does help me & I’m pretty religious about it.

      Happy New Year!

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