5 Places I Dream of Racing in . . .


Do you have dream races?  That’s the theme for the  Friday Five 2.0  from Fairytales & Fitness and Rachel @ Running on HappyI’m not sure that I actually have many dream races, unless it’s the next one.

I think one of the most exciting things in life is signing up for that next big goal race, arranging housing and transportation, planning where you’ll go, what you’ll eat, and where you’ll stay. It motivates me to keep running.

But do I have must-do halfs on my list? No, not really. But I have some must-do places I want to visit, and I’m still thinking about what race I ought to do in them.


Kauia Half Marathon
Kauia is one of our favorite places in the world. Since visiting it (and the other 3 large islands) for our 20th anniversary over 10 years ago, we’ve been back twice. What I’ve read about the Honolulu Half and the Maui Half doesn’t make me want to go out and do those (although Maui is very lovely, too, and we’ve only been there once).

I haven’t yet decided if I want to do t he Kauia Half or maybe we should revisit the big island and do the Volcano Half. We’ve spent the least amount of time on Oahu and the Big Island.

One thing is for sure: any half in HI is going to be challenging! The heat, hills, the jet lag.

Alaskan Running Cruise
Just last year — or was it the year before — we came really close to doing the Great Alaska Running Cruise. A running cruise sounds like such fun. We like to cruise, and it’s been about 9 years since our last cruise (I think), which, ironically, was to Alaska.

I worry, sometimes, if there will really be runners at my pace. Or that I’ll get lost and left behind! I do know, though, that I’d love to see more of Alaska — and what better way than on foot?

Her Tern Half
Just looking around briefly at the halfs in Alaska, Her Tern caught my eye. Everyone seems to like it, and a bracelet instead of a medal sounds cool.

Looking quickly at race reviews, though, what I’m not seeing is a whole lot of scenery. That’s why you go to Alaska! Well, that’s one reason you go to Alaska.

On the other hand, we haven’t been to Anchorage yet.

Seattle Hot Chocolate 5k???
I’m not sure this qualifies as a buck list race, and it wasn’t even on my radar until Sweaty Stacy mentioned how much she liked it. And I’ve heard mixed thing about this race franchise in general — seems people either love it or hate it.

But hey — chocolate and I’ve got family there.

Glacier Park Half Marathon
I’ve been dying to go to Glacier National Park forever. Kind of like Sedona. Some of our best vacations have been in the National parks.

When I saw that vacationraces.com is a Glacier Half, I was so excited. I read the description and while it sounded super challenging — for me, anyway — I was up for the challenge!

But I also wanted explore the park. And I didn’t want to have to drive into and out of the park every day. It’s really difficult to get lodging in national parks unless you do it way ahead of time.

Maybe next year . . .

Ok, it was only 4 places. Sue me!

Talk to me. Leave a comment or answer a question:

What’s on your bucket list other than races?

Have you already run a bucket list race?

Would you ever go on a running cruise?

34 thoughts on “5 Places I Dream of Racing in . . .

  1. Oddly, although I’m not actually racing I do have a wish list of races I’d like to do! It’s a bit vague, but I’d like to do Stockholm marathon, big sur and something in New Zealand ! Also race to the stones which is in the south of England somewhere and is an ultra, but look beautiful. I’d need more money as well as more training! But that’s why they are on a wish list and not a ‘goals’ list😆😆

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  2. Well, for me a marathon (in general) was on my bucket list. Now, I’m eager to find races (not necessarily 26.2’s) hiding in vacation spots. An event I want to do (someday) in the Rim to Rim to Rim at the Grand Canyon…however, that would be more of a survival hike than a foot race LOL

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  3. I have a lot of dreams. It’s fun to dream – they’re on my blog – Key West, Alaska, Hawaii and I would also add Bryce Canyon (liked it better than Grand Canyon) and Zion.

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  4. I thought about the Hot Chocolate in San Francisco but having heard some really bad things, I never signed up for it. I do see the attraction of chocolate, though.
    Zion was very nice but it does have an elevation gain.

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    1. I’ve heard that the marathon is kind of boring after the the halfway point.

      Night races are tricky, though — fueling is a little difficult. But in a city you don’t have to worry as much about tripping over roots or rocks (just my own feet, although I didn’t trip in that one).


  5. I don’t think i would do a running cruise based on the cruise my family did in 2005. We did so many shore excursions, and I did so much walking. I think that’s when a Fitbit would be a good investment, just to see how much walking I’d really do on those tours.

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  6. Great list.

    Hawaii would be so beautiful.

    Hmmm..a running cruise sounds interesting. I would worry about running in Alaska….I’ve watched too many Lost in Alaska shows..lol.

    I don’t know of I have any bucket list races.

    I need to think/research some.

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  7. Nice post on some dream races…I like reading these lists as it often gives us some ideas to potentially add to our own lists. I don’t think I knew there was such a thing as a running cruise…bet it’s a pain to get in a workout on the treadmills 🙂 Not sure on the Seattle Hot Chocolate…it is very popular but logistics for those types of races in Seattle can be a real pain…I know RnR is challenging just getting to from the start and finish and I think there are better local races. Personally, I’d love to run a marathon in Europe some day…London would be great but getting in is impossible so maybe Dublin or Edinburgh. Paris or Berlin would be fabulous too.

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    1. The logistics of getting into the city would probably freak out my husband — although probably not my SIL, but she’s usually busy with her own stuff.

      I agree — I like these kind of lists for the same thing! To troll. 🙂

      I have run on cruises — on the promenade deck. And sometimes in port, right before we leave. Running on a ship is challenging because of the dropping motion of the ship, even with those stabilizers!

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      1. I just signed up for the Lake Sammamish half which is the same weekend as the hot chocolate race I think. Far easier logistics, flat course, and runs mostly by the side of a very pretty lake. Paula ran it last year as well and this will be my 4th time.

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      2. I haven’t really had time to think much about a late spring half. I need to, but too busy entertaining and training for the NEXT half, LOL!

        So far the weather is mostly cooperating with me, and that’s a real gift.

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      1. Just looked up some running cruises and they are so cool! At first I imagined going on a cruise, and then at one of the stops everyone does some kind of race. But some of the ones I looked up, you do a race at every stop! Thanks for telling me about these because they’re definitely going on my bucket list now :))

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